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What is the Safest Way to Smoke Weed?

Although we heard about the many health benefits of pot, it is never a secret that smoking cigarettes suggests health issues. So, you begin to question – are weeds any different? Is it possible to smoke weed without risking your health to any illness? If that is the case – what is the safest way to smoke weed?

Although restriction has limited the scientific study from fully probing the various smoking methods, several pieces of research provides us a bit of understanding into certain methods that suggest the most minimal risks to health, and also offer the benefits that weed has to give.

Finding Out the Safest Way to Smoke Weed

If you are searching for the safest way to smoke weed, well, bear in mind that there is no completely safe way to smoke weed – not even with the pesticide-free and purest bud. Weed’s smokes have most similar carcinogens and toxins that influence the tobacco smoke to be dangerous to the health.

Although we are aware that weeds do not trigger lung cancer with itself, there is still one reality that hangs in the air for the smokers: smoking weeds involves detrimental substances that can trigger irritation to the air passages.

Hence, if you would like to take care of your health while smoking weed or if you are simply finding a method to lessen respiratory aftereffects from smoking a weed, you must dispose of that joint and consider utilizing the safest way to smoke weed:

  • Vaporizing
  • Smoking through a bong
  • Dabbing
  • Not smoking at all


The risks of breathing in smoke are quite known. Hence, it is no longer a shock that many enthusiasts believe that vaping will make a safe option for smoking weed. They may have gotten this impression from other’s testimonies and experiences. Unfortunately, there is no solid evidence of this claim yet.

However, if you want to seize the biggest benefits to the health of weeds, you should vaporize it. It can get a little awkward if you have never tried vaporizing the weed yet. However, you will be amazed to know that it has plenty of favorable aspects. Most essentially, it is one of the safest options for smoking.

The common thing why we choose to smoke weed is that heat produces terpenes and cannabinoids, creating pleasant flavor, fragrance, and countless of psychophysical impacts which brought us into weeds.

A vaporizer heats the plant to a certain temperature that does not burn the flower, but instead, vaporizes the trichomes enough to produce cannabinoids and terpenes without the integrated products of burning, like the carbon monoxide.

Many researches have demonstrated that vaporizers lessen the danger of forming pulmonary illnesses and that the defensive impacts of vaporization are the largest among the enthusiasts who utilize them the most.

The moment the flower is heated, it creates a very flavorsome and very minimal vapor. If you are an aficionado of weed, you will particularly adore it, since vaporizing weed draws out the best probable scent and flavor.

Selecting a vaporizer is an easy task. For medical applications, it will be best to use a desktop vaporizer. It creates a dense vapor, together with plenty of flavors. For recreational applications, you can use a portable vaporizer.

Moreover, vaporizers are easy to use. Just grind the weed and load it into the vaporizer. Set the preferred temperature and get ready to smoke away!

Smoking Through a Bong

Bongs are other prominent ways of using weeds, and they come for a fair reason: they can instantly bring you high, and they are quite safer than the regular joint. Although you burn weeds when smoking through a bong, what makes it distinct is that the hot air will have to pass through the water before it strikes the lungs. Certainly, the water tempers the smoke and drain the tar. However, on its flaw, it takes away some of the valuable cannabinoids.

A lot of people will simply utilize the regular tap water for bongs. However, there is a method that can make bong safe and less strident on the lungs – these are ice cubes.

Here are the steps to create an ice bong:

  • Get water and load it to the bong, ideally slightly over the downstem
  • Crush the bud delicately
  • Load the weed to the bowl
  • Put ice cubes to the bong water
  • Then light it up and start your toke

You will notice that the smoke produced is potent but very gentle, since the ice further temper the smoke.


Dabbing is another safe way to smoke weed. If you hear the word dab, that attributes to concentrated dosages of weeds. They are formulated by deriving THC as well as other cannabinoids through carbon dioxide or butane. The output is a gummy oil that is commonly called shatter, wax, or budder. 

Considering the process of extraction and the manner of delivery, dabbing will make the purest method to smoke weed. Also, it can release the strongest effects and largest highs.

Looking at it in a health context, dabbing with clean weed extracts is lighter to the lungs. If contrasted to the conventional weed smoking, the wax or dab gets rid majority of the undesirable plant material such as resins, although still have the valuable cannabinoids. 

Dab rigs or oil rigs are a personalized variant of a pipe that is particularly employed for smoking dab. If you are not a veteran to smoking a weed, this will not make an ideal method of consumption for you since the high can be extremely powerful. Nevertheless, if you are an expert toker, then the use of the oil rig will be best for you.

Not Smoking at All

If there is an option to get high without having to smoke weed, then why not go for it?

Indeed, smoking is a tradition. However, you can also achieve similar effects when you consume weeds through a tasty cookie. Everything still does the same thing; you simply shift your method of usage.

The requirement for creating any mind-boggling weed edible is to decarb the flowers or heat them at a particular temperature at a particular time. By heating the flower, you are eliminating its content of CO2 and substantially shifting the chemical profile present in the bud. It stimulates the psychedelic and beneficial cannabinoids and creates the impact more potent.

How to Repair the Lungs from the Damage of Smoking Weed

Regardless of what way you choose to smoke weed, the smoke can still create injury. People who smoke weed can fix the damage by exercising and controlling the breathing. Carry out deep breathing to carry fresh air to the entire lung. Doing deep breathing will permit the oxygen to go through the deepest section of the lung, and get rid of toxins which could provide a sluggish feeling. 

You can utilize some common yoga breathing steps and techniques to make oxygen traveling through the lungs.

Tips When Smoking Weed

If you are about to smoke weed despite learning its possible risks to health, you should consider the following harm-devaluation tips to make it quite safer:

1. Do Not Delay the Inhale

Breathing in deeply and delaying it in subjects the lungs to higher tar each breath. Do not be impatient. Breathing out faster is more ideal for you.

2. Get Only Rolling Papers that are Approved by the FDA

Rolling papers can seem similar to NBD; however, some have flavorings and chemicals that can be harmful. 

3. Use Glass-type Bongs and Pipes

Plastic-type bongs may have chemicals such as phthalates and BPA, which were associated with serious health conditions, including cancer.

4. Always Clean Your Stuff

Always maintain the cleanliness of your pipes and bongs, and do not roll the weed in dusty surfaces.

5. Familiarize Your Equipment

Some enthusiasts like vaporizers. Vaporizers get rid of the strong skunky smell as well as the absorption of the smoke. Nevertheless, the high from a vape is relatively less intensive and quick to last. On the other hand, a bong can be reckless. A little water pipe may carry out the same objective, draining the more harmful elements of burning.

For cleansing, the use of isopropyl alcohol nicely cuts the resin. 

6. It is not Wise to Pass Joints or Share Mouth-piece

Sharing your weed is acceptable, but not the joints, bongs, or pipes. If you share any of these, you are essentially exchanging spit with another person that could place yourself in danger because of possible infections.


Whether this is a fresh experience for you or you are an expert in smoking weed, learning the healthiest methods to smoke is essential. It is not just valuable for the health of the lungs and the respiratory system, but also to seize the most from the weeds.

The common reality among the weed users is that they find joy in mixing them up. Hence, except if you are having a hard time with an illness that impacts the health of your pulmonary, you must learn to explore and test the four methods above to determine the safest way to smoke weed.

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