Hilly Billy Jean Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Take your mouths down a trail of purely delectable and satisfying flavors with these Jilly Bean Feminized weed buds! Jilly Bean is a hybrid that will provide smokers with more of a sativa type of high. However, with 60% sativa and 40% indica, you can still expect a well-balanced plethora of effects that cause you to feel happy and relaxed. Originating from the genetics of Space Queen and Orange Skunk, mixing these two together brings an amazing Jilly Bean Feminized hybrid with an average THC level of 18%.

The effects will be made up of mostly cerebral sensations which increase your creativity and happiness. And as it is not something to be outdone by other hybrids, this Jilly Bean Feminized also has a lot of relaxing properties that make users feel calm and lethargic! Buds will be coated in this mouth-watering appearance of crystal-white trichomes. The deep hues of green in its leaves and colas are accented nicely with the amber-colored pistils that give the plant a more rustic look. If you plan on growing these seeds, then you should know that it will be really easy to do so!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Jilly Bean Feminized?

The scent that smokers will get from these Jilly Bean Feminized buds might be something that will surprise a lot of people. There is going to be a very musky and earthy smell from the buds, with traces of skunkiness as well. A lot of people are going to find this quite off-putting at first. But once your nostrils get accustomed to these scents, you will find them to be highly addicting!

There are also going to be complex tastes in the buds of this hybrid. The smoke is going to come off as being quite bitter in its hits. However, a subtle hint of sweetness makes the taste of this Jilly Bean strain much more bearable. Small but robust explosions of citrus and tropical fruits are simply too tempting to resist. The weaving of skunky bitterness and sweet fruitiness will leave you wanting more and more!

Jilly Bean Feminized will come quickly with some euphoric buzzes in your head. As the mind-stimulation will start giving you recurring thoughts of happiness and bliss. With all the laughing feelings that you will be getting, Jilly Bean Feminized will be a great strain to bring during parties and social gatherings. Your energy levels will feel very invigorated as you will want to splash out all those creative ideas into being productive in your days.

With your whole mood taking a full 180-degree turn into being more and more euphoric, your whole face will light up with the satisfaction that you get from these Jilly Bean nugs! It is a great daytime strain that will help you stay active and composed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Jilly Bean Feminized?

Jilly Bean Feminized strain will be just as useful for medical purposes as it will be satisfying for recreational purposes. It is an ideal strain to help you ease any muscle tensions and aches that cause discomfort in your days. Swelling temples that could cause migraines and uncomfortable sensations such as vertigo are also reported to be treated through using these Jilly Bean buds. This is a hybrid strain that can also make you feel more rejuvenated and sprightly, making it an effective countermeasure against fatigue and stress that makes you feel down.

The mental effects caused by its sativa influences make this Jilly Bean Feminized strain an ideal option for treating mood disorders and cerebral complications. It inherently causes a patient’s mood to be more uplifted, which is an effect that can avoid you from feeling depressed and anxious. Jilly Bean also causes a very calming and clear-headed feeling which is fully capable of bringing down symptoms of PTSD and ADHD/ADD.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Jilly Bean Feminized

The magnificence and reliability of this Jilly Bean Feminized strain do not make it a choice that will be free from causing negative side effects. Users who have not adapted to smoking weed regularly have frequently reported sensations in their bodies that dry up their eyes and mouth, making them feel irritated and raspy. You may also find yourself taking deep breaths because of the increased heart rate due to being nervous and tensed up.

In order to enjoy the high of this strain, you will not need a lot of hits. You should go slow with this one and wait for a couple of minutes to see how this strain affects your body. This also ensures that you won’t cross the threshold of THC tolerance that you can handle!

How to Grow Jilly Bean Feminized

You will rarely encounter any issues and complications when growing some of these Jilly Bean Feminized seeds. Cultivators can choose to have them either in an indoor or outdoor setup, as Jilly Bean plants will respond nicely under both conditions. But like the majority of marijuana strains out there, these seeds will grow a lot better when they have dry and warm areas to develop in. Remember, cannabis plants are accustomed to sunny and warm days in their natural habitats.

Because they are sativa-dominant plants, you will want to properly top them at an early stage in order to have their yields spike up and increase. It won’t grow into abnormally tall plants so ceiling room should not be an issue for these Jilly Bean plants. After spending about 8 to 10 weeks in their flowering stages, the buds should be mature enough to undergo harvests. You can get a modest yield of 280g per square meter indoors and 226g per plant outside.


Jilly Bean Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (60%), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Space Queen x Orange Skunk
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Dry, Warm, Semi-humid
Yield: 280g/m² indoors and 226g/plant outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Bitter, Citrus
THC Level: 18% to 21%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: 75cm
Harvest Period: Late September
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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