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What is THC Distillate
THC distillates are often described as the golden liquid made of cannabis oil extract. Many only know marijuana or cannabis as herbs that you smoke but there are also other ways for you to consume cannabis. THC distillate is a perfect combination of potency and convenience especially for those who want to find an alternative method of getting high without inhaling the smoke. But what is THC distillate?

What is THC Distillate?

A THC distillate is a translucent oil derivative made from the extracts of the cannabis plant. It is commonly derived from the compounds found in cannabis namely THC. THC is the substance that gets us high when we smoke weed thus extracting it in its purest form is the best way to enjoy cannabis. Distillate concentrates are usually used as vapors or mixed as ingredients in many edibles and other products.
One of the many reasons why people use THC distillates is their potency. Distillates are substances that have been thoroughly processed and have all of the compounds stripped away to make room for a specific substance to be extracted. Some THC distillates even reach up to 99% purity and concentration which means that a single gram of distillate has up to 990 mg of THC in it.
There are some negatives though when it comes to finding the best THC distillate. The process of making and extracting THC is very complicated. This is the reason why the experience and scientific background are needed to thoroughly make it. For safety reasons, you will need to learn more about the process of distillation and its safety measures to reduce the risks of accidents and security.
Unlike other extraction methods, distillates are free from any form of solvents thus it remains pure. The final products are readily available for consumption and all other impurities have already been removed. This is why THC distillates are very popular for those who want to fully enjoy the effects of cannabis.

How Is THC Distillate Being Used?

Distillates are usually consumed in their original form using a vaporizer or a dab rig. You can immediately vaporize the distillate or add it to the cartridge of your vape pen and then inhale the vapors. Most of the distillates have no odor and flavor as it has already been stripped for the most part during the process. Others also tend to add flavor and aroma after the distillation process to make it more enticing for other consumers. This is why you often get distillates with flavors for vapor pens.
Another way of consuming and using THC distillate is by adding it as an ingredient to making edibles. People who enjoy eating cannabis-infused food and products will love to use this distillate as an ingredient. It can be added to your favorite cupcake or brownies and get you high as soon as it is synthesized by your body. Others would love to consume it directly and drop it underneath the tongue so it can be absorbed immediately. Others even tend to use it transdermally or between the layer of your skin or simply applied topically and wait for it to be absorbed by the body.
Most producers of THC distillates often end up separating the flavors and aroma and reduce them first into their most concentrated form. This is why you often get the odorless and tasteless form. Later on, they add various flavors that will match the needs of their consumers especially for those who want to indulge in them through edibles.

How Is It Made?

THC distillates are made through a process of extraction or distillation. The first step is to ground up the cannabis and add in a solvent solution such as ethanol and then heated to the point where the other compounds are evaporated. This solution is then cooled down until condensation happens. By this time, the solution is collected and cooled. It will then undergo the same process until the entire solution is reduced to a mere fraction of what it was before and it forms into a gel-like state.
There are other methods of extracting THC distillates such as the use of crude oil and winterization. All methods used to create THC distillates will need extreme caution and should be done in a controlled environment under the supervision of an expert in the field.

Advantages of Using THC Distillate

There are different ways of consuming cannabis. While smoking is the most common, using THC distillate is another way to indulge in the effects of marijuana. One such advantage in using THC distillate is it is made of pure concentrate meaning it has high levels of THC. This means that you get to enjoy weed in its purest form. There are no pesticides or other harmful chemicals that you put into your body.
The fact that it is in its pure form also makes it very potent thus you get high in no time. Smoking usually takes around a few more minutes before it slowly takes effect. On the other hand, using distillate would mean that you get to enjoy the effects in a matter of seconds from the moment you ingest it. When consumed sublingually, it can immediately take effect. Those who use distillates as an ingredient for their edible products would have to wait a while longer as it will take an hour or so for the body to digest and process the compounds.
THC distillates are also being used for medical purposes apart from recreational activities. The health benefits discovered in THC are limitless. It helps in controlling pain, reduces stress levels, stimulates the appetite, lowers anxiety and depression, helps with nausea and vomiting for people undergoing cancer treatment, and many others. With its fast-acting effects, those who truly need these therapeutic effects of THC can finally achieve it without having to wait for several minutes or hours.


THC distillates might be very simple but the process of making it will need thorough experience. Its various uses in both the recreational and medical field are unparalleled thus its significance remains high. For those who are still learning or getting to know what THC distillates, it is only a matter of time before the world gets to experience its potency as the growing need for alternative health treatment becomes more prominent.
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