Chemdawg Regular

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Chemdawg is a strong and rad strain which has a high brain-blowing cult following. Even though it has a medium level of THC, it’s going to reach you really hard and heavy, so it’s perfect for consumers or users with no time to waste. This strain also has a super-graceful chemical scent with hints of fuel and pine. It’s legends say tales about ambiguous histories, but there’s no story out there that’s established to be 100% accurate. What is undisputed, though, is the effect on the business of this particular strain. It’s extremely difficult to develop, something that only seasoned and well-equipped veterans can try to do.

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Chemdawg Characteristics

The first thing that strikes you with Chemdawg is the scent; think of a gaze pungency with hints of chemicals and gasoline, and you might get closer to the strength of Chemdawg. The oaky notes combined with a petrol fragrance make for an extremely musky strain, which you are likely to either like or dislike. As for the way it looks, there’s no wilting flower in Chemdawg. With the ability to grow high enough, boasting long tapered, moderate size buds, it is indeed a wonderful sight. The buds appear to be very dense, and the color is greenish-yellow. The mixture of a strange color and a pungent smell created many consumers to think it was laced with greater genetics when this was definitely grown hydroponically. It’s leaves are a stunning, vivid green, coated in sticky trichomes, giving off a silvery appearance. Splashed around are attractive burnt orange pistils, creating a great looking plant for your home growers. If you can manage to get past that heavy, tough smell, then the taste of Chemdawg is sure to appear as no shock – with a very strong taste of petrol with pine undercurrents and a faint tang, it’s certainly a taste sensation. Over the ages, there have been more than one myth circulating about how Chemdawg emerged into existence, but there’s no way to validate the theories that we’re left to wonder, so Chemdawg lives on to be among the most enigmatic strains on the market.

Chemdawg Effects

Amateur users should be mindful that this strain is of a highly potent type. Chemdawg has high THC concentrations and is assured to cause a high, deeply cerebral body, considered to be extremely euphoric and intensely pleasant. This pleasant strain creates a powerful calming effect, suppressing your mind and injecting you with a light but noticeably happy sensation. Chemdawg is invigorating and thus perfect for those who are looking for a way to get over their job pressures and to find a firm cool time. Chemdawg is also compliant with those working in the creative industry, as it can drive them into a deeply motivated artistic phase. A few puffs are said to be enough just to set off a case of hysterical laughter, and although the high can’t be characterized as serious, it’s considered to be very intense.

What Growers Need To Know About Chemdawg

Chemdawg is not recommended to the beginner grower because it needs a certain degree of maintenance due to its high scaling range. Although if you’re facing a challenge and have time to do it, this might be a big project opportunity for an optimistic beginner. Typically develop indoors to prevent too much fungus and mildew, Chemdawg is a high plant that frequently reaches five feet, requiring growing and trimming early in the vegetative phase to keep it at a reasonable level. With a flowering period of between nine and ten weeks and a generous yield of about 65-75 grams. Chemdawg is definitely a great bud to develop from home. A word of caution though: Chemdawg is incredibly powerful. For growers living in areas with nosy neighbors, suggest some strategies of aroma management before beginning. This strain requires good airflow, good humidity, and enough air circulation. Preferably, Chemdawg should be developed in organic fertilizer and handled with a moderate amount of fertilizer. This strain is suggested only for veteran producers, as it can be very thorough and complicated to cultivate.

Chemdawg Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 700-800 grams/sqm
Height : Medium
Flowering : 9-10 weeks
Stone : Very Strong
THC level : 20% potent
Grow : Easy to Moderate

4 reviews for Chemdawg Regular

  1. Brenda Carvalho

    I already tried to smoke a weed and it was pretty awesome. But It is more prettier if you can plant it at your own backyard.
    That is why I ordered 10 seeds Pack for me to start growing. I simply follow instructions, I ask some questions at their Customer Service Representative, and they help me. Surprisingly, I have a healthy gorgeous plant at home. Now, it is ready to harvest and will try to hit this one. For me, It is a good seed, 5 Stars here!

  2. Tabor Sirois

    Had a few issues along the way with watering but otherwise, fed minimal nutes. This was my first grow and I am over all pretty happy with it! Found this strain to give you a great blend of head and body high. This strain has almost every quality of a highly therapeutic strain and is fantastic.

  3. Henry

    Such a powerful strain! It has beautiful, vivid, and green leaves coated in sticky trichomes. However, it is not suitable for new growers because it need maintenance due to its scaling. Growers can expect a bounty of yield with this strain with 700 grams/sqm. When lit, it can give oaky notes with aromas of diesel and musk. Since it has relatively high THC level, one can get a deep cerebral stone, that can trigger a euphoric and uplifting mood. This strain is great for treating symptoms of anxiety and depression. This strain is worth a try!

  4. John

    I am experiencing growth difficulties by the plant, and I do not have the know how to correct the problem.
    Presently, the plant has been transplanted, looks healthy however, it’s not growing. Need help !!

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