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Technological advancements make things easier and convenient for individuals as well as businesses. Apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. A  weed growing app won’t be behind these modern tools. It is helpful to help weed growers in many ways, like growing support or a simulator. It is also used to check the effects as it can be an all-around app.

A weed grower should know that there are thousands of apps related to weed. There’s no guarantee that you would download an app that can help with weed cultivation. Some of them might come as a surprise as they are the imitation of the other better ones. To your dismay, you have the app that fails to assist you with growing weed or marijuana.

So here’s the complete list of weed growing apps that may cater to your needs and wants in growing your weed. You can choose one that you think would help you the most.

Complete List of Reliable Weed Growing App

1. GrowBuddy

It is an application that can help both hobbyists and commercial growers due to its worthy features. It has a comprehensive database that is filled with applicable grow data. It is the feature that you will like the most as it allows you to learn from your mistakes. You can also use it to compare it with other strains and crops. 

The app of GrowBuddy is considered a complete journal of growing weed. It is capable of helping you with schedule and itemizing routines like feeding and watering your plants. It can keep a copy of crops and growing environment daily through photos. So you will see the difference in how your crops develop. It also allows you to gather information about your mother plant, its clones, and the curing process too. 

It is an app that turns itself into a complete hub as users can get hold of knowledge from the growing community and access expert’s advice. There’s also a store where you can buy supplies, and you don’t need to log out from the app.

2. simLeaf

It is like Tamagotchi, but it offers a lot of things that are favorable to weed growers. It is a helpful weed growing app that contains a comprehensive cultivation simulator. You can adjust settings and variables. For example, you can select the strain you desire to grow. Users can also pick the watts for the lamp, which will provide light for the plants. The feeding regime and pH level can be adjusted using this app. There’s a lot of functions that can ease things out.

Just like Tamagotchi, marijuana plants will die when you fail to attend to their needs. With simLeaf, you can get a good harvest if you handle them with proper care. You will be able to virtually access your plants on your tablet or phone in a 3D fashion. It shows educational information and useful growing tips to help you nourish your plants.

It is the app for you when you want to experiment with new techniques. It will let you see the outcome in reality. So spending $3 to download it is worthy as there’s a lot of advantages and discovery.

3. BudLabs

It is an app specifically for hydroponic growers. It comes with a nutrient calculator, so it can save you a lot of time. You need to confirm the growth stage of your plants first. Then you have to put your experience level, nutrient base, and the exact size of the reservoir. These are the necessary things for the app to provide the right feeding schedule within the appropriate weeks. 

It can be the most expensive weed growing app as you need to avail it by a monthly or annual fee. Effective nutrients can also be checked within this app as it is developed by Advanced Nutrients.

4. Grow With Jane

It is an app that is designed for beginners. It offers guidance, scheduling tools for small-scale operation as well as grow logs. It’s great for hobbyists who strive for a good harvest. 

It continues to make some new features and development. It has regular security updates, too, as it values the privacy of the user. You can have an anonymous account or use it offline. If you wish to, you can share photos, data, and other information to the community of growers.

5. Hemp Inc

You may have a lot of fun using this app as it is like Farmville, a game of farming. It is a bit different from other apps as it promotes the Cannabis activist group called NORML to speed up legalization. 

Growing weed using the Hemp Inc app is fun as you can be accompanied by many celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Chong, and B-Real of Cypress Hill. This app helps in all aspects of growing weed. It can also help you sell your harvest so you can’t only grow the plants well, but you can start or expand a business.

6. Growtronix

Convenience is known to many these days, so this app would only ask you to click a button to do a task needed by your plants. It is designed to optimize what high technology can do. 

It bears an automated system for grow rooms, and there are different kinds of software and hardware. The basic package will give you a controller, sensor for humidity and temperature, a network interface, and a comprehensive software suite for you to control the app on the phone or desktop.

As you see, it is far from being a simulator or a game-type app. But it’s an all-out system with automatic responses. You have to directly contact the maker in getting this app. 

7. EZGrow

It is from EZGro Inc., and it gives you daily updates about your weed. It can be used by beginners or skilled growers as it employs solutions for both single and multiple gardens. 

EZGrow can let you monitor your plants through photos and videos. It has a nutrient calculator for you to properly feed them, and you will be able to create a schedule at the same time. It allows you to track temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ppm values, and pH level.

Commercial cultivators can set tasks using this app, and authorized individuals can access them. It comes with a treatment tool to get rid of any pest infestation.

8. Grower Helper

It is an app that helps growers monitor their growing operations. You have to register the plants, feed or fertilizers, spray, as well as photos to be updated. You can set task reminders so you won’t miss doing anything. It also gives you a chance to know the environment setting. It has a function for you to log in information about extracts from your production. 

9. Grow Journal

It is developed by Life Plus Studios. The features are suitable for beginners and small-scale weed cultivators. It allows growers to track their plants through notes, feeds, reminders, and pictures. The updates on your plants can be converted into text and journal.

The grow journal would let you have an intuitive design. Each growth stage can be indicated by colors to sort out vegetation, blooming, and harvest periods. You can monitor temperature, and when you grow with hydroponics, you can go over pH level and ppm value.

10. Botana

It is one of the most popular weeds growing apps, as it is comprehensive. It allows you to compile data and notes of the strain you’re growing as well as the environment setting.


It’s better to get a reliable weed growing app, whether you need to pay or not. The purpose of getting it is to have a helpful app to ensure that your plants are healthy. So they can give you a bountiful harvest. Using a useless one is like having no assistance from an app at all. Try one of the apps in the list.

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