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Exciting Weed Games to Try When Getting High With Friends

With the legalization of marijuana across several different states in the US, weed games are on the rise. Cannabis is slowly taking over the role of alcohol at many get-togethers and parties. Instead of the usual Flip Cup and Beer Pong, weed games are now being played. While there are now countless exciting and creative games to choose from, the goal is the same – to bring people together and to add variety and a little more enjoyment to any cannabis consumption.

Here are some of the most popular weed games that you and your friends can try on your next smoke session:

Bong Pong

Much like the classic beer pong game, this game involves teams of two taking turns in taking a hit depending on where the ball lands. First, ten cups of 16 oz or 18 oz sizes should be arranged in a pyramid-like formation on each side of a table. The general gameplay is that the player throws the ball and if the ball lands on the opponent’s cups, the opponent has to take a hit. Or you can also opt to bend the rules and reward yourself with a hit when the ball lands into the other team’s cup. The winner of the round typically stays on the table and awaits the next challenger who can beat him or her. Depending on your style, the team that successfully hits all the cups wins the game.

When it comes to deciding who should go first, a representative for each team shoots the ball to the opponent’s cups while maintaining eye contact with each other. In case both players miss, another set of representatives take over, and this goes on until one person makes the shot.

Weed Jenga

For this game, you will need a set of Jenga blocks and a marker. Jenga is a game of skill and strategy that uses several rectangular wooden blocks that, when arranged, form a tall, rectangular tower. Once the tower is built, each representative from a team takes turns, pulling out a block and placing it on top of the tower. This step is repeated until someone makes the tower fall. Turning the game into a weed game will spice things up and make the game even more exciting. The settings of the weed game are fairly easy – you will have to write rules on the Jenga blocks and follow these steps before every turn to continue the game. These rules or commands could be as simple as “take two hits” or “take your next turn while standing on one leg” or “spin around five times before your next turn.” You can get creative as you can to make the game even more fun and interesting. Make sure to add more commands about smoking weed to get everyone soaring higher and higher.

There is no need to write on every single block, and you can even write the same rules on different blocks once the commands have all been written down, set up your Jenga tower, and get ready to get high!

Musical Marijuana

The goal and general gameplay of this weed game are all about getting everyone higher and higher. The game master needs to prepare several songs with a word or phrase that is repeated over and over. Some examples of such songs include Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Uh-oh as the repetitive lyric), The Ramones’ I Wanna Be Sedated (I wanna be sedated as the repetitive lyrics), David Bowie’s Fame (Fame as the repetitive word), and Harry Style’s Golden (Golden as the repetitive keyword). The rule is very simple – all participants should take a hit every time the repetitive lyric is sung. The selection of songs is almost limitless, just make sure to choose songs that will fit the intensity of high that you are looking for. For instance, Fame repeats the same word at least 40 times in a span of four minutes, so this can easily make any musical marijuana game highly weed-intensive. In order to control the number of hits each of the participants take, you can also bend the rules to make them pass a single joint instead, every time the keyword or phrase is repeated.


In Greek mythology, Medusa is this monstrous winged female known for the living venomous snakes in place of her hair. Anyone who looks at this creature in the eye would instantly turn into stone. Incorporating this mythological creature into a game of weed makes this game one of the hilarious smoking games to try. To play the game, everyone is asked to sit at a table with their heads down and with their own joints ready. The game master counts up to three, and by number three, everyone needs to look up to stare or look at another player. If you end up looking at someone who is also looking at you, you have to shout Medusa,” and take a hit. If you end up with a lot of people also looking at you, you are sure to become “stoned” by the end of the day.

Never Have I Ever 

This is perhaps one of the most popular and classic games to be played on many college campuses. Never Have I Ever is a great game to get to know more about the people you are with. When playing this game with your closest friends and with weed, it can also be a great way to check how well you know each other or learn more embarrassing things about each other.

The instructions are pretty simple and straightforward. All participants first need to form a circle or sit around a table with their joints ready. One person can volunteer to start the game by telling his own “Never Have I Ever” experience. For instance, that person can say, “Never Have I Ever passed out from’ drinking too much alcohol.” This information should be true to that person. Everyone else in the group which has passed out from alcohol then needs to fire their joints and take a hit. Just make sure to pick your revelations wisely and do not divulge intensely personal information about yourself to people you have just met. This game requires a reasonable amount of weed and will continue until the group runs out of weed.

Straight-faced Stoner

This game is played a little differently from the above-mentioned weed games. It is started by a game master unannounced, and when everyone in the group is relatively baked. One the individual shouts, “Straight-faced Stoner,” everyone needs to keep a serious face. Anyone caught smiling will have to act out a consequence or pay the penalty. This game sounds rather easy, but any experienced cannabis users know that it is almost impossible to keep a straight face once you start getting high.

Weed has taken on a recurring seat at many parties and get-togethers. In fact, the influx of weed games is a great example of how this herb is taking over drinking games. If you are on the lookout for fun and catchy weed games, this article will help you make any celebration even more enjoyable and interesting.

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