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Weed and Masturbation: Men's Perfect Combination

Your body is your holy temple, which must be cared for and cherished. It’s your responsibility to protect it from the various illnesses and harm that’s going on around. But, it is also your privilege to explore it as a way of knowing yourself better, too.

Moments when you are alone and do not have anything else to do, you can’t help but be curious about what the other organs in your body are for. That is how you learned about masturbation. Now that you’re a grown-up, you discovered how to use weeds and masturbation as a combination.

So, does it feel better when you’re highly loaded up with THC? Come, and let’s see how that works for your self-love moments.

What are Masturbation and its Function?

Masturbation is different between men and women. Scientifically, men are more commonly into such activity than women. However, not all men get to enjoy that glory of reaching their climax all the time. 

Masturbation is said to be a safe method to explore yourself and feel the pleasure that delights everybody, no matter what age or gender they are. It has more advantages and positive effects than negative ones, so it’s not bad to do it to yourself anytime you like.

Masturbation has almost become a taboo because of the bad ideas attached to it due to some people who had done it for crimes and some scandalous acts in front of others. But the real thing about it is that it is healthy and normal, scientific studies say.

Effects of Masturbation

This act is certainly a healthy way for relationships between couples and partners to stay bonded for long. It makes their sexual activity more exciting and pleasurable. They benefit from masturbation mentally and physically. Although very few studies have been focused on masturbation alone, it may still be safe to relate it with those studies that refer to sex and stimulation.

In that case, the possible positive effects of masturbation can be summed up as the following:

  • Anti-stress
  • Better, more peaceful sleep
  • Cramps went
  • Pleasure feeling
  • Better sexual intercourse
  • A better understanding of one’s needs and desires
  • Enhanced mood
  • Complete relaxation
  • Avoids pregnancy for couples
  • Prevent getting infected with sexually transmitted infections.
  • Masturbation during pregnancy is the answer to the increased urge for sex due to hormonal imbalance. It takes away the pains caused by pregnancy, like lower back pain.
  • Lower the risk of prostate cancer

On the contrary, side effects due to masturbation don’t really exist and that it is generally very healthy, but some may just feel guilty of doing it too often. Others may just have a change in lifestyle because they prefer masturbating than do other activities. 

Skipping daily chores and activities, skipping, or being absent from work or school, losing eagerness for attending social gatherings are kinds of stuff that you may do when you are so much into masturbation. This only signals how delightful masturbation is if you ever try it, and how much more it will be if try it with weeds? You got to read on to know more.

Weed and Masturbation

In one study about sex and masturbation, it was found out that 68.5% of those people believed that it is 100% better while being stoned with cannabis. So, the first important question to that is, what type of sexual activity do you plan to do, is it solo, with a partner, or something else? By answering that, you shall be able to choose the strain that’s right for you to use beforehand.

Experts say that marijuana strains with high terpenes are the best for this activity. Terpenes are the substances found in cannabis that produce the aroma and flavor like lemon, pine, or dirt. They influence the effects of marijuana onto the body, but how exactly it feels remains unclear today.

For masturbation or alone-time, cannabis’ linalool terpene is what will let you savor a most climactic solo experience ever. Such terpene is known, however, for its calming effect. Various marijuana strains possess a high amount of it, which you need to try if you are a soloist. Truly, weed and masturbation go together perfectly.

Different Strains for Better Masturbation

So here’s a simple gift to you if ever you have been asking around which strain would give you that extraordinary sensation and pleasure when you masturbate. 

1. Girl Scout Cookies

Aside from increasing your pleasure for solo sessions, this strain is also very healthy for you. It enhances your creative imagination and arouses euphoria, so it’s easier to feel pleasure. Fantasies also easily develop inside your mind when you are under the influence of this cannabis strain. Reaching your climax is no longer that hard to achieve because of this strain. It only takes a little while before you do so.

2. Bubblegum Kush

Feeling the sensations and needing to be touched, cuddled, or hugged is fast and immediate on one toke of this bud. Your body shall respond super sensitively to the touch of your palm or a vibrator if you are using that. While into this cannabis’ spirit, your self-loving will feel more arousing than ever. No tension felt nor pressure, but only freedom and relaxation to do more of it. 

3. Sour Diesel

Spicing up your self-desire is this bestselling, well-loved cannabis strain. It is almost like an all-around bud that can serve you with everything you need because of the terpenes it contains. A sudden rush of thrill takes over your whole body and makes you want to masturbate more, which may be bad for some stoners. Such an intense excitement they feel can make you never want to stop and keep going even after many times of doing it. Your craving and desire after a toke of Sour Diesel are just hard to quench. Like a high-powered engine, all you can do is continue to satisfy yourself and respond to that electrifying feeling you have inside of you.

4. Harlequin

For your morning delight, this cannabis strain shall accompany you, giving you that satisfying feeling before going to work. Many people are into this kind of schedule for solo masturbation because it helps them get energized and active for the day. Because Harlequin strain is filled with enough CBD content, the soothing and pain-killing effects that it brings helps you focus more on your self-loving activity. You even tend to forget about the bulk of paper works you have left in the office because of the great feeling it has created for you. This combination is much more delightful and effective than just a cup of coffee in the morning.  

5. Jillybean

Another hybrid that serves with only positive, desirable feelings like bliss and relaxation. While in a calm state, users can think of newer and better ways to do a sexual act on their own. This marijuana strain may also heighten the confidence level that may allow you to try other more lingering experience aside from what you were used to doing. 

6. Granddaddy Purple

An Indica strain that offers to enhance your mood for sex and to give an uplifting, calming, and comforting high. Its effect on making you dreamy increases your sensuality and desire so you can get rid of the sexual tension and enjoy more. Adding sweetness to your intimate moment with yourself is the grape flavor of this strain.

7. Jack Herer

Is a strain that provides a balance between knocking you down and making you stay focused. It helps activate your mind instead of sleepy or raving with lots of thoughts. With such behavior, there’s no way you can’t enjoy your self-love. Its scent of fresh flowers and citrus hint is another addition to that nice appeal, too.

8. Atomic Northern Lights

From the reputable lineage of Indica comes to this cannabis strain that is filled with high THC, spreading happiness, comfort, and relaxation in one to two tokes. Limiting the dose, however, is a must because it might lull you to sleep just like other Indica-leaning varieties. Have only a little amount of it so you won’t end up spoiling your solo session.

Final Thoughts

Sex is just as important as the food you intake most, especially in a relationship. It makes you closer to your better half and partner, sharing each other’s desires, sensations, and pleasure. And it’s nice to know that you can also enjoy smoking a joint of your favorite cannabis strain in solo sessions, not needing anyone else to make you feel satisfied inside and outside. Weed and masturbation can definitely give you such a memorable moment alone.

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