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Types of Marijuana

Every great stoner knows the story behind the different types of marijuana, their effects, and how to make the most of them to have a satisfying experience. For a beginner, hearing these stories can be confusing. It’s time to get yourself enlightened. If you want to get started with smoking cannabis, then you have to know its different types so that you can easily choose a strain that is suitable for your taste.

The 3 Main Types of Weed

If you talk to a budtender who is working in the nearest dispensary in your area, one of the first few things he or she may tell you is that weed comes in various types. Specifically, it goes with 3 major types that significantly differ from each other in terms of effects, appearance, and even harvest period.

1. Indica

This one is widely known for its relaxing and sedating effects. Those qualities make it different from other types of cannabis, especially from sativa, which induces stimulating and thought-provoking effects. Indica strains get their sedating effects through varying amounts of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. They also contain terpenes in different amounts.

As for the effects, indica strains produce an intense high that targets your muscles and entire body, making you feel relaxed and sleepy. If you take a higher dose, you may likely experience the couchlock.

After a few minutes, you will start to feel lazy, physically heavy, and \ relaxed. You don’t want to move around. Likewise, you may get extremely hungry after smoking any indica strain. So, indica strains are great to use if you’re dealing with poor appetite. Due to this, make sure you have plenty of snacks on the table before you smoke.

Since they induce relaxing effects, indica strains are ideal to use when treating a range of medical conditions. Unlike the tablets or pills that normally take 30 minutes or more to kick in, smoking indica strains can offer quick soothing relief.

2. Sativa

This type of cannabis is extremely popular among hardworking stoners due to its stimulating effects. Sativa is exactly the opposite of indica as it induces a cerebral buzz that will keep you up and moving throughout the day.

However, the effects of sativa strains depend on the amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids they have. Therefore, some of them are extremely stimulating, while others are mildly energizing. The effects of sativa strains often target your brain, making you more creative, talkative, and productive. It makes these strains a little psychedelic than their indica counterparts.

Sativa strains are best to use if you need a booster for your creativity and productivity. You will stay creative and energetic, allowing you to finish all your tasks for the day.

With its stimulating effects, people with anxiety disorders are usually discouraged or warned against using those strong cannabis sativa strains. Compared to traditional medicines used for particular purposes because of their erratic effects, various cannabis strains may target the signs of different medical conditions.

3. Hybrids

If you want to experience the effects of both indica and sativa strains, then you should go for hybrids. These strains are always the combination of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa, bringing to you the best of both worlds. However, one side will be dominant. Every hybrid strain is either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant, which means the effect can be more of a body high or cerebral buzz. On top of that, you may start experiencing a stimulating high before ending up with a relaxing and sedating sensation.

There’s no specific collection of effects for hybrids because these cannabis strains consist of both indica and sativa strains. Hence, their possible effects will rely on the strains selected to be crossed together.

Some hybrids can have high THC, while other people might have lower THC percentages and higher CBD concentrations. In the meantime, a changing assortment of terpenes helps in developing the possible effects of every hybrid strain.

Other Types of Marijuana

While sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis strains are the most famous and often discussed in the world of medical and recreational marijuana, you should not forget and disregard the other kinds of marijuana, which also have multiple benefits to health.

1. Hemp

It’s a famous subspecies of marijuana. It is usually confused with the psychedelic types of weed that can contain huge amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. According to experts, hemp should have 0.3% THC or lower. That percentage of THC will not cause unwanted psychedelic effects.

Although it does not have psychoactive effects, hemp is still usable and beneficial. It has been used for a long time in creating the fibers used in weaving clothes and ropes and in making papers or building houses.

2. Ruderalis

This type of cannabis is not as popular as hemp but has been used as a parent strain in creating medical marijuana strains. Cannabis ruderalis originated and grown under the harsh climates in Asia, Eastern and Central Europe. This kind of marijuana is not popular among the recreational pot users, but it’s extremely helpful for breeders because of its exceptional characteristics.

Compared to most marijuana strains sold in the dispensaries, ruderalis contains low THC percentage by nature. Meaning, it does not have any psychotropic effects. Since it is high in CBD, however, cannabis ruderalis is good to use for medicinal purposes. The CBD content of this type of cannabis means it forms a calming and non-psychedelic clear-headed high.


While many people talking about the various types of marijuana usually focus on the option between indica and sativa, your choices go further than those two. You can go for an indica-dominant or a sativa-dominant strain or use hemp or ruderalis. For options about what cannabis to buy, visit MJ Seeds Canada.

Beyond cannabis itself, there is the non-psychoactive hemp that has been regarded for its wide industrial use, its nutritional value, and the medicinal potential because it contains cannabinoids in huge amounts. If you look at them one by one, you will realize that each type of cannabis has something special to offer.

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