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Can You Get Sore Throat From Smoking Weed?

There’s a lot to love about cannabis. From its effects, smoke, taste, and even appearance, everything about cannabis is interesting, explaining why communities fancy these natural drugs for medical and recreational purposes. As the acquisition of cannabis gets easier as the laws of the local government ease the tension, most people find this opportunity to explore cannabis. But the thing is, what’s the downside of smoking cannabis? Will it outweigh the advantages? How come smoking weed causes a sore throat? 

One of the common side effects of smoking weed, as stated by connoisseurs, is the sore throat. Smoking weed has a ticklish sensation on the throat that often causes an allergic reaction and scarring, which leads to a sore throat making it hard to speak and to swallow. Does this prove that you can really get a sore throat? You’re in luck. In this article, we will be discussing the probable causes of a sore throat when smoking weed as well as ways on how to avoid it. Read on and know more about everything about the prevention and treatment of sore throat from smoking weed. 

Smoking Weed Causing Sore Throat 

For confirmation, smoking weed can cause a sore throat. It’s actually similar to smoking a cigarette. When consuming a higher number of sticks than necessary, it has the tendency to dry the throat from the smoke. Smoking weed is more intense than smoking tobacco because of the burning sensation it causes scarring and drying the walls of the throat. 

Inhaling these substances has the ability to irritate the throat and cause the growth of numerous pus, causing a sore throat. It is often associated with flu-like symptoms in addition to the throat pain and difficulty in swallowing. It only proves that smoking or vaping cannabis says a lot about causing a sore throat. 

More than just the burning sensation, which causes throat irritation, this natural drug is comprised of products that involve carcinogenic combustion, which heightens the effects of the marijuana strain for hours. It’s not actually about prohibiting the mass from consuming marijuana but being able to practice responsible consumption. 

We value the cautious consumption of cannabis, but we all know how smoking sessions alone or with friends can lead you off the hook. The drawbacks of smoking weed include dry mouth and throat discomfort. Consuming weed more than the suggested amount will lead to a sore throat one way or another. 

You might be wondering why does smoking weed cause a sore throat when it can be used to treat temporary illnesses such as flu, cough, cold, fever, and headache. Yes, it does have a positive effect on relieving the body from these temporary symptoms, but it is a common misconception that all strains work the same when they do not. 

5 Tips on How to Prevent Sore Throat From Smoking Weed

To enjoy consuming weed with the absence of the drawbacks, try these five ways on how to prevent a sore throat from occurring. They will not just benefit your throat but as well as your upper respiratory health. Prevention remains better than cure, and an infected throat can affect a few daily activities. These five ways are just precautionary measures, but it remains up to you to consider other ways of consuming marijuana. 

Stay Hydrated 

Keep the fluids next to you when smoking marijuana. It would be best to stay hydrated to keep your throat moist, preventing cases of irritation, scarring, and growth of pus. Sore throat from smoking weed is not something one must underestimate. It can worsen and infect other upper respiratory organs. A liter of fluids would be fine such as water or juice. Any fluids as long as it’s not warm nor hot. Cold beverages help in keeping the throat moist, which makes it easier to swallow or to speak. 

Consider Other Alternatives

Smoking is not the only way on how to consume weed. There are different ways on how to without causing throat irritation. Some of these ways are highly suggested considering that they manage doses accordingly and are proven to be healthier. You might be concerned about the potency being affected when weed is not smoked. Apparently, weed tends to be more potent when delivery is not through smoking. This may include edibles, vaping, juicing, and other methods. 

Thoroughly Wash the Mouth 

Considering that the mouth is exposed to carcinogen substances, it is just right to thoroughly brush your teeth and gargle with mouth wash right after. The perfect mouth wash that can be made at home would be a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of rock salt diluted in it. This mouth wash helps in freeing the throat from possible substances sticking to the walls of the mouth and the throat. Gargle for two to three minutes until thoroughly cleaned. 

Take a Steam 

One of the most effective ways of letting go of smoking is through undergoing steam therapy. It helps in clearing the sinuses, including the upper respiratory preventing causes of infection such as sore throat from smoking weed. Sauna is an example of steam therapy wherein it helps in keeping the nasal and throat passage moist. If there is no sauna room available, it would be best to take a warm bath as an alternative since it will just have the same effect. 

Manage Consumption 

Managing the dosage of the weed smoked is another way of preventing sore throat from occurring. The burning sensation of smoking is what triggers the irritation on the walls of the throat. As much as possible, keep the amount of weed smoked at a minimum if there is no way for you to quit smoking. It would be best to practice smoking weed in small doses to help in training the body find smoking weed out of his habits. 

4 Ways on How to Treat a Sore Throat After Smoking Weed

Now that we have discussed how to prevent a sore throat from occurring, it’s now time to discuss the different ways on how to treat one. Sore throat is not a fatal illness. Well, not unless it is worsening to the point that you can hardly speak and eat that pus or even cyst start to progress on the tonsil area. The thing about smoking weed is that it doesn’t necessarily have to progress to a sore throat. Check out these x ways on how to treat a sore throat from smoking weed. 

Eat Soft Foods

Once you’re experiencing throat discomfort, quit eating hard and crispy foods. These types of food are harder to swallow, and they can contribute to cases of choking. Soft foods such as soup, noodles, or anything mashed. They help you in swallowing and digesting the food easier as compared to hard foods. Take your time in chewing so it can mix with your saliva that lubricates the throat as it passes by. 

Use a Vaporizer 

The burning sensation of smoking a joint is what causes the throat to become sore. Considering that the air is overly hot, it dries the throat, causing irritation and the possible growth of pus or cyst. A way of helping relieve your discomfort is using a humidifier as you sleep at night. It clears your nasal area from blockage and moistens the throat when inhaled. A humidifier makes a huge difference when you wake up the next day. Besides, it’s not a tedious thing to do. 

Stay Hydrated with Warm or Iced Tea 

One of the best ways on how to treat a sore throat is by drinking tea infused with lemon and honey. It has a warm sensation that has a soothing feeling when inhaled. A cup of warm tea can go a long way in relieving throat discomfort and dryness. It’s not that difficult to drink, considering that it has a pleasant citrusy smell and blunt sweet and sour taste of the lemon. One to three cups a day will help in treating your sore throat in no time. 

Bathe the Mouth with Lozenges 

One of the basic remedies when experiencing sore throat are lozenges. It is a misconception that when you bathe your mouth with lozenges, you’re good to go, but it’s actually the exact opposite. When you’re finished sucking a lozenge, it would be best to wash your mouth with warm water and gargle with mouth wash as soon as possible. Lozenges are often sweet and minty that they can constitute to worsening the sore throat when not properly washed with water. 


Sore throat is very common among people and even more common among those who smoke marijuana. What we highly suggest is to try different consuming options in order to prevent this from occurring. Besides, smoking weed does not just damage and irritate the throat, but it can constitute lung conditions and such. There are numerous ways on how to consume weed without smoking it. They are proven to be more potent and effective and are accustomed to minimal side effects. 

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