Poison Berry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Poison Berry Autoflowering is a cannabis hybrid that is 50/50 indica/sativa. It’s a cross between Blueberry and Durban Poison. Since its average THC content is already at 18 percent and can reach 28 percent, this strain is perfect for those looking for a little more kick and hard-hitting effects. This strain is ideal for anyone who enjoys hybrids but wants a bit more potency in their high. It begins with a lifted feeling that fills the head with a sense of calm and relaxation. This effect is quickly replaced by a soothing physical sensation that washes through your limbs, leaving you feeling completely at ease with your surroundings. In this condition, you will not feel sedated but more totally relaxed both mentally and physically.

Poison Berry marijuana strain is often used to relieve chronic fatigue, depression, mood swings or cramps, nausea, and chronic pain due to these symptoms and its high average THC content of 18-24 percent. This bud has a sweet blueberry taste with traces of rich woods and a spicy herbal overtone. The smell is similar but with a hint of pungency that grows spicier as the nugs are split apart and burnt. Poison Berry buds have small deep forest green nugs with short orange hairs and a thick frosty layer of chunky, vibrant white crystal trichomes.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Poison Berry AutoflowerMarijuana Strain?

Poison Berry weed strain has a strong aroma of freshly picked blueberries and citrus fruits. You can’t afford to miss out on trying this strain because the smoke it emits is enticing. It even tastes just as it smells, which comes to no surprise. The main flavor is blueberry, but there is also a note of spicy herbs, resulting in a palate burst of flavor.

What are the Medical Benefits of Poison Berry Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Poison Berry’s descendants are the most potent strains of both the Indica and Sativa worlds. The benefits of having a well-balanced mix are undeniable. Poison Berry marijuana starts with a fast-acting cerebral high that aids in cleansing and induces clarity and calm. When the high cools down, the Indica effects take place. The mental high is followed by a minor physical shock that throws you off. Despite its high THC content, it does not cause sedation, enabling consumers to feel both mentally and physically at ease. These characteristics contribute to Poison Berry’s legendary reputation.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Poison Berry Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Poison Berry cannabis side effects include dry eyes and dry mouth. These effects can be managed by keeping yourself hydrated. In some instances, anxiety, paranoia, an increased heart rate, and low blood pressure have been reported, although these side effects were caused by excessive cannabis consumption.

How To Grow Poison Berry Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Poison Berry Auto marijuana seed can be challenging to thrive, which is not ideal for novice growers as this strain’s needs are well-optimized. It needs a lot of space to develop and thrives in the horizontal direction. It will produce abundantly in a hot, humid environment but with proper treatment. This strain will also flower in slightly cooler temperatures. It will take 8 to 9 weeks for the Poison Berry strain to grow. With suitable organic fertilizers and growing techniques, Poison Berry marijuana seeds will grow solid, thick, and hardy outdoors.

For a potent cannabis plant, consider a hydroponics setup when cultivating Poison Berry weed strain indoors. During harvest, 13 to 18 ounces per square meter can be yield. Outdoor growing is also ideal for growing this strain. This strain can develop freely and grow horizontally in the open space. Poison Berry strain can thrive in a sunny climate with proper nutrients of organic soil. It can produce about 16 to 25 ounces per plant by late September to mid-October, which is a significant yield compared to indoors.


Poison Berry Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid 50% Sativa/ 50% Indica
Genetics Parents: Durban Poison x Blueberry
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks
Climate: Tropical, Warm, Sunny
Yield:  indoors 13-18 oz/m2 and outdoor 16-25 oz/plant
Flavors: Fruity, Blueberries, Spicy, Herbal
THC Level: 18%-24%
CBD Level: 7%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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