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How to Make THC Crystals

Over the years that had passed since half of the world accepted and approved of marijuana for medicinal and some for leisure purposes, various other studies on more ways to use that green herb have been conducted. And, so far, there’s an unlimited list of innovative products to which cannabis and its two major properties, namely CBD and THC, are included. The knowledge of how to make THC crystals is thus an advantage a cannabis enthusiast can have.

THC is for recreation, while CBD is for medicinal functions. Who would not want to invent more ways to enjoy this very delightful plant given those two powerful and effective substances, right? And so there was the so-called THC crystal that’s already gaining fame all over the globe.

What are THC Crystals?

To complete its name, it should be THCA or short for tetrahydrocannabinol acid that is naturally occurring in a cannabis bud. This is the pre-form of THC, which is non-psychoactive and will never cause you to get high. 

THCA transforms into THC or its sedating version while the plant matures and dries. To speed up the conversion of THCA into THC, decarboxylation is the process to try. In such a process, all you need to do is heat the cannabis buds by putting them inside the oven.

Now, you have THC crystalline or simply “crystalline.” This “diamond” product is a concentrate that becomes solid over time. It’s what growers get upon harvesting their cannabis and before they become THC and CBD. The taste of this cannabis product is similar to that of the sweetness of sugar, so it is often used as decoration to cookies and other baked products. Expect that the terpenes that bring the aroma and flavors of your chosen strain or cultivar are no longer to be found in these crystals.

Instead of enjoying all of its original terpenes, only the cannabinoids THCA, CBDA, and CBD can be found and which means that it cannot get you high. However, if you just let them get exposed to some heat for some time, then the THC it shall produce may be already there to give you an intoxicating feeling.

Medicinal Advantages of THC Crystals

Despite the fact of its being very potent and highly sedating, THC crystalline must not be taken for granted and explore other uses of it. This weed diamond is found to be a potential cure for various medical illnesses. It is even faster to take effect than the usual drug you ingest for your common pains and other medical needs like arthritis, inflammation, spasm, and mental problems like anxiety and depression. 

You might be a fan of smoking and vaping of cannabis crystals, but it surely is also as satisfying when ingested orally. It is through this that THCA crystalline works 100% effective, so you will not have to endure much pain when you have this with you. Therefore, there is no need to worry even if you are a non-smoker because you can do it in another way.

How to Make THC Crystals

This precious THC-induced crystal is made from the extractions taken from a particular cannabis strain. Despite some cannabis companies’ desire to share how this is created, information still cannot help but leak, and so you have this guide about how to make THC crystals.

Step 1

The initial extraction is performed at low heat to let the cannabis boil while also taking care of the delicate THCA substance. This stage in the process does not remove all of the compounds that the cannabis buds contain. What’s left are the fats, aroma, flavor, and cannabinoids. Different ways can help you eliminate those compounds, such as thorough washing with hexane and acetate.

Step 2

This stage in the process is called the “preparatory chromatography.” The extract achieved from the initial extraction is filtered many times, passing through varied mediums and speed so that it is 100% free of any other compounds. 

Step 3

Normally, the solution will still have compounds in it that stays even after the two stages have been finished. You must clean the solution and remove the unhealthy or harmful elements in it. After this, you now have a THC crystal that is less than 100% pure.

Top 8 Strains for Making THC Crystals

In making hashish, concentrates, or extracts that contain THC like the THC crystals, the choice of cannabis strain to use is crucial and affects many aspects of its effectiveness. Therefore, the list below is intended to give you the top 8 best marijuana varieties to pick one from, so your THC crystalline will be one of the best that you shall have.

1. Hash Plant

As the name strongly suggests, this weed strain is very much perfect for making a hash. To use this for making concentrates means that you are willing to be hit hard in the head, knocking you out of your senses nicely and soothingly. You’ll enjoy a sleepy feeling that can take you on a sweet trip to paradise with no worries.

2. 8 Ball Kush

If you are someone who has many questions about life and love, you must have tried asking the eight balls, too, once in your life just to relieve you of your emotional problems. During your most devastating moments, 8-Ball Kush strain will guard your back and comfort you. Extracting THC from this will give you as high as 20%. This weed variety has come from the mountainous area of Afghanistan and also in Pakistan, which is also the place of origin of most famous cannabis for hash-making. 

3. Ice

From the powerhouse combination Northern Lights, Skunk, and Afghani is this marijuana strain that offers a refreshing appeal. It’s got 18% of THC that can make you stick to the couch for very long hours and feeling super comfortable. Indica Crystal Extreme (ICE) is the right strain for your concentrate. But be careful not to choose this over other strains available because it’s not what can make you focused and motivated at work on a busy day. Instead, this is best consumed at the end of the day while lying in your bed.

4. Strawberry Shortcake

The sweet Strawberry Diesel and Juliet strains combined are the sources of this weed progeny’s high THC that measures up to 22%. Such a feature is a promising one in terms of its ability to be made into an effective THC crystal. Highly thick with resin, its buds will surely release a high amount of concentrate for you to delight on. Physically, you will feel more active, too.

5. White Ice

The successful crossing between Afghani Hash Plant, Dutch Skunk, and Northern Lights strain is what led to the birth of this variety. Growers of this marijuana strain observe a dripping of resin from the trichomes of its buds that is an attraction to most THC crystal makers. Its aroma is both sweet and pungent, which gives anyone who uses this such a remarkable aromatic experience.

6. Mkage

Even though this weed only contains an average amount of THC, its lineage that comes from the popular S.A.G.E. and MK-Ultra strains gave it the trait of spicy herbal-smelling bud. It boasts with so much CBD inside that’s non-sedating but medicinal. When you consume a crystal made of this bud, expect an oh-so relaxing sensation in one of your sleepless nights.

7. Sour Banana Sherbet

A hybrid made up of 50/50 Indica and Sativa genes from Banana Sherbet and Sour Diesel strain mixed in a cross. You’re going to be laughing around with friends, breaking the boredom, and being the most sociable person around. Make THC crystals from its extract and savor some moments of strong satisfaction. This weed also has an average amount of THC that will ensure sedating goodness.

8. California Hash Plant

Up to 12% of THC is inside of this bud as influenced by its parents, who are the Hash Plant and Northern Lights strains. It has the potential of becoming your next favorite bud once you’ve tried its crystalline version. With its mild high, delicious flavor, and aromatic smell, you’ll remain functional, motivated, and energized.

Final Thoughts

Those hash you used to love is no match to this innovation using cannabis. THC crystals are one of a kind. From its appearance that looks like a true diamond, stoners will have a hard time ignoring it and not trying to taste it. To know how to make THC crystals is an interesting topic to discuss. And, now that you’ve learned about it, it’s up to you whether you will try it today or not. But never miss the chance to taste this even once so you have another way to go the next time you use weeds.

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