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Easiest Strains to Grow for Novice Cannabis Growers

Not all cannabis strains are created equal. With you as a novice grower, you should think about the best and easiest strains to grow. This will enable you to develop more of your skills while gardening. Some of the strains exhibit more resiliency to mold, drought, disease, & insects. Some also demand fewer nutrients than the other. It is as suggested to think about genetics. This is an easier and more forgiving way of finding one while offering quality products and high yields.

The question now is where to exactly begin. Below are the easiest strains to grow for novice cannabis growers like you. 

Green Crack

This is a Californian strain that is perfect for those who are yet finding their green thumb. This has long been popular as a strain in the Californian scene. This is indeed a fantastic choice for those who are in search for a strong and dominant Sativa plant. This comes with a sweet and citrusy aroma. This brings about high and energetic effects. This gives rise as well to a motivational and uplifted high.

The thing about this Sativa strain is it’s manageable to grow. Its straits can stand strong. It is also promising for its Indica genetics. This rises to improved yields and quick flowering time. Nevertheless, this is only clone-strain. This is why it can be harder to find it. This is true when you’re located on the West Coast.

Dutch Treat

This classic strain is sourced out from Amsterdam. This has since then become popular across the globe. This also landed predominantly in the Pacific Northwest. This is sweet like a hybrid landing on the Indica spectrum. This is also while it holds onto its cerebral and activating effects. 

This is indeed a great dominant plant belonging to the Indica family. This can bring about high yields. This also presents such a unique and candy-like aroma. This is an easy strain that can be pleasurable to consume and grow. 


This strain is dominant in the Sativa family. This can best offer THC level reaching up to twenty-two percent. It comes from the genetics Vortex and Cinderella 99. It also inherits high energy and euphoric characteristic. This thereby feeds productivity and creativity. Its genetics also have been well-recognized for providing bushy plants, high yields, & high THC levels. 

This dominant strain is loved as promised and is also cherished by many. This brings about an intense and euphoric trait. Such combined effects make it a perfect strain among novice cannabis growers. This is also for those who are searching for something different.

This is suited for the SCROG technique like in smaller spaces. This is also while it provides quality effects being Sativa-type. This is even armed with mildew and mold-resistant genetics. This now allows extra room for error.

Blue Dream

This strain is also popularly recognized among consumers. This is indeed a great strain among novice growers. This brings about a striking balance as an effect. This is also between a blissful and mellow high and physical relaxation. This is touted for its light-footed qualities. This is why many choose this for bringing daytime relief of pains, aches, & bad moods.

The seeds and clones of this hybrid are just so easy for you to find. This is also because of its widespread popularity. This is great against root rot and powdery mildew. 

The impressive thing about this classic strain is the things it can offer to grower and consumer. This is promising as a potent and high-yielding varietal. This comes with an approachable effect including an attractive berry flavor.

Northern Lights As The Easiest Strains to Grow 

This popular strain is among the easiest strains to grow. This plant stays short and this is popular for its ease of recovery. This is true to say considering any problems and issues while growing. Thus, you don’t need to be an expert so that it survives. This does not smell like any other strain. This can indeed be valuable for many reasons. 

Papaya Strain

Papaya strain grows up quickly. You could use it in less than 3 months right after germinating it. This can also withstand stressful conditions. Even if you’re not an expert grower, this strain is just right for you.

Auto Lemon OG Haze

This is the right choice of marijuana if you’re a novice cannabis grower. This is ready to be harvested for 2 months. This is also after planting the seeds. This gives the impression of being a lot. But, this is already a quick turnaround. 

Gorilla Glue #4

This is recognized by many because of its great genetics. This can grow in the bushy pattern. This is impressive when grown in small spaces. This can best deliver its greatness as cannabis. This does not worry any grower, especially regarding its nutrient needs.

Blue AutoMazar

This strain can be quickly grown only that you must wait less than 3 months. This is a high-yielding strain. This means to say that you will get more from the money spent. This comes with a cheesy smell as compared to the conventional and skunky marijuana aroma. Hide it as you like it than any other strain. 

Blue Cheese

This is something that you won’t be feeling terrible about. This can withstand most of the incompetence. This can also withstand underwatering, overwatering, other mistakes, and stress involved.


While not all have been gifted with growing abilities that can turn their plants into something amazing, it’s just right to choose the easiest marijuana seeds to grow. This way, you will easily handle them than others. And, continue more of your interest and passion for growing them.

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