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Strongest Weed

If you came here just for research purposes or to find the strongest weed that can satisfy your need, keep reading to find out the strongest weed in cannabis history.

If you are watching the news and you are updated, you might already know that weed is incredibly getting stronger this is based on annual reports from NIDA or National Institute on Drug Abuse. When the potency is measured by the THC content, marijuana is becoming unquestionably getting stronger, it is noticeable by comparison that the THC levels way back 1976 is 0.72% and in 2003 is 6.4% imagine what is it now in 2020?

The main reason why the potency of weed is getting stronger starts from the farmer’s focus on sinsemilla, which is the upper part of the unfertilized female weed. The trimmings are removed as well as the water leaves which do not contain THC.

It is maybe also true that the marijuana industry strain production and modification have improved the quality and strength of each product. Growers as well as users now prefer plants or strains that have higher cannabinoid levels. In today’s time, the strongest weeds are the hybrid crosses between the strongest well-known strains.

FUN FACT: In 2003 the average THC levels were only 6.4% and in 2018 it increased above the 15% estimations.

5 Best and Strongest Weed in Cannabis History

1. The Godfather OG (Ocean Grown)

The Godfather OG is the strongest marijuana strain ever recorded in history across the globe! This breed has a whopping 34% THC content!

The Godfather OG was developed by the CHR or California Herbal Remedies, this is known to be the crossbreed of Cherry Pie, Granddaddy Purps, and the famously notorious OG Kush. With these facts, it is undeniably no contest that the Godfather OG is crowned as the “King of all Kush strains. Take note, the typical strain only averages over 25% in THC.

It’s common sense that with that much strength, the quality is also stellar. This is also one of the characteristics that the King of Kush has.

This strain already won awards particularly in the Cannabis Cup held by the High Times, this is in the best indica strain category. When you smoke the weed, it will immediately give you the best euphoric high across the whole body. The cerebral high it provides is top-notch, the users of the product feel lighter, calm, and happy. The Godfather OG gives extreme relaxation and will leave you locked on that couch all day.

2. Chemdawg

This strain previously has the record for the highest THC content as it won the prestigious Cannabis Cup championship title with a 32.13% THC level. It was produced by Next Harvest located in Denver Colorado, it is the most complicated and mysterious marijuana breed or strain.

When consumed, Chemdawg provides an awesome psychological high that is extremely fun and enjoyable if you know how to handle it already.

This strain has a good relaxation sensation that is ideal to calm your nerves and also relieves you from stress. This is ideal for those people who experience frequent burnouts from their jobs. It also lets you tap into your creative side, which is why artists are the common customers for Chemdawg.

Also, this is the crowd favorite in the West Coast Cali for several years.

3. Irish Cream

This is another complicated strain that needs a lot of attention when being bred. However, once successful it produces an exceptional and powerful strain. This is a combination of a lot of strains that starts from the Mighty Irish Seeds growers. The Irish Cream is a combination of the Real McCoy and the Cookies and Cream. The result is a recorded average of 27% THC content.

This strain has a consistently extreme potency which can help people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, and even those chronic pains as well as people who suffer PTSD. The psychological high makes the user feel happy, relaxed, and friendly all at the same time. Once the effects start to take place, it acts as a sedative that will provide a night of deep satisfying sleep without the help of those dangerously addictive sleeping pills. This strain is only advised to be used only in the night time. This is defined also as the “carefree” strain because once used, it will surely knock you out.

4. White Tahoe Cookies

This is the new kid on the block type of strain which is causing excitement all around the vicinity. This is developed initially by Kush4Breakfast, it is a crossbreed between The White Girl Scout Cookies and the Tahoe OG, which is where it got the name. This strain has become popular in the West Coast as well, as stated and claimed by the breeder, the THC content of this bad boy sets a record of over 27% making it reach the heights of the legends.

When it comes to its performance, it is a surprise on how quickly the effects take over. It gives an immediate psychological high and your mind starts to give you ideas that you do not normally have, this is a great way to channel that creativity that you are hiding.

5. Strawberry Banana

This hybrid is a cross between Crocket’s Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum, this was developed by the geniuses behind Serious Seeds. It has had a consistent seat on the list of the Strongest Strains of Earth by the High Times for three years in a row. The average THC level of this strain which is detected by the growers is 31.62%.

This type of strain may be kind of soft in terms of its name, but this is only an expert only type of weed that has a serious kick!

The Strawberry Banana starts with a psychological high that consistently provides a relaxed feeling and gives strong focus throughout the pot session. However, it will keep you sedated and asleep for the whole day. This is a great way to battle chronic pain caused by severe injuries and according to research, it can help people who suffer from depression, insomnia, restlessness, and PTSD.


Whichever type of the strongest weed in cannabis history you choose, the important thing to consider is your capacity to handle the high it provides. Seed bank provides a lot of these seeds, take time to visit and pick what fits your needs, and try to consider the quality of goods. We do hope we supplied the information that you may need in your search for the strongest weed strains in cannabis history.

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