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What Does Collective Mean for Weed?

Do you think you know a lot about cannabis? How about the terms that they use? Do you have any idea about the entire world of a marijuana business? If you are not in the marijuana world, you might not be familiar with the word collective. Maybe, you have already heard about the word collective, but you do not have an idea what it is. 

In this article, you will be able to understand the question “what does collective mean for weed” and the description of it. You will have an idea about some unfamiliar terms, too, especially those some legal terms. It would be helpful for you to know some necessary things about collectives. 

What Does Collective Mean for Weed? Details and Definition

You are maybe wondering what collectives are and what their brief definitions are. If you ask some of the cannabis patients as to “what does collective mean for weed,” you will be able to get answers differently. It is because the word collective has different roles in each and every life of some marijuana patients. Some marijuana patients would think that they can have their medications every day, every week, every month, through the help of the collectives and the people involved in it. 

Collective involves the work of people to reach the same goal, and it is non-profit, which is different from dispensaries. You will not just hear the word collectives in the world of cannabis, but in different kinds of industry as well. It is where cooperation and helping with each other starts. 

Some patients have signed up to the collectives, and their goal is to give their co patients some of their meds. There are also others who give some drinks, some edibles, and other marijuana products to the collectives for their co-members. There are a lot of people who think that the words collectives, dispensaries, and co-ops are similar. These words are different when it comes to the legal part and their operation. 

In the collective, it is about helping those patients with their medical marijuana needs, especially those who do not own it. Marijuana patients’ participation is allowed in the collectives as long as they can provide a medical marijuana certificate or even a card, and it should be valid. Aside from that, they should be a certified collective member. 

Collective makes it possible for the patients as well as for the caregivers to legally collect and cooperate in cultivating medical cannabis. It means an organization or facilities that make the patients and the caregivers’ collaboration. In order for you to fully understand what collective means for weed, you need to first know and learn about its difference with the word dispensaries.

How is it Different from Dispensaries?

Do you have any idea as to what dispensaries are? What is the difference between dispensaries and collectives? There are lots of differences between the two. Dispensaries are about the business profit, which most of the states consider them illegal. In dispensaries, they do not choose their customers because they tend to sell weed to anyone, especially with all of the marijuana patients, which is different from co-ops and collectives, which sell weed to those members only. 

There are some dispensaries who have faced some struggles about legalities such as confiscation of meds as well as the donations, jail, raids, and even shutdowns. These are the reasons as to why some dispensaries have changed into collectives because they are a non-profit type of business which serve as good purposes. 

However, when we talk about federal laws, even if it is a nonprofit type of business and were able to follow the entire local as well as the laws of the state and its regulation, it is still illegal, and you can possibly encounter some criminal charges federally, fines, jail time, and possibly arrest. 

How Much Does it Cost to Set Up Weed Collectives?

Are you getting interested in collectives? Are you planning to set up collectives? If you are, then you need to know if it is expensive or cheap. The set up of collectives can be very expensive compared to what you actually think. There are some taxes that you need to pay and their specific percentage for that. Aside from that, if you are aiming to own collectives, you have to prepare for some hidden costs. 

You should also be prepared if you want to run a collective successfully. You should prepare a budget for the rents, manager, security, receptionist, products, as well as budtenders. It is also good that you are prepared when it comes to the safety budget, such as for your attorney and other fees in accounting. 

In short, if you are interested in having your own collective, you need to study everything about it, including the cost and the revenue. By this, you will be able to have your own successful collective. You should also remember the important people in the collective. Those are the caregivers, or they can also be called vendors. They are the people who visit the collection and provide for the meds that serve as their donations.


It is always amazing to know something new about cannabis. It is good that you already have an idea about “what does collective mean for weed. The above mentioned are the important points of collective. If you are now thinking of having your own collectives, you have to understand the process. The process of it may be very easy and simple; however, it is important that you are familiar with the laws of the state, local, and most importantly, the federal laws. By this, there will be no reason for you to be involved in some troubles when it comes to the laws and legality.

There are some good things that collectives offer compared to the dispensaries. However, it is not bad to know some of its disadvantages so that you can be fully prepared. Apart from it, you have to remember who the important people in collectives are. 

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