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Yumbolt Seeds is a strain of pure Indica with a 24% THC content. Indoors, it can produce up to 350 g/m2 and outdoors, up to 400 gr/plant. You will enjoy the euphoric, calming, sedating, and relaxing effects of this strain, which can help to cope with pain, depression, and fatigue.

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Yumbolt Strain Characteristics

This 80/20 Afghani hybrid is bred to please and brought to life in the Green Triangle, California. etc. It is simple to see how such an Indica-heavy plant is so properly looked after by reaching deep into the body and opening the doors of the mind. Afghani was a contributor to produce some of the world’s most award-winning strains and she strikes hard, rapidly delivering a deep, soothing, full-body stone that just keeps going and going. A super-hardy strain, found in the Himalayas, its alternate strain has carried with it a euphoria and a heady stimulation that perfectly compliments the Afghani. This wonder-filled strain has been recorded to be able to mash-out headaches, all kinds of pain and swelling, depression moves and knocks exhaustion out the door, so she’s great for just getting home from a hard-day’s-work and need-to-chill smoke. What you should anticipate seeing are huge, thick, and stunning pine-cone-shaped buds, ablaze with vibrant tendrils spreading through trichome-laden flowers and crystal-rich sugar leaves. It’s no surprise why this delicate strain is so highly coveted and so well appreciated across the globe, with its taste and fragrance, those of sweet, cold, and crisp soil and peat, with a mouthful of hand-picked forest berries. We all love the ancient, familiar scent of our sticky icky favorite, but this one is unique. With a wreath of crisp soil, peat, and mature moss, with a little touch of pine and an aromatic backbone, suggestive of the old rainforest, Auto Yumbolt can surprise the nose. They don’t come around too much with aroma profiles like this, so Auto Yumbolt Fem is a good breath of fresh air. Have you ever shoved into your mouth a bunch of fresh-picked wild berries, along with some bits of dirt and leaves? The tongue surprises Auto Yumbolt Fem, definitely setting the palate ablaze with the flavor of mountain berries and fresh earth, a soothing complement to its spicy bouquet.

Yumbolt Strain Effects

Since Yumbolt soars at about 24% THC, she’s not a joke. A soft, tingling body-stone instantly begins to creep in and the insanity of the mundane is replaced by a heady euphoria. The body relaxes further as the stone intensifies. As the euphoria strengthens, worries drift away, and one is left totally relaxed, lightened, and total. It will surprise you that such a high THC Indica will not normally give you couch-lock with such an extreme and lasting stone; nevertheless, we suggest that you do not handle power tools when using this strain. Yumbolt is set up with analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics to help with muscular and joint pain, aches and pain, despite its Indica-dominance, and has also supported those with PMS-associated cramping. Besides, others have been able to say goodbye to anxiety, nausea, PTSD, and exhaustion, at least for a while, due to the upbeat euphoria correlated with Auto Yumbolt.

What Growers Need To Know About Yumbolt Strain

Yumbolt strain seeds, being a moderate plant, rising to around 70-80 cm, lend themselves well to several cultivation techniques. Indoors, the methods of SOG or ScrOG method, developing plants under a screen and weaving their branches into the screen work wonders and since she auto-flowers out of growth, you don’t have to think about what kind of light she wants, where and where, not because of changes in period and temperature of light. Outdoors, she is also a joy to watch develop and, while she is powerful enough to handle climate, she would do better in a greenhouse or develop a tent as these conditions will make it certain to pull two harvests from a single season of outdoor growing. For your Yumbolt indoor development, the all-around go-to for growers works great with the Sea of Green process. If you want to really optimize the yields of your auto-flowering strains, however, send a shot to the Screen of Green approach. Topping early and radially spreading the branches under a chicken wire or another 1-2-inch mesh screen allows more light to enter the inner development nodes, getting them into gear, and probably doubling your harvest. You will have a vast array of buds lying nice and tidy on top of your screen in just a couple of weeks, prepared for clipping. Yumbolt is a kid of the hills, from her Himalayan lineage until her birth in the wilds of California. Where light is involved, she does not need any preferential treatment; nevertheless, the more the merrier. A well-balanced intake of nutrients and micronutrients, fertile, free-draining soil, and wind safety are what she needs. To satisfy these very normal specifications, set up your greenhouse or tent, add some additional light and some ventilation there, and this green fairy will definitely produce in abundance. While auto-flower strains do well, topping them ahead and extending them out to catch more light will often produce higher yields, something to be taken into account.

Yumbolt Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 350 g/m2
Outdoor 400 gr/plant
Height : 70 – 140 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor All year
Stone : Calming, Euphoric, Relaxing
THC level : 24%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Yumbolt Feminized Seeds

  1. Avatar for Gabrysia Kalinowska

    Gabrysia Kalinowska

    I can say one of the magnificent strain I grow. Others was so difficult to manage. But this one was exceptional. Growing it was a great experience. The leaves are larger than I expected. Buds are so big. Stunning. Thanks!

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