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mango and weed

Tropical fruits are all lovable for their sweetness and sometimes sour tastes that are perfect to beat the heat of summer. They are for all seasons with great appeal to anyone craving for something nice to eat. However, the most talked-about among all of them is the so-called “king of the fruits” that is mango.

The appeal of such fruit is unquestionably delightful. How about mango and weed? Do you think that’s going to make a perfect match? As some people consider themselves lovers of mango, and some consider themselves a fan of cannabis, another innovative use of cannabis has come out in the market, and that involves the combination of those two.

More About Mangoes

This world-famous fruit is from the lineage of a drupe, which usually has a meaty part on the outside and a pit containing a seed inside. When it’s pre-mature, the flesh inside is light green to light yellow, but when already ripe, it turns to golden yellow.

A fresh mango, however, should not be classified according to its color on the outside. Some types of mango stay green on the outside, even when it’s already ripe at the same time. They must not have black round spots in their skin, which could be a sign of damaged fruit. 

Some of the best recipes to make using mango fruits are on the list. They are very common, especially in tropical countries that grow and export mango trees.

  • Mango lemonade or tea
  • Mango smoothies with some other tropical fruits like strawberries and pineapple
  • Fruit salad made of mango, papaya, pineapple, etc.
  • Fresh fruity salsa as fish toppings together with jalapeno, red peppers, and other ingredients

Benefits of Eating Mangoes

Medicinally, mangoes are considered around the world as an effective medicinal fruit for its antioxidant content that is known as zeaxanthin. This is a substance found in mangoes that are good for the treatment of various illnesses.

1. Cancer

Colon cancer may be avoided by anyone who eats mangoes regularly for having carotenoids. Skin cancer also becomes less likely to happen with the fruit’s beta-carotene content. It can even boost the immune system that shall protect you from getting ill as well.

2. Heart Disease

This disease can be avoided with the help of mango’s high fiber, vitamin, and potassium. All those properties work together to help the arteries inside the heart to always function properly. Similarly, high blood pressure should not be a problem with more mango you take. It is because mangoes remove the excess sodium in your body and replace it with more potassium.

3. Diabetes

Is an experiment performed on a mouse in 2019, it was found that the leaves of mango have some useful compounds that can help with fighting and preventing diabetes. However, mango flesh was not stated clearly to take part in such an effect, but only about dried mangoes kept in the fridge, helping with having lower blood sugar.

Aside from those illnesses, mango and its properties also fulfill other benefits to the body. That includes:

  • Problem with digestion
  • Enhanced immunity against diseases
  • Clearer and fairer skin
  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Improves eyesight

Mango and Weed

Now that you know how flexible and versatile mango is, would you also believe that it’s a perfect match to weeds? This may be a surprise, but it’s true. Eating mangoes doesn’t have to be separately done from enjoying your favorite cannabis. You can have both at the same time, and this article with tell you how to do that in a while.

First, learn how well these two superbly addicting things go when mixed up. The smell of tropical fruit that mango possesses is key to this process. Such fragrance initially intensifies the high effect of cannabis. Mango contains chemicals like terpenes and myrcene, which is also found in cannabis and other more extraordinary plants in the world.

The terpenes that mango has goes down to the bloodstream and then meets with the THC that cannabis will deliver inside the body. Eating mangoes and smoking cannabis can be done interchangeably depending on your choice, but the scenario will be just the same. Such a meeting between the terpenes and the THC causes the sedating effect even more intense, too.

The length of time that you can enjoy this kind of effect may vary with each person who does it, but it surely becomes longer than usual. For better results, studies show that to toke cannabis after having some bite of mangoes. Also, if you want to speed up your metabolism of food through eating mangoes and weeds alike, you may do so by eating mangoes 2 hours ahead before your session.

Best Cannabis Strains to Smoke While Eating Mangoes

There are cannabis strains that go perfectly well with the taste of mango as they also smell like fresh mangoes. Some of them are described below for your reference once you already decide to try this new technique.

1. Mango Kush

One of the best-tasting cannabis that ha fruity flavor. One dose of this bud can make you feel happy, relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted inside. Aside from the smell of mango, it also has the scent of earthy and pungent that also delights smokers. When combined with mango fruit, it has the potential to treat illnesses like depression, chronic pain, migraine, nausea, and PTSD for a longer period.

2. Jillybean

Such a great fruity choice to smoke in the morning and the evening for a mouthwatering taste and aroma. Mango will help enhance this weed’s ability to make users feel creative and joyful upon its onset. This cannabis is a mango and orange blend, super delicious and healthy, too. 

3. Maui Mango Diesel

Obviously super citrusy and sunny, as its name suggests. Its parents were both tropical as well, namely the Mauie Wowie and the Brooklyn Mango strains. It’s got a fast hit hard on the head, spreading some fruity flavors such as honey and pineapple. 

4. Hawaiian

Swim in the powerfully satisfying taste of tropical fruits from the shore of Hawaii through smoking this weed. A session with mango on the side will surely be relaxing and soothing to the throat, bringing you the beautiful thoughts of a white sand beach.

5. Mango Haze

Cerebrally satisfying and causes an energetic, euphoric, and blissful effect. Your nostrils will feast on its aroma of mango to wake you up, and your senses all activated in one sunny morning. It’s super heavenly, especially when smoked after eating some mango treat.

6. Vortex

Stronger than what its flavor and aroma will suggest, this cannabis strain will surprise you with its effect on your body and brain. Euphoria, focus, and an uplifted feeling shall be yours if you try this weed. The taste of fresh mango flesh blends perfectly well with this bud’s sedating impact.

Final Thoughts

There is no way you can say no to cannabis now that it is also safe to be consumed together with the lovable mango fruit. Make that effect longer-lasting and more intense by following the steps mentioned earlier and see why it is now one of the favorite treats these days. So, mango and weed, are they meant for each other? Absolutely, yes. They make a most delicious, satisfying pair for a remarkable cannabis smoking experience. It’s scientifically approved, so go on and try it in one of your sessions to see for yourself.

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