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You can order outdoor marijuana seeds from Canada and have it shipped to your address discretely that even the mailman won’t know what you ordered. Outdoor cannabis seeds are strong growing cannabis that can withstand the harsh situation outdoors. There are Sativa and Indica or even mixed strains that any grower can choose to grow outdoors. Our outdoor marijuana seeds for sale from Canada are perfect for any outdoor growing medium. You can see that our prices for all our products are competitive and we even offer free seeds on orders over $100.


marijuana seeds canada Afghan

The typical Afghan marijuana plant is in fact considered to be relatively easy to grow. One of the growing characteristics of the seed is similar with t...

Auto Diesel Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Auto Diesel Fem

Diesel Autoflowering Feminized is a strain in green citrus odor mixed with a smell of fuel to which it got its name. Its leaves are short and wide despi...

Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix

marijuana seeds canada Auto Outdoor Fem Mix

Outdoor Autoflowering Feminized seeds are a mix of our best auto-flowering feminized marijuana strains’ seeds which are designed for outdoor growing. ...


marijuana seeds canada Diesel

Diesel is an experience on its own, fresh and fruity beyond belief combined with a subtle hint of freshly pressed hashish. This Diesel is a quick growin...

Early Girl Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Early Girl Feminized

This strain is known to be consistent, resilient and dependable Indica dominant marijuana, which is known since the eighties to produce incredible harve...

Early Pearl

marijuana seeds canada Early Pearl

A mostly Sativa strain, this strain gives prominent highs and also produces good yields due to its Indica ancestry. A very tough strain that can survive...


marijuana seeds canada Headband

Headband is a combination of OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel that provides a smooth and pleasant tasting smoke. Good for pain relief, relaxing, a...

Maui Waui

marijuana seeds canada Maui Waui

The plant gives off a pungently fruity, fresh yet sour aroma of dank during maturity. It flowers for about eight to ten weeks with buds that are medium ...

Mix Match Combo Packs Strains

marijuana seeds canada Mix & Match Combo Packs

Mix & Match Combo Packs To provide you with the chance to try the variety of our high quality marijuana strains, we are offering you this combo mixed pac...

Northern Lights Feminized

marijuana seeds canada Northern Lights Feminized

Northern Lights Feminized can grow well outdoor because it can reach to up to five feet in height. However, it can also be grown in an indoor set up for...

Which Marijuana strains are good for growing outdoors?
We have a wide variety of choices for outdoor marijuana seeds which you can order. Our outdoor cannabis seeds are proven and tested by our expert growers to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoor growing set up. We have Indica, Sativa or mixed strains which reach up to 6 feet and we also have some shorter strains (both are for outdoor set up). Outdoor marijuana seeds can repel some insects and diseases due to their breeding.
When I order outdoor marijuana seeds from Canada, which strains will I receive?
You can choose from our wide selection of outdoor marijuana seeds. You can find the different important features and information like THC content, potency, height, flowering period, and a lot of other important information that you need to know. Just select the strain that you like best and once you confirm your order, we will send your outdoor marijuana seeds as soon as possible. If your order is over $100, we will send you some free seeds which are all high quality.
Is it hard to grow marijuana seeds outdoors?
This question depends on the grower. Growing marijuana outdoors can be tough especially if you don’t have the right location to plant your outdoor marijuana seeds at. There are a lot of considerations that you need to think about like nutrients, soil, and other things. Buying high quality outdoor marijuana seeds from a legitimate online seedbank like us can do a difference because you are assured that the outdoor marijuana seeds that you will grow are high quality and can withstand the harsh outdoor grow situation.