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Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are the types of concentrates that its core ingredient is the cannabis plant. Expelling the different impurities of the cannabis’ plant material is the second core thing on what cannabis concentrates are. As a result, you are just keeping the most attractive plant mixes of the plant, which then both the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Cannabis concentrates do not result in a single form. Rather it brings different types of cannabis concentrates. If you compare cannabis concentrate to a regular cannabis flower, the proportion of the terpenes and cannabinoids are not the same, which the cannabis concentrates have more than a regular cannabis flower.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis oil cartridges to sedating pain creams and any other various form that is edible and safe to use are just part of lists with the central idea of what are the types of cannabis concentrates are.

Cannabis concentrates the ability to increment the strength of your cannabis plant. Whenever you want to savor a pack of cannabis flower, you may tend to add some kief as one of the toppings on it. Consequently, you can also add some oil cannabis concentrate on your salad. Thus, it will matter what type of cannabis concentrate you are utilizing.

There are lots and lots of cannabis concentrates, and this paper will tackle it. The two (2) main general names of cannabis concentrates are “Solvent Concentrates” and “Solventless Concentrates,” and each set has different types of cannabis concentrate that will be discussed.

Solvent Concentrates

Budder and Badder

  • Budder and budder are sometimes named as “butter” cannabis concentrates. It got its alternative name from the look and texture of how the budder and badder goes well with butter.
  • This concentrate garners the consistent label when it comes to discussing cannabis concentrates.
  • Its surface is pliant or malleable, along with its frosty appearance. Furthermore, it feels frosty at some point when you feel it.
  • Numerous dissolvable based extractions along with Rosin is one of the various cannabis concentrates where budder is the key material.
  • If an event occurs that your cannabis concentrate has been exposed to an abundance of humidity and fluctuating room temperature, then there’s this process called “auto-budding” that will occur.
  • Gooey waxes are one of the cannabis concentrates under the budder and badder, which are out from oils that are rich in moisture where the name in the first place is “budder.”

Butane-Honey Oil (BHO)

  • The Butane-Honey Oil or shortly called as “BHO” is a kind of cannabis concentrate that is created through utilizing various solvents.
  • This cannabis concentrate includes a heap of myriad textures together with consistencies.
  • Depending on the materials you have used, strategies you have applied, and devices you have utilized, the Butane Hash Oil cannabis concentrate can result in shatter, badder, sauce, crumble, and any other types.

CO2 Oil

  • Cannabis concentrates that are produced out from CO2, rather than manifesting butane, has been referred to as oils. As such, this is because of the thick consistency and runny ability of the concentrate.
  • Different cannabis oils can be regularly found in syringes or vape pen cartridges in which it delivers you an interesting flavor that varies from cannabis concentrates out of shatter and wax that has BHO.
  • The flavorful part of the CO2 Oil is lying on the grounds of procedure where the extraction process spares more terpenes due to low temperature. Thus, CO2 extractions do not manifest into high temperatures that can kill the terpenes.
  • CO2 Oil is the source key when it comes to creating CBD edibles.

Crumble and Honeycomb

  • In order to deliver the crumble cannabis concentrate, the material needed to use must be solvent to produce it.
  • In any case, regarding the different types of cannabis concentrates that are most likely fluid within their consistently, the crumble cannabis concentrate is characterized by its one of a kind brittle surface.
  • When the crumble and honeycomb cannabis concentrate has been made perfectly, the resulting cannabis concentrate would be the driest type of cannabis out from the different forms of it.
  • Cured nugs, trimmed, or a raw cannabis plant fresh from harvest, are the best type of cannabis to use to make crumble and honeycomb. Additionally, it can be joined with flowers in various possible ways.
  • Crumble, and honeycomb brings that flexible ability as you can consume this out from its own or add some things to heighten potency. As a result, this concentrate is one of the most loved cannabis concentrates.
  • Brittle wax is the other term of the crumble and honeycomb cannabis concentrate.

Live Resin

  • Cannabis concentrate, which is the live resin, talks more about the raw cannabis plant material rather than the extraction procedure to be done.
  • A new, fresh, and flash solidified plant material is what you need to have to create live resin cannabis concentrate than sit the same with cured or dried plant material.
  • Harvesting your cannabis plant under its top power, you will garner the flash solidified or freezing raw material where it secures unstable cannabinoids and terpenes that can be ousted during the curing procedure.
  • The high content of the terpene from live resins is under the HTFSE category.
  • Another distinction between other cannabinoid centered concentrates and live resins are the temperature within the extraction process. The lightweight hydrocarbons have the potential to extract even if the temperature is too cold together with the manner of saving the volatile contents before the final concentrate happens.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

  • An intense cannabis oil out from utilizing ethanol bringing the unrefined compositions is what the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) cannabis concentrate is.
  • The name of this cannabis concentrate is out from its breeder, namely “Rick Simpson,” who is a Canadian who specializes in marijuana.
  • The tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that can be found in the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is higher than the other types of cannabis concentrate.


  • The consistency bearing the glass-like appearance that directly looks like a glass broken into pieces is what the shatter cannabis concentrate is.
  • With the clear undertone or the amber hint is the color of the shatter cannabis concentrate. Moreover, this is an infamous cannabis concentrate because its contents are out from pure concentrated cannabis.
  • It is additionally solid and smooth, and perhaps somewhat sticky where it can be made into dainty sheets looking like hard sweets.
  • This kind of cannabis concentrate is out from utilizing the BHO extraction, which means butane if the fundamental extraction solvent. Its secondary move is to undergo a filtration process to guarantee that the potency is at best along with its pure components.
  • This cannabis concentrate is a hard-hitting type, which is the best choice for you if you want the hard and high in effect cannabis concentrate.


  • Whenever you encounter the THC Oil, you can easily adapt the idea that this type of cannabis concentrate has a high content in THC compound.
  • THC Oil covers all the different sorts of cannabis concentrates high in THC, where its final output is an oil. These oils can be conveyed by vaporizer, capsule, or tincture bound for euphoric impacts.
  • THC oils are intoxicating cannabis concentrates. Additionally, they can be effortlessly found at any dispensary, as this is easy to make and renowned cannabis concentrate.

Wax Products

  • In contrast with the shatter cannabis concentrate, this type of concentrate is waxy in nature.
  • Its consistency is so similar to candle wax, and particular sorts should be dealt with a dabbing device since they can be very sticky.
  • Wax cannabis concentrate is ordinarily yellowish in color, and you can use vaporize or rig as the apparatus to smoke it out.
  • One of the main variety of wax cannabis concentrates is those types that are crumblier to wax but less sticky and progressively like honey on the surface.
  • This cannabis concentrate’s consistency must go well with moisture and heat levels from the moment the extraction way has been acted.

Solventless Concentrates

Bubble Hash or Hash

  • Bubble Hash or the pure hash is the raw type of cannabis concentrate before the confounded extraction process has been laid out.
  • The typical method of making hash is by normally compressing the kief within together with the pucks or tiny greenish disks.
  • In another case, a hash can be mixed with ice and water then filter it through some screens to gather the concentrated cannabis out from.it.
  • A wide range of hash is more powerful than customary cannabis flowers and is frequently utilized through smoke or blend it with some ordinary cannabis bud.


  • Clear and runny oil without the waxes or safe from some unfortunate mixes from the raw cannabis plant a distillate is.
  • A distillate cannabis concentrate is alluring because of its flexibility and strength.
  • You can mix the distillate cannabis concentrate to a topical, edible, or any plausible products through vaporizing, dabbing, or purely mixing.
  • A distillate cannabis concentrate is accomplished through a broad refining process where it isolates the compound elements from your cannabis’ plant material.

Isolates and Crystalline

  • Isolate and Cyrstalines are the number one pure form of cannabis concentrate you can access on any cannabis dispensary.
  • In crystalline, the content of CBD and THC from the cannabis is extricated and segregated from the various cannabinoids that are present in a cannabis plant
  • No aroma, flavor, and color represent a crystalline as its outcome purely relies on crystal-like substance.
  • Less in solvent cannabis concentrate, which is the isolate and crystallines, can mount up to 99.9 percent of pure THC materials.


  • Kief’s other name is called “sift,” which is the most essential within the THC components.
  • A brilliant amber color like powder is its result after the cannabis bud has been finely crushed, and all that remains are the trichomes of a cannabis plant.
  • As a result, the kief has the green and gold undertones being mixed together.


  • Rosin is somewhat not the same as the previously mentioned cannabis concentrates, as it is not out from using butane to create it.
  • The rosin cannabis concentrate can be made through a simple warm temperature together with the correct pressure applied through the trim, cannabis buds, or kief together to make sure that the plant resin will be completely removed.
  • The creation of rosin can be done through the usage of hair straightener and a parchment paper, yet the higher version or grade is when it is created through the usage of a hydraulic press.
  • On account of the absence of solvents required, rosin additionally contains a large number of the various terpenes and aromas present in a cannabis plant. As such, this is one of the most loved cannabis among users who cherishes terpene.


Prevalence and interest for the different types of cannabis concentrates have expanded extremely upon the legitimization of cannabis in a few states and regions. This growth within has covered the interest of pot users along with new types of potency that are likable when it kicks in. Cannabis concentrates are an incredible alternative that leaves a dazzling impact on you.

As a result, cannabis concentrates is an immediate help as you can easily be mixed with some edibles and other products in case you need a quick hit of it, saving you from some conditions. Through all the various aspects of cannabis as of today, there is also a wide scope of various sorts of cannabis concentrates. In case you wish to fiddle with it, just know that these are budder and badder, Butane-Honey Oil (BHO), CO2 Oil, crumble and honeycomb, live resin, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), shatter, THC Oil, wax products, bubble hash or hash, distillates, isolates and crystallines, kief, and rosin.

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