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Can You Smoke Weed After Surgery?

Marijuana has amazing therapeutic benefits. It’s the natural choice among users who want a safe and easy, as well as an enjoyable way to deal with pain, anxiety, and stress. And for people who are using medical marijuana to treat pain, it’s often common to ask “Can you smoke weed after surgery?”  Is cannabis effective enough to deal with one of the worst kinds of pain?

Can You Smoke Weed After Surgery? A Short Answer

Yes, you can smoke weed after surgery. Some studies support this claim too.  

One such study focused on the effect of a cannabis extract medication called Cannador to patients who have just undergone surgery. Cannador was to help treat the post-op pain of 65 patients. The researchers dosed each patient with different amounts of the drug and after a while, they were shocked with the result.  

Cannador was able to reduce post-operative pain as the dose was increased. The drug had some side effects though like an increase in heart rate especially in higher doses but these were taken astride. The study showed that cannabis is effective for pain after surgery and with only a few negative effects. It was also noted in the study that cannabis was a better option in the treatment of postoperative pain compared to addictive opioids.  

Cannabis vs Opioids for Post-surgical Pain Relief

Since time immemorial, opioids are the most common choice among physicians to deal with post-operative pain. This drug is the best way to deal with pain no matter what type of surgery, minor or major operations. But, opioids are known to be addicting and so many people have developed opioid addictions after undergoing an operation. 

Painkillers like hydrocodone and oxycodone are often prescribed and abuse. Doctors are looking for ways to end this cycle and this is why many are now turning to a more natural yet effective way to deal with post-operative pain and this is using cannabis.

Cannabis is a natural way to deal with all kinds of pain including post-operative pan. Aside from pain-relief, cannabis can also deal with stress and anxiety brought about by surgery and any complications. Cannabis can calm you down and help you heal faster as you feel more relaxed and focused on your recovery and wellness. 

Can You Smoke Cannabis Before Surgery?

There’s also nothing wrong with smoking cannabis before surgery as it can also provide therapeutic effects like relaxation, anxiety-relief, and pain relief. If you have had pain due to an illness and you need surgery, smoking or consuming weed can help you cope, relax, and remain focused before you go under the knife. 

But don’t consume weed a day before your surgery date. Smoking weed may have unwanted effects on your anesthesia. Also, the smoke in cannabis can increase sputum production in the lungs and induce coughing. This can be a problem during the operation.  

It would be best to talk to your doctor and your anesthesiologist if you are a regular smoker or you have just taken weed before the operation. If you use medical cannabis for any health condition, it’s also best to consult your doctor as well. 

Some Important Points to Consider

You can consume cannabis after surgery but we recommend that you avoid smoking or vaping and just consider easy and healthier ways to get high. So instead of smoking a joint, eat edibles instead. You may also take oils or tinctures as these make it easier to dose up and manage your high. 

You might be used to getting high quickly as with vaping and smoking weed. With eating edibles, it would be very different. You may need to wait an hour for the edibles you’ve just consumed to be digested and to take effect. This may not be a good product for immediate pain relief but edibles can provide long and lasting pain relief. 

Best Cannabis Strains for Postoperative Pain Relief 

Not all cannabis strains have the same effect on pain. Some can easily treat pain while some may not be as effective. To help you find the best analgesic strains, check out our top list:


ACDC is a powerful hybrid that provides very potent pain relief. It is high in THC and CBD and thus it can knock out all kinds of pain including post-operative pain, headaches, migraines, joint pain, and muscle pains.  

2. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is known for its amazing relaxing sweet flavor and its potent pain-relieving effects. This strain is a hybrid using a Sativa Haze and a powerful Blueberry Indica. And aside from pain relief, you can also use this strain for the relief of depression and anxiety.  

3. Blueberry

Blueberry is a very strong indica strain used for the treatment of post-operative pain and anxiety. This comes with a stony effect that can make you instantly fall asleep.  

4. Bubba Kush 

Bubba Kush is known for its rich and very earthy smell and flavor with very relaxing effects both for your body and mind. It is effective for all types of pain including surgical pain and the relief of stress. 

5. Cataract Kush

Cataract Kush is a very powerful hybrid that offers amazing and fast-acting pain relief. It can stop back pain, spine pain, and surgical pain.  

6. Master Kush

Master Kush is an indica-dominant strain that’s very effective or chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. It is perfect as a nighttime strain as it can help with insomnia.  

7. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a classic strain for pain and relaxation. It will make you feel very relaxed. It can easily take you to a couch-locked state so take this strain moderately.   

8. Redwood Kush

Redwood Kush has very steep THC content which makes this effective for pain relief and muscle stress and pain. It has a fantastic forest aroma that adds to its relaxing effects. Yes, you can smoke weed after surgery but do so safely. Cannabis is a wonder, a natural drug that has many uses. Consume this moderately and always consider the best consumption method to get the most out of medical cannabis.

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