Hash Plant Regular

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Hash Plant Regular is a purely indica marijuana strain grown in the year 1999. It is a strain identified for its very rapid growth season. It develops very tight buds with a heavy coating. This pure strain has a good Afghan taste and a spice-like scent. It is the strongest strain for evening use as it has quite high sedative results.

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Hash Plant Characteristics

Hash Plant weed has an incredibly sweet, earthy scent like sweets. The scent is pungent with traces of oak. Hash Plant has a creamy, soft, almost bubble-gum-like taste that is contrasted with harsh, sour, and graceful notes. Its rich earthy taste combines well with the undercurrents of spicy fire. Hash Plant stressed seeds have dark green leaves and closely attached calyxes. It has reddish pistils and is very sticky due to the proliferation of trichomes. If you think the hash is just a tasty dish of potato es, beef, and seasoning, you’re right. It was also the title of a large cannabis strain. The Hash Plant strain is an indica-dominant strain with a strong, rich fragrance. With its Northern Lights and Afghani Indica roots, it has a fast, graceful kick that makes its users feel joyful and euphoric. Hash Plant has a taste that can only be identified as naturally calming. This strain has a creamy, oaky smoke that makes the tongue feel moist with its richness and spiciness. It leaves an undeniably pungent smell and taste that is both woody and medicinal on the exhale. This indica plant will also substantially reduce stress levels for any person unable to manage their psychological pain and the subsequent sensation of being overloaded. Hash Plant will help them feel more optimistic about themselves and their jobs, keeping life simpler.

Hash Plant Effects

Hash Plant is a dreamy flower that will drop you into a state of heavy relaxation. It is suggested mainly as evening smoking, as you are almost sure to lay in bed with this smoke, and its drowsy and firm indicative results would be difficult to overlook. This pressure will put you to sleep, at first gradually, but soon you will not be able to withstand its power, producing a high mind and body that will make you feel warm and fuzzy as time keeps on running. Hash Plant is all about having a cerebral sensation that will propel you into a sense of total bliss. Hash Plant is going to thrill you with little blasts of euphoria, making you giggle and talkative, even though your sentences seem to leave you a little sluggish. This strain can leave you feeling thirsty since it will leave you feeling cotton-mouthed and very parched, so make absolutely sure you have some water that’s handy. This enables it a safe alternative to treat insomnia. Hash Plant is used for the treatment of Stomach Illness and Crohn’s Disease. The discomfort properties prove helpful in the treatment of migraines, serving as a migraine-detergent clutch at their onset. Many suffering from anxiety can also use it to ease symptoms and calm. It may also benefit people affected by Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is much more recommended for night time use, or for certain relaxed, enjoyable days with no commitments or duties to be met.

What Growers Need To Know About Hash Plant

Hash Plant seeds can do well in warm, hot outdoor environments, but they can also grow indoors, particularly in hydroponic settings. It’s also rising to a reasonably short height. The strain of Hash Plant does have a very shorter development period and can be collected in as little as 40-45 days. It boasts high yields but according to several farmers, it doesn’t require much covering. It recommended farmers to watch this strain as it develops for any evidence of shortcomings.

This would be evident if the buds don’t thicken and the fifth week loses waxy resin. But then most producers say this is an easy strain to produce and sustain. Hash Plant is a delight to cultivate as this plant is relatively uncomplicated and easy to cut and take care of. This strain is preferred for use in a hydroponic environment, but can also be grown in bright and mild Mediterranean climatic conditions, requiring plenty of sun and light to thrive. Hash Plant is quite small, circular, compressed bud clusters, and tufts of dark orange hair are coated in sticky resin. Hash Plant remains compact during its extra-short growing season. The strong, resin-dried flower clusters grow a brittle coat until dried and give off a thick rich Afghan scent that is undercut with a pouch of hashish. When eaten, the primary flavor profile is the spicy-sharp bite of the scorched resin glands.

Hash Plant Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Indica / Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : Short
Flowering : 50 days
Stone : Cerebral High
THC level : 18 – 25%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Hash Plant Regular

  1. GLapresse

    Really easy to grow and pretty satisfying. Great harvest from this plant also! Amazingly crystallized and tight nugs. Super smelly buds. Hash Plant is a potent, mostly sativa great pleasure anytime. The effect is relaxing and calming, perfect for stress relief.

  2. George Hodges

    For my first time, quite happy, quick germination and good flowering. They all grow up nicely and vigorous. This variety is an excellent medical weed for those people who actually use weed as medicine. Awesome for pain and depression. Highly recommend!

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