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Height of Marijuana Plants

If you have a small space in your grow area, then you would like to grow compact marijuana plants so that they will grow well without any problems. The height of your marijuana plants plays a big part in your successful growing marijuana adventure especially if you are growing indoors. Outdoor marijuana growing does not require you to watch out for the height of your marijuana plants because you can just let your weed to reach for the sky. However, with indoor growing there are a lot of factors that you should consider.

How to make sure that you are growing the right marijuana for your available space? 

You should choose the correct height for your marijuana strain by buying the right marijuana seeds for your grow. To help you make a decision, we have categorized our marijuana seeds by height which you can access on left pane. Please look for the filter category area and click on the height and you will find the following categories:

Average Plant

These marijuana seed strains can be grown indoors for as long as you have a bigger space for the plant to grow upwards.

Compact Plant

Compact marijuana plants are shorter yet could grow bushier. These are perfect for guerilla and indoor growing.

High Plant

These marijuana seed strains are not good for growing indoors because they are giant marijuana plants. If you want to grow these marijuana seeds, then do it outdoors.

The higher or bigger the plant, the higher the harvest you will get. However, it doesn’t mean that the size of the plant could tell the THC content. Small or big there THC contents vary and if you want to know that information, you can still use the filter category or go to the marijuana seed item’s page to learn more about each.

For more information or questions about the marijuana seeds that we have for sale here in Canada, please contact our customer service representative. Yes, we are located in Canada and we do ship all our cheap marijuana seeds worldwide discretely. We also offer free marijuana seeds to orders more than $420 total cost excluding shipping fees. We will vary your free seeds based on your order so that you will get a strain which you haven’t tried yet. Still need more information? Contact us during our business hours!

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