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weed tolerance break

Are you experiencing a high tolerance of marijuana? Do you think you need to take a break from using weed? Those new marijuana users will not feel the need to take a higher dosage in order for them to experience the aftereffect of marijuana. However, those regular cannabis users will experience weed tolerance. It is when they feel the need of the higher doses in order for them to experience the effect that they expect. 

There are other users who want to take a weed tolerance break. They have their own reasons as to why they want to temporarily stop taking marijuana. Will it be a good idea or not? In this article, you will be able to know more about it, and you will have an idea of whether it is good or not. 

What is a Weed Tolerance Break?

Before we dig deeper into how good or bad it is, let us first know more about its meaning. A marijuana tolerance break or also known as a t-break, is a temporary break from consuming marijuana for setting the body again from the tolerance of THC. The tolerance of a marijuana user can be minimized through having a break from tolerance. 

The users’ body will build a tolerance from weed if they have used weed for a long time. In this case, they need to add the amount of dosage they take in order for them to feel the effects of marijuana. Often times, adding dosage to cannabis is not a good idea because it might result in addiction. In order to set your system back to normal, you can consider taking a break from using cannabis. 

Is Taking a Break from Marijuana a Good Idea?

Taking a break from using marijuana is a good idea, especially for those people who are looking for jobs, and they might need to dispose of those chemicals they got for taking cannabis so that they will come up clean to the drug test. Aside from that, taking a tolerance break is good for those experiencing a high tolerance of marijuana. 

However, if you are a regular cannabis user, this method will not be so easy and simple for you. If you take a break from using weed, you have to expect of experiencing some not so comfortable effects such as changes in the moods, headaches, fatigue, and lack of appetite, nausea, and insomnia. For you to lessen the symptoms, you need to prepare plenty of water, and you must rest well. 

Due to the things, you will experience in taking a break, you might get tempted of taking marijuana again. It is important that you have your support system upon doing this process. You must keep in mind that those effects will not last long and it will just kick in for about seventy-two hours. 

The Duration of Tolerance Break

It is best to stay in a tolerance break for weeks so that you will be able to get back and adapt to your normal daily routine. It is also a perfect duration for cleansing your system. If you have already observed that your body has already adjusted to the new feeling, then it is a good sign of a break from taking weed. You need to know that the THC compound can stay in your system for about thirty days. Therefore, if you are aiming for the best result, it would be better to take a break for a couple of weeks. You should also determine if your body has fully adapted to the changes. 

Things You Should Expect in Taking a Break

It is important that you keep on drinking water during a cannabis break. Aside from that, you can also do some exercises such as jogging or even working out in the gym. You can do some healthy activities just like, for example, sports, or you can go hiking. By doing these activities, there will be a good result for your break. 

It is also necessary for you to eat healthy and nutritious foods. You should focus on eating foods that are good for your health. Consider doing some positive activities that will give you the satisfaction you need. 

If you are thinking about going back of taking marijuana after the tolerance break, you should be well informed that the amount or dosage of the cannabis you should take should be with the lower doses. There will be a big possibility that you will get an overwhelming experience of the effects if you go with the high doses after your break. 

You should not take marijuana regularly if you wish to back in consuming it. You can try using weed with a low percentage of THC. Aside from THC, you can choose to use those items with only CBD. Weed tolerance can’t be avoided, but if you feel like you are about to experience high tolerance or you have already experienced it, you can go back and take a break again if you really need it. 


It is usual for the users to experience a weed tolerance, especially if they use it regularly. The most important thing is that they must know when to take a weed tolerance break. The reason for it is to set their body and set their tolerance to normal again. 

In taking a break, it is essential to be well prepared. You have to know what to do and when to do it. Apart from that, you should keep in mind to drink lots of water. If this is your first time taking a t-break, you should expect to get some symptoms and make sure not to go back to using cannabis if you are not yet done with the t-break process. 

T-break is not very easy, especially if you get used to taking cannabis regularly, but if you have the determination to make your system clean from the chemicals you get through smoking weed, you will surely finish your weed break and it will surely be a successful marijuana break.

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