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List of the Best Strains

If you’re having trouble with focus and cannot complete the task or even get started, well, you are in the right place. Sometimes we need help to stay motivated. How many cannot start a day without drinking their coffee in the morning? While caffeine works for some people, others find a “greener” or the best strains for focus. We know that each cannabis strain has its unique effects, ranging from tired to spirited and blurred to smart. Hence, if there’s work that must be finished, then the strain you pick for your exercise will create a wide gap to how you focus correctly. Try using these best strains for the focus to improve your workflow.

Looking for the ideal focusing cannabis strain needs trial-and-error, but our guide offers several things to consider. Ask yourself first the kind experience you need or want.

  • A CBD-rich strain contains small levels of THC, and euphoric high is a long shot. 
  • Some THC-rich cannabis strains are focusing, while others are distracting. If you think THC strains are inducing your mind to become true foggy or animated, change up the strain or test with a lower dosage.
  • Equalized CBD/THC strains are famous for offering only a little high, which makes them the best match for people who are looking for a little bit of mental boost.

Benefits of Cannabis to Boost Focus

It’s hard to describe the adverse “side effects” that contribute when using marijuana to boost focus. The numerous cannabis strains work differently. However, it’s understandable that there are several possible help problems with cannabis use than with ADD medications.

Some users experience freaking out or getting couch-locked when taking too much, use the wrong strain for the purpose, or use cannabis, but that is not for medical treatment (such as high-THC strain can worsen existing anxiety). 

The big news is in two types. First, it’s simple to pick the right variety. The second is through “microdose.”

 Most health experts supported microdosing as a method of using THC to boost focus and consciousness, with no risk of mental high that could meddle with daily activities. 

The way is using adequate marijuana to get health advantages, and these small microdoses are known “sub-psychoactive” as they don’t induce any average high with THC consumption.

Ideally, microdosing is perfect with cannabis tincture and uses a dropper to get the exact measurement. But try experimenting your dosage by smoking one hit or two from a vape or joint, and see how it influences your focus and action. You can adjust if needed.

What Are the Best Strains for Focus?

You will see that the best strains for focus here have two qualities alike. Most are Sativa-rich instead of Indica cannabis strains as Sativa keeps you energetic while Indica can put you to couch lock. Quite a few contain higher THC levels because moderately, it is the CBD that helps boost focus and creativity.

1. Sour Diesel

This is an impressive Sativa strain that is ideal for refueling yourself to achieve results. The name “Sour Diesel” comes from the car oil odor with an earthy and somewhat sour flavor when hit. Some users are not fans of this cannabis strain, but the energizing and boosting mental high it offers makes it a perfect partner to increase focus.

It contains around THC of 25%, so go easy with Sour Diesel.  Too much on THC, particularly in strain with lower CBD mixture, might badly influence your capability to focus.

2. Green Crack

Based on the famous folklore, Snoop Dogg created the Green Crack, after experiencing its effects. It delivers a crazy and artistic Sativa buzz that helps boost imagination. Green Crack is an ideal choice for keeping concentrated while doing routine tasks such as laundry and dishes. Understand that this is a cerebral strain, so it is not for physical alleviation. If you are susceptible to depression, you should watch your consumption because Green Crack in high amounts does worse things.

3. Durban Poison

If you’re tackling an intellectual work that needs mental concentration, then Durban Poison is an extremely excellent choice. The cannabis strain gives you a sober high that makes the world seem so sharp.

Some consumers even claimed the strain as “reflective.” This effect Is very beneficial for users who are suffering from conditions such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD, which are a hindrance to focus. Durban poison can be taken all hours of the day and most ideal for users who don’t like Lemon Haze, who has exceptionally citrusy Sativa.

4. Cinex

Cannabis connoisseurs claim that if your coffee late at night didn’t do the job and you’re still feeling tired, then Cinex is the perfect match for you. It delivers users with strong ecstatic feelings, which inevitably induces higher creativity. Concentration is not only an easy task for consumers taking this strain but also a comfort zone. But if you’re a very nervous person, be careful and use Cinex with extreme care. Users who are susceptible to them THC effects may not like Cinex like the other cannabis strains on this listing.

5. OG Kush

This strain delivers users of more mental high than a physical high. It does not give your brain race like what other Sativas do. The boost in spirit and cerebral motivation makes OG Kush a good match for meetings or conversations. Users also report that the strain has special effects of medicating headaches, which is a good thing if your migraines prevent your productivity. 

6. Harle Tsu 

Harle Tsu is the by-product of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, and it contains high levels of CBD and low amounts of THC. The best effect of this strain is the relaxing sensations that give users a clear mind. The high delivers no powerful effects, hence, leaving cognitive skills as good as usual. Consumers having time using Harle-Tsu can take a similar mixture with higher CBD properties, like Canna-Tsu strain.

7. Lamb’s Bread

One of the best strains for focus is Lamb’s Bread because it offers an active boost and high euphoria. The motivation that this strain offer makes it the right decision as a morning smoke. Since it produces an artistic mental high, it is a favorite among actors and musicians. People who have PTSD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder also claimed Lamb’s Bread as an extremely beneficial strain for such conditions.

8. Chem Dawg

The effects of Chem Dawg kicks so fast and turns you into a laser focus of your environment. Sometimes it can also feel slightly psychoactive. The first mental high disappears into a beneficial mental high that can be meditative or social, and it depends on the surroundings. Chem Dawg is a Sativa-rich hybrid with some Indica lineage, which gives therapeutic body effects but is not couch-locked.

9. Super Lemon Haze 

This is an essential strain worldwide, and there are various reasons why it is a fan favorite. Aside from its sweet citrusy flavor that is delicious, the energizing high of Super Lemon Haze is also unique.

The cannabis strain is well-known to offer a crawling high that produces powerful stoned body sensations and mental boosting. According to the users of this strain, it is best for activities that are mentally and physically energizing, like a workout.

10. Maui Waui

Fans described the quick-acting crazy high of Maui Waui as “buzzy.” It is physically stimulating and inspiring, making it a perfect morning smoke or caffeine alternative. This earthy Sativa is ideal for household chores or errands, so users can maximize the physical stimulation that Maui Waui delivers. 

Choosing the Best Strains for Focus

As you can see, most of the cannabis strains here are Sativas, with some hybrids in the picture and no Indicas. Indica strains provide more body and exhausting effects, making it more challenging to stay motivated to get things done. If you are using cannabis to help focus and become productive, it is also essential to consider what blocks you from focusing. Are you an ADHD patient? Does pain or migraines stand in the way? Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, depression, or severe fatigue and have difficulty feeling inspired to take on new work? The more you can slim down your issues with focus, the more precisely you can pick the best trains for focus.

Consider your skills needed to complete a task. Are you studying? Are you attending a social party? Will you be in the long hours of meetings? Do you have a term paper deadline? The strains mentioned above offer different potency for different conditions that you need to prioritize or focus on. It is crucial to consider the skills you need boosting to help make progress.

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