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Gorilla Chip Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Forget a bag of chips and grab yourself some Gorilla Chip Feminized weed seeds instead! This strain is a hybrid that contains equal amounts of indica and sativa influences in its bag. It first originated in the Pacific Northwest, where certain seed breeders decided to cross up a few strains in order to come up with this intense weed strain. While the parent genetics used to produce Gorilla Chip Feminized are unknown, this is still highly regarded as a top-notch strain that brings a wide set of highs to your smoking experiences!

The unique appearance of these tightly-packed buds will look like little Christmas trees hanging from each cola of this plant. As a strain that will be quite easy to grow and cultivate, beginners will find this to be one of the most optimal strains to have in their cannabis gardens. The THC level, however, is not something that should be taken lightly! It ranges from 20% all the way up to 31%, you can pretty much fill up on all your THC cravings with this single strain alone!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Gorilla Chip Feminized?

These Gorilla Chip Feminized buds are going to shock you with a sharp and stinging flavor that delights your taste buds and gets you wanting more! There is going to be a robust and fragrant smell of pines once you crack open and grind those buds. Along with this, a musky earthiness gives it a more pungent kick.

The smoke of Gorilla Chip Feminized is going to bring somewhat of a skunky and diesel-like blend of flavors that will be sour and strong enough to make your lips pucker. When you take in all that rich and creamy smoke, you will notice some slightly sweet and spicy notes that play along with one another. These subtle yet highly distinguishable tastes make it a strain that you can see yourself craving every now and then!

The high of Gorilla Chip Feminized comes across as more of a hazy and mind-altering feeling that impacts your head with a heavy, ascending pressure. But right after these sensations get you feeling down and relaxed, it will subsequently start shifting to a more focused and uplifted feeling that boosts your productivity and makes you feel a lot livelier than normal!

This high could help you solve some arithmetic problems or go do some workouts with how motivated you will be feeling. Basically, you will be having the best of both indica relaxation and sativa happiness with some Gorilla Chip Feminized. Without any of them overlapping one another with extremely strong feelings, this strain can surely provide a high that you can enjoy smoothly and peacefully. Of course, when you smoke an ample amount of it, you can still be exposed to an amazing couch-locking episode that will get you down and drowsy within minutes! Take the day off and start watching your favorite movies because that’s all you are going to be able to do!

What are the Medical Benefits of Gorilla Chip Feminized?

When you start taking the prescribed amounts of Gorilla Chip Feminized, you will find a lot of medical values in it that could come in handy for alternative treatments. The calmness and relaxation that spreads all over your body could help release any stress and tension in your body. This gives it a lot of pain-killing properties that can heal conditions caused by muscle cramps, spasms, inflammation, migraines, arthritis, back pains, and a lot more.

Moreover, the mood-lifting benefits of this strain help patients overcome certain symptoms that indicate mood disorders and bipolar episodes. Patients and everyday smokers suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD/ADD, anorexia, and even social anxiety and discomfort can have their mindsets shift to a more positive and vibrant mood.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Gorilla Chip Feminized

While the overall effects of this Gorilla Chip Feminized strain tend to focus on giving its consumers a more happy outlook in life, these may tend to backfire if you are not careful with the way you use them. This strain’s potency levels are not something to be played around with. Smoking it in large enough doses could potentially lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety. As it could cause your mind to spin around and feel very uneasy, Gorilla Chip Feminized buds could knock out even the more experienced smokers who take a step past their THC thresholds.

Also, the buds of Gorilla Chip Feminized could affect the way that your body functions. Your heart rate will begin to increase as well as having your mouth feel dry and lacking saliva. Dry eyes could also feel very irritating. Take the necessary steps to hydrate your body prior to smoking these high cannabinoid-containing buds.

How to Grow Gorilla Chip Feminized

Gorilla Chip Feminized cannabis seeds will be a dream come true for beginners who wish to hone their gardening skills. They will produce plants that will be highly resistant to the development of molds and illnesses. Furthermore, it also won’t demand too much in terms of nutrient-feeding. Within a few months, you will find that these plants have grown into some healthy and vigorously sturdy shrubs!

But while you can always opt for either an indoor or outdoor garden, you should look to maintain a dry and warm climate where the plants could properly stimulate their growth. The average yields could be boosted with training and topping, making you end up with a lot more buds than you expected. The flowering period of this strain takes up to 8 or 9 weeks, with outdoor harvesting taking place any time during October.


Gorilla Chip Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid (50% Indica, 50% Sativa), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks
Climate: Warm, Temperate, Mediterranean
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Earthy, Skunky, Pungent, Sweet, Spicy
THC Level: 20% to 31%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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