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What is Cannabis Wax and How is it Made?

Do you have a wide knowledge of cannabis? What about a Cannabis wax? Are you always aiming for a strong high, and powerful effect? There are lots of ways you can try when you want to consume cannabis. Whatever ways you can think of, it is important that you should choose the one that you think you can handle. 

By this article, you will learn and know what cannabis wax is and how it is made. You will be able to understand the description of it, and you will have knowledge as to how it is made. Aside from that, you will know the pros and cons of weed wax. Let us start the discussion about wax from marijuana with its definition. 

What is Cannabis Wax: Description

This is a kind of Butane Hash Oil that can be made through the use of butane, which is a gas-liquid. This is made to serve as a solvent in extracting the terpenes as well as the cannabinoids from trimmings and from the buds in marijuana. 

The result of the procedure will be processed in making a concentration that is the same is a wax from the bees. There are a variety of processes in making marijuana waxes in producing different types of products when it comes to their colors, as well as the textures. During the process of making it, you need to shake, whip, and stir the butane hash oils. 

The good thing about Cannabis wax is that you can possibly enjoy it due to the percentage of THC it contains. It has about 90 % of THC, and it would provide a good high as well. Another good thing about it is that you can rely on this wax if ever you experience some health problems, and it is very reliable when it comes to providing a good remedy. However, marijuana wax is not as cheap as you think. It is an expensive wax. 

You have to be well aware of the cons in using this weed wax. You need to know that there is a possible danger in the process of making it. Another bad thing about it is its effects that are very much powerful. 

You can use the marijuana wax for dabbing, vaping, and putting it on the joints. If you think of using the wax for any of this, you have to know the proper procedure for you to avoid the worst effects and results. If you overuse the wax, you would possibly experience serious paranoia, hallucinations and it might lead to unconsciousness. 

How is it Made?

In order for you to be able to make wax from marijuana, you have to know the processes and steps first. If you wish to make your own marijuana wax, you can possibly do it in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to learn some strategies when it comes to extracting solvent. There will be not so easy steps, so it is not recommended to make weed wax at home, especially if you do not know the whole procedure because there might be not so good results. 

If you are interested to know the whole procedure, you need to learn the first step first.  You can start the process by getting the buds from the marijuana plant and put the buds together inside of a pipe or a tube. After that, you need the butane, or you can use other solvent and put them with the materials from the marijuana plant. The purpose of this is to bond the THC property that can be found in the buds, which is psychoactive, and to pull those compounds which are from the marijuana plant. 

When you have done that, the next thing you need to do is to allow the evaporation of the butane till the only thing that will be left is the oily component, and this is the marijuana wax concentration. 

The result of the process would be dependent on the temperature when it is processed as well as with its humidity. The result of this method might be budder, shatter, or even crumble, 

The above mentioned is a well-known procedure in making a wax. However, there is also a not so known procedure which involves the use of alcohol which is isopropyl. Submerging the cannabis with the alcohol within a not so long period of time before you drain it with the use of micron sieve is what we call the quick wash process. 

After that, you need to use the filtering and straining method, and it will be followed by the evaporation process. It will leave the extract of THC as well as the sticky concentration. The evaporation of the alcohol will take about twenty-four hours, and if you think you need to evaporate it in a short period of time, the solution should be heated. 


Cannabis wax has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. It is very much helpful with some medical problems that you might experience, or you will experience. Therefore, those marijuana patients can rely on this weed medically. It is a good thing to use for those cannabis users who are seeking high THC and for those who want a strong and powerful high. However, due to its strong effect, there might be a bigger possibility of harm. 

Hence, you need to know some of the wax from marijuana’s disadvantages, and you should not only focus on its advantages so that you will be able to prepare, and you will be able to know what to avoid. Remember that there might be an actual danger in the process alone. Even if you can possibly make weed wax at home, it is still not a good idea due to the processes and methods you need to follow. 

It is better that you have knowledge about the ways and steps that were mentioned above, and it would be better for you to understand what marijuana wax is as well as its description. 

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