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Tips on Dealing With Thrips on Cannabis

When you’re just starting growing Cannabis, you don’t only need to learn what’s essential but as well as the threat. Just like other plants, pests can attack it. Thrip is commonly found to attack Cannabis.

Thrips on Cannabis is something you should be aware of so you can deal with them. The main priority is to keep your plants healthy to reach the possible maximum yield. They are the insects that suck the sap and it can be the frustrating plague that may come to your plantation. Check your plants regularly and get rid of them as early as possible. But you should know how to eradicate them as well as prevention.

Description of Thrips

Thrips on Cannabis are small but they move at a fast pace. Their size ranges from 1 mm to 1.5 mm. They come in different forms which can be wormy nymphs or an insect with gold wings. It will depend on their life stage and their habitat.

An adult thrip is in an elongated form with a yellowish-white hue. It usually transfers to different plants. Infection from this insect can be seen in indoor gardens and greenhouses. 

Thrips multiply in number twelve times in a year. They won’t mainly wither your plants but it would be difficult to get rid of them once they established their infection. It’s best not to let them develop further.

The Detection of Thrip Infestation

You should have keen eyes on determining the signs of thrip infestation. So you can still save your plants from infection.

  • Sticky traps will help you know if these insects attack your plants. Some of them will get stuck on the traps.
  • They like to scrape leaf tissue so they can have access to the sap. Some females may deposit eggs in it which may not be visible to the naked eye. The easiest way you can detect it is to look for a bit silvery sheen. It will show up on the leaves’ surface. They will be more evident when they are widely circulated on the plants as the small ones will appear like white dots.
  • Thrips usually attack the middle of the lower part of the plant. You can detect them with your eyes but they can camouflage. Once they feel movement, they would be still hoping for the camouflage to work.
  • They like sucking on the good stuff of the leaves and they left bronze or silver spots. The shape is irregular and the sports are bigger compared to the infestation of spider mites. If it’s not given attention right away, the leaves become frail and soon die.
  • When the infestation has advanced a lot, leaves turn brittle and dry because chlorophyll is gone. But you shouldn’t allow for your plants to reach this point. Know the remedy and apply it right away.

Remedies of Thrips on Cannabis 

1. Soap Against Insects

Insecticidal soap or also called fatty acid salts are great for eliminating thrips. They can break the outer layer of these insects. They’re safe for your plants and you won’t be worried about any residue. 

Coverage should be given importance when you use soap. Follow-up applications may be needed. Make sure that a single drop won’t go to your buds.

2. Neem Oil

It’s also advised that this oil shouldn’t get onto your buds as it has an unpleasant smell. Some pieces of evidence were collected that it can harm humans so be extra careful when administering it to your plants. 

But neem oil is deemed as a natural remedy and it has proven its worth on how effective it is for various kinds of bugs and mold. A sprayer with a single handle will help you apply it to your plants.

3. Spinosad Products

These are organic products, thus, they are harmless to children, plants, and pets. Even though you spray it heavily on your plants, you won’t worry about negative effects. 

You can use it to directly terminate thrips but you can also add it into the water so it can work on pests located on the roots. It can also deal with spider mites, caterpillars, and other pests.

This product is from fermented soil bacteria. Make a mixture that is enough for one time use as the rest will be wasted. The effects will come out after almost 24 hours.

4. Pyrethrins

Although they are mostly recommended for vegetables, it does brilliant work in eliminating thrips too. They’re degradable and non-toxic which means they’re overall safe to use. 

It breaks down in a matter of a day or two. But it can be very toxic to bees. Somehow, bees are not into Cannabis plants. To make it safe for everyone, you can do the spraying when the sun sets as the bees start to sleep. Then there’s enough time for pyrethrins to break down before they wake up.

5. Blue Sticky Traps

Aside from using for detection, it’s a simple way to eliminate whips. Several thrips would stick on the glue traps. There are two approaches to using this trap. It can be hung over the canopy at least 30 centimeters above the plants. Another way is by putting it horizontally above the soil to get rid of more insects.

6. Predatory Species

After spraying the plants, you can rely on predatory species that will eat thrips. The species that can help you with thrips are parasitic wasps, orius, and Amblyseius cucumeris.

Preventive Measures for Thrips on Cannabis

It’s better that you resort to preventive measures rather than applying the remedy. There are some ways that you can prevent thrips from feasting on your plants in the first place. You must disinfect the growing area. It’s not only to get rid of thrips but other pests too.

Trimming is also involved in cleaning your garden. You will also need to refresh your substrate within crops to sweep any existing adolescent thrips and residual pupa. Regular check and maintain your Cannabis garden. Pull the weed as it is one thing that can give you a clean environment.

Avoid overfeeding your plants with nitrogen as thrips love it. It’s also important that the plants have a balanced diet to thrive well. Overwatering is a big no if you want to keep thrips away from your plants. These insects reproduce in soil too so they find it nourishing to dwell in the water-enriched area.

The usual recommendation to do regular checking on your plants can help prevent thrips on Cannabis too. You would be able to maintain the ideal environment and provide the needs of your plants.


Growers should be attentive to not tolerate the thrips on Cannabis. It’s better not to give them a single chance to harm your plants. Regular monitoring of your Cannabis plants helps to make everything in the right place without any bothersome insect.

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