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Smoking Weed Before Bed: Is it Safe?

The sleep producing effects of consuming weed is known with particular cannabis strains that provide heavy sedating effects. The strains can make the user into a deep sleep that usually lasts for an hour.  Smoking weed before bed can be a relaxing idea, but is it safe? Find out the answer by reading further below.

Cannabis and Sleep Problems

Millions of people in the United States are reported that they are suffering from a sleeping disorder. Smoking weed is evidently become used as an alternative to the usual medication. It is why many consumers wondering if smoking the weed before going to bed is safe.

Check out the relationship between sleep and cannabis:

  • Smoking weed before sleep is usual for experienced cannabis users. This article will let you learn if smoking weed before sleep is safe. 
  • There are various cannabis strains that help to alleviate the common symptoms of insomnia or other different forms connected with the sleeping disorder. 
  • The cannabis plant itself has compounds that imitate the function of endocannabinoids in the consumer’s brain, which is one of the response functions to regulate better sleep.
  • The result will let you sleep for longer hours and have more quality kind of sleep. The Sativa and Indica in cannabis and the other compounds THC and CBD play a very important part in engaging and helping regulate better sleep.

Learning How the THC and CBD Influence the Sleep

If you already know about different kinds of cannabis and their strains, then you already know that not all cannabis plants affect the same. Cannabis plants have many different kinds of strains that have different content levels and high. 

The THC is one of the important cannabis compounds that influence the amount of high, which means the strain that contains high THC is higher than the usual. On the other hand, another compound of cannabis, which is the CBD, does not make you high, but its role is relieving different ranges of medical conditions.

Some strains give you high effects. Cannabis may contain a high amount of THC and has a low percentage of CBD. Other cannabis strains have an equal proportion of both compounds, making it gives moderate to high effects. So, what are the weeds that good for smoking before going to bed? Even most research suggests that the THC compound induces more sleep, there is still no evidence proves how CBD affects sleep. Cannabis that contains high THC content is confirmed to engage better sleep. The THC helps to lessen the Rapid Eye Movement making it no possible dreams happen resulted in a deep sleep. 

Even the PTSD patients will get the befits of high THC makes them have no dreams, and the nightmare appears to make it have better quality sleep. Consuming cannabis gives a sedating effect that makes someone feel drowsy and inactive after smoking weed. As mentioned above, smoking weed has different sleeping effects. Other strain may offer better and quality sleep, and some may keep you wide awake the whole night.

Smoking Weed Before Bed

Sleeping while experiencing high effect have some good benefits to offer. One of the benefits is for patients who have insomnia. After they consume weed, they may find their selves falling asleep faster than usual. Smoking weed before bed is an ideal help for those who suffered a lack of sleep.

Smoking weed before going to bed may help you easily fall asleep and relieve many symptoms that keep you wide awake at night. Such symptoms include anxiety, pain, and stress. Those symptoms are the common issues why you are troubling yourself to sleep. Back pain is considered one of the most causes of lack of sleep in adults. Smoking cannabis before bed will reduce symptoms and break the cycle to let you have a quality sleep.

What is the Ideal Strain that You Can Smoke for Better Sleep?

There are three different classifications of cannabis that act as different in every consumer. The first is about the Indica species, mostly Indica strain is known for having to sedate and relaxing effects, it can also engage the user to have a good sleep making it the ideal weed to smoke before going to bed. 

The next species is the Sativa, which is known for giving cerebral effects. Mostly Sativa strains are the one that makes you more active and it ideal for smoking when you are going to do some physical activities. Consuming mostly Sativa strain before bed will make it difficult to fall asleep.

The other species is the hybrid classification, which refers to the weed that contains a balanced combination of Indica and Sativa. Depends on how the ratio of both Sativa and Indica, most effects of hybrid will talk about the cerebral of body effects.

The following are some different strains that ideal for smoking before bed:

  • Tahoe OG Kush
  • Northern Lights
  • God’s Gift
  • Granddaddy Purple

Smoking weed may help you sleep for a longer period. Many regular cannabis users, already know about the fact that smoking weed before bed may affect to have a longer sleep that sometimes makes you hard to awake. 

Consuming a higher THC mount of weeds may provide a long sleeping hour compared to the lower THC content. However, be careful not to consume too high THC amounts as it can be possibly adverse to the effects making it worse compare to alcohol hangover.

Consuming weed before going to bed can also lessen the time it takes for you to fall asleep. Many cannabis users reported that it usually takes about 30 minutes to fall asleep normally. However, when they tried smoking weed with a high THC, the time lessens, and they sleep early sooner than their normal time of sleep.


Smoking weed before bed rich in THC content will provide better sleep, but it also cures different kinds of ailments. Smoking weed will also allow everyone to experience having better quality sleep. Patients who suffered insomnia will feel delighted to smoke weed for them to help to have a deep sleep without worrying much. 

Lacking sleep will connect too many other possible health problems. So, to have easily fallen asleep, try the strain that suits your needs. Smoking weeds before sleeping is completely safe and beneficial.

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