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Orange Bud Marijuana Seeds is a 19 percent pure Indica strain with high THC. It is suitable for inflammation, anxiety, depression, migraines, and exhaustion as a creative, lively, sociable, enthusiastic, and calming strain. You’ll fall for its flavors of lemon, peach, soft, spicy, and blooming. As it is flexible for the Mediterranean climate and sunny conditions, it’s also an easy strain to develop.

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Orange Bud Strain Characteristics

Marijuana from Orange Bud has a robust scent. Along with a strong dose of soft, ripe summer oranges, it contains light citrusy notes. The strain even arrives with a few earth and herb clues and has a distinctive skunk and pine tinge. It is not bad, although it is a pungent smell, and several users say that they love its fragrance. There is an interesting and nuanced taste profile of the Orange Bud weed. Most consumers mention the taste of tart, citrusy lemons after the first inhale. This is followed quickly by a huge swell of soft, delicious oranges.

Not at all cloying or overwhelming is the fruity taste. Connoisseurs of this strain suggest that it is balanced by the taste of pine, oaky, and grass. While it has a dank and skunk aspect, it is a gentle characteristic, and many conclude it improves the overall flavor profile. It has a moist, vibrant look indicative of clementines in the Orange Bud strain. Together with various bright orange hairs and a lush coating of trichomes, it has thick, abundant buds. Trichomes make this strain resinous and sticky. It also offers dazzling shades of orange, pieces of amber, and yellow splashes.

Orange Bud Strain Effects

One of the smoother marijuana strains in the world is Orange Bud. It contains at least 16% THC, making it potent. Bear in mind that certain batches have been tested for as large as 23 percent in some studies. This, of course, depends primarily on the nature of the seeds and the grower, as well as a host of other variables. Like the fruit itself, with a slight uplifting feeling that builds up over time, Orange Bud exhibits his presence. Some consumers can begin to feel euphoric, from the overall sense of pleasure. It stimulates creativity and increased focus during this period. Talks will go from one subject to another, one idea after the other, in a social group.

Consumers also appear to be more positive in general. The results of the pressure, as one might imagine, help make for a more lively discussion. The Indica characteristics of Orange Bud would already have exercised their effect on the body after an hour, by this time. In addition to feeling fully at ease, some might also begin to display signs of slowing down. A foggy mind can cause other Sativa strains that make one virtually immobile. While Orange Bud does not have that form of effect, it is the high physical state that pushes down consumers.

For others, they may feel hesitant to do almost anything at all in a state of total relaxation. In other words, it may make some feel lazy and prefer sitting or lying still, which is probable if one is overused. The potential to squash depression is one of Orange Bud’s most useful benefits for medical marijuana users. It arrives with essential mood-altering compounds that elevate the spirit, due to its dominant Sativa side. And individuals with other conditions such as depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD may gain from its use for that purpose. Most individuals prefer to feel hungry until Orange Bud starts calming down. The strain helps stimulate the appetite in this way.

What Growers Need To Know About Orange Bud Strain

Orange Bud seeds grow outdoors as well as indoors. It grows with convenience, and this is one of the factors why revived popularity has been found. The seeds are robust and can endure many adverse circumstances. Even in the existence of common pests including such insects, they are extremely resistant to mildew and grow easily. For Orange Bud, home growers have a range of techniques and set-ups that they can use. A mixture of soil media can be used by growers for development and they still anticipate a good production.

In the existence of soil enhancers, Orange Bud can grow well, and can even flourish without much eye for detail. For SOG or SCROG, this plant is appropriate. Development phases are comparatively brief, with a span of 7-10 weeks indoors while outdoors in early to mid-October. Growers can also prefer greenhouse cultivation and the use of manure. Standard yields of approximately 14 oz/m2 for both indoor and outdoor growth. The plant is roughly medium in height and usually maxes out at around three feet. If there is a bit more versatility for this strain, producers should have pruned and trim for air and light ventilation. With this strain, both non-experienced and skilled producers can find good yields.

Orange Bud Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 14 oz/m2
Outdoor 14 or more oz/ plant
Height : 3-½ feet
Flowering : Indoors 7 – 10 weeks
Outdoors early to mid-October
Stone : Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
THC level : 19%
Grow : Easy

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  1. Avatar for Teddy Petersson

    Teddy Petersson

    The grow was magnificent. The plant has amazingly showed the qualities of a healthy plant. It has a good yield and the smell of it was good. So proud of it. There is no doubt that I will buy again from them. Cheers!

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