Chemdawg Regular

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Chemdawg is a very potent cannabis strain with unknown genetics. Growers say that it may have been from a Thai and a Nepalese landrace strains. It has a 20% THC making it very strong with potent earthy, sweet, flowery, and spicy undertones. Chemdawg is also a medicinal strain as it can relieve all kinds of pain, remove stress, anxiety, depression, and many more.

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Chemdawg Regular Strain Details
  • This type of strain has been considered to be the parent strain of the OG Kosh and the Sour Diesel. This is named after its breeder, Chemdawg, who had developed this strain after multiple attempts of breeding different kinds of cannabis strains to perfect a high-quality strain.
  • It has that particularly strong scent which resembles that of a combination of pine and jet fuel. This provides a very strong high and this is not highly recommended for beginning users who might not be able to afford the kick that it gives.
  • Chemdawg provides that instant high and it can last for hours which would still remain to be very strong. However, it gives that relaxing effect on the body but will keep you mildly sedated and remain on the couch for hours at end.
  • This is best in the treatment of pain and is also being used to stimulate sleep and appetite.
  • Most of the Diesel strains of cannabis are said to originate from Chemdawg. This includes Sour, Headband, and NYC Diesel.
  • One should know that should Chemdawg be grown outdoors, it can readily be harvested particularly in the month of October at an average yield of 700-800 g/sqm. This considers Chemdawg to be one of the highest yielding cannabis ever.
  • Its colas can be very dense and very huge. This may commonly reach up to a diameter of 6 inches.
  • This is well known for providing a very relaxing effect for the user.
  • This can be considered very useful for those who are just about to learn growing Chemdawg as it would teach newbies more about growing cannabis with a very high yield.
Note for Growers

The Screen of Green which is also known as the Low Stress Training is the perfect method for this type of cannabis strain to be perfectly grown. Although this can produce a very much high yield, it is very much vulnerable to mold attacks and mildew. This means that one must be particularly concerned about the ventilation of the grown room to always have a low humidity level. That is if one considers growing Chemdawg indoors. Moreover, when grown outdoors, this is not recommended to be grown in areas having very humid climates. If possible it must be grown outdoors in a tropical climate. This will ensure greater yield with less mildew or molds. One should always maintain topping this strain to also contribute to more yields.

Chemdawg Regular
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 700-800 grams/sqm
Height : Medium
Flowering : 9-10 weeks
Stone : Very Strong
THC level : 20% potent
Grow : Easy to Moderate

2 reviews for Chemdawg Regular

  1. Brenda Carvalho

    I already tried to smoke a weed and it was pretty awesome. But It is more prettier if you can plant it at your own backyard.
    That is why I ordered 10 seeds Pack for me to start growing. I simply follow instructions, I ask some questions at their Customer Service Representative, and they help me. Surprisingly, I have a healthy gorgeous plant at home. Now, it is ready to harvest and will try to hit this one. For me, It is a good seed, 5 Stars here!

  2. Tabor Sirois

    Had a few issues along the way with watering but otherwise, fed minimal nutes. This was my first grow and I am over all pretty happy with it! Found this strain to give you a great blend of head and body high. This strain has almost every quality of a highly therapeutic strain and is fantastic.

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