OG Wedding Feminized Marijuana Seeds


An excellent Sativa-dominant hybrid, the OG Wedding Feminized strain is the result of crossbreeding the OG Kush and Wedding Cake. This offspring of two potent strains is undoubtedly a hard-hitter. With THC levels of around 20%, it delivers effects that bring on a focused, mental concentration alongside a vigorous body high. Also, this cannabis produces earthy-green, thick, trichome-coated buds with sugar leaf pistils that exude unique aromas and flavors. What’s more, this weed also delivers excellent medicinal properties that can be effective in all forms of discomforts. This weed may be quite difficult to cultivate but its high-yielding and hardy structure are what make the entire cultivation process more rewarding. The OG Wedding Feminized strain is definitely great ganja to add to your personal stash or to your garden of weeds.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of OG Wedding Feminized Seeds?

When it comes to its aromas, the OG Wedding feminized strain offers a predominantly sour and tangy scent which is accentuated by strong notes of citrus. As the smell grows more intense, it directly hits the palate almost instantly. The weed’s flavor is made up of sour citrus tones with undernotes of creamy musk, wrapping the taste buds in a delightful manner.

As this herb has high THC levels, users will experience a strong cerebral buzz that is both euphoric and energetic. It is proven to be uplifting and enlightening, making users feel more positive for the day ahead. Additionally, it delivers a calming and sedating body high that brings on a certain warmth and heaviness that spreads all throughout the body. This herb is very relaxing which puts its users at ease.

What are the Medical Benefits of OG Wedding Feminized Seeds?

There are a number of therapeutic benefits that the OG Wedding feminized strain can offer. It can effectively reduce chronic and temporary pains including body pains, muscle tensions, and joint pains. Moreover, the weed’s uplifting properties can treat moderate anxiety, depression, and mild stress. Those who are battling with loss of appetite due to chemotherapy or other medications can be greatly helped by this herb, helping patients to regain their appetite. Lastly, insomniacs who have difficulty sleeping can have a restful night of sleep, thanks to this ganja’s sedating and relaxing qualities.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from OG Wedding Feminized Seeds

Adverse effects are inevitable when consuming the OG Wedding feminized strain. Typically, consumers will experience the common dry, red eyes and cottonmouth. But can be easily treated by having water and eye drops nearby. Improper use of the weed can induce heightened anxiety and mild paranoia.

How to Grow OG Wedding Feminized Seeds

Although the OG Wedding feminized seeds are quite difficult to grow, having enough knowledge and basic skills can be of great help. It finishes its flowering period at around 8-9 weeks. The plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, depending on the conditions. It flourishes well in warm, sunny, and temperate climates when planted outdoors. Indoors, this herb should have its climate-controlled and its temperature protected. Ideally, it is recommended to keep its temperature at a maximum of 70° Fahrenheit on average. Under optimal conditions, growers can collect a harvest of up to 25 -475G/m2 indoors and 650G outdoors around September and October.


OG Wedding Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: OG Kush x Wedding Cake
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Warm, Temperate, Sunny
Yield: 425 -475G/m2 indoors / 650G outdoors
Flavors: Citrus, Sour, Tangy, Creamy, Musk
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: September/October
Growing Difficulty: Difficult


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