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What to Do With Male Weed Plants

When growing regular cannabis plants, you can’t avoid growing male plants. If you’re a grower who wants to cultivate weed, you’re likely removing male plants or even destroying them once you find them in your lot. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways to use male plants and in this guide, we’ll show you what to do with male weed plants.

What to Do with Male Weed Plants – 7 Great Ideas

Yes, male plants can be a nuisance, especially during the pre-flowering time. These plants develop male parts called sacs or balls which contain pollen. When the sacs mature, these break open and release the pollen in the air. When pollen reaches female plants, you can expect seeds to develop in just a few days.

Now we don’t want this if you’re growing weed. We only want delicious, potent marijuana and the only way to do it is to remove these male plants out of your growing area. But instead of destroying male plants, we recommend the following:

1. Make Cannabis Seeds

As most breeders would say, good males, make good fathers so why waste them? As soon as you notice males in your growing area, remove them and some of your females. Place male and female plants together inside a growing tent and it’s a guarantee that right after a few days, you’ll be harvesting many seeds. These seeds will be enough to last for many growing seasons saving you hundreds of dollars worth of seeds.

2. Use Male Plants to Make Edibles

Do you know that male plants also have decent amounts of THC in them? This means you can also use these to make all kinds of cannabis products including edibles.

The very first part of making edibles is preparing your weed. Decarbing or decarboxylation is like “baking” small bits of dried weed in an oven in low temperatures for a few hours. This will slowly but efficiently enhance the THC content in weed which will boost the weed’s potency before adding to a weed edible recipe.

With decarbed weed, you are just a few steps to make all kinds of cannabis edibles including oils, butter, distillates, and food. There are now so many cannabis food items available like bread, pastries, candies, snacks, chocolates, gummies, teas, and powder forms.

3. Use Male Plants to Make Oils and Concentrates

Oils and concentrates can be used recreationally and therapeutically. When making oil, decarbed weed is added to a carrier oil like coconut oil which helps pull THC out of the weed. Afterward, you can use the oil for different purposes. You can use it liberally for pain relief, muscle strain relief, and relieve stress, strains, anxiety, and depression.

When it comes to making concentrates, you can select from different manufacturing processes and the most common is using flammable solvents like butane or propane. These processes will pull the THC from weed so you’ll get pure, very potent THC concentrate.

Take note that since you will be using male plants, the potency of your concentrates and oils will not be comparable to those products made from weed. Nonetheless, you’ll have products with pure THC for recreational or medicinal use.

4. Use Male Plants as Filler Material for Joints and Blunts

Instead of using pure weed flowers to make joints or blunts, you can use dried male plant parts and save your precious weed. As mentioned, the leaves and stems of male plats also come with significant amounts of THC, and thus, you can still get a high when you combine these with potent marijuana from female plants.

The process of preparing male plant parts is the same with weed coming from female plants. We recommend using a good quality weed grinder to grind male plant parts and female plants.

5. Use Male Plants to Make Hemp Fiber

Even stalks of male plants including the tough fan leaves should not be thrown away. You can dry these and cut these into thick rope or thread. The finished product is called hemp rope and is a very durable piece of rope that you can use to make crafts and to tie different wooden projects. You may also use hemp thread (obviously thinner than hemp rope) to make bags, carpets or rugs.

Some people take advantage of the versatility of the hemp plant and use this to make all kinds of products including paper, boxes, and clothes. Hemp is very durable too and will last for a long time as long as this is properly manufactured.

6. You Can Make Cannabis Juice

Juicing is one way to get the most out of food and this is true for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and even weed. Yes, you can juice weed but the best parts are the succulents soft stems and leaves of female and male plants. Never use the tough, high-fiber fan leaves and thick stems because these will make your juice very bitter. Dark green leaves also come with more chlorophyll and will leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

We recommend a good quality juicer appliance to handle even the tough plant parts. Add a few teaspoons of sugar or Stevia and add ice. Cannabis is rich in vitamins A, B, D, C, E, and K. It is also a natural food that can give you iodine, potassium, sodium, and many other nutrients.

7. Male Cannabis Plants as Companion Plants

And of course, you can use your male plants as companions and just let them grow in your home. Males make beautiful indoor plants and as long as you keep them in the growing phase, you will have nice ornamental plants that you can display anywhere.

Experts also say that THC in cannabis has natural pest control properties. Therefore, you can use cannabis plants to act as pest control plants indoors or outdoors.

So here they are, seven good ways to answer your question “what to do with male weed plants.” There may be more techniques so whatever you do, never throw male cannabis plants away.

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