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Lemon Garlic Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The Lemon Garlic Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a delightful hybrid born from the True OG Phenotype. Its Indica-Dominant nature brings relaxation and euphoria to the forefront of the experience, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

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Frequently bought together

Lemon Garlic Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Lemon Garlic Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
True OG Phenotype
CBG Level
Continental, Mediterranean, Sunny, Temperate
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Large (8+ FT)
Harvesting Time
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Crystal Trichomes, Dense Buds, Lime Green, Orange Hairs, Popcorn Shaped Buds
Taste and Smell
Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Honey, Lemon, Pineapple
Aroused, Energetic, Giggly, Happy, Talkative, Uplifting
Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene


Lemon Garlic Strain offers a well-rounded encounter with a balanced THC content of 20% and a CBD content of 0.60%. Its flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks makes it a practical choice for both beginners and experienced growers. The strain’s easy-to-grow nature and hassle-free characteristics are a welcome relief for those just starting their cultivation journey. It’s the perfect strain to kickstart your growing endeavors. And when you’re ready to get started, consider MJSeedsCanada as one of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada. They offer a wide selection of premium seeds, including Lemon Garlic Strain, to ensure your growing journey is as successful as enjoyable.

Description of Lemon Garlic Strain

Lemon Garlic, also known as Lemon Garlic OG, is a rare and captivating strain with deep roots in the True OG Phenotype. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a true gem for cannabis enthusiasts, offering a unique combination of effects and flavors.

With its genetic makeup leaning heavily towards India (80% Indica / 20% Sativa), the Lemon Garlic Strain is celebrated for its potential to induce a relaxed and euphoric state. Its THC content clocks in at a respectable 20%, providing a balanced and manageable psychoactive experience. The strain’s effects are nothing short of intriguing. Users often report feeling aroused, talkative, giggly, and energetically uplifted. It’s like a burst of sunshine in every puff, making it an excellent choice for social gatherings or brightening your day.

Despite its predominantly Indica genetics, Lemon Garlic Strain’s 0.60% CBD content adds a subtle layer of balance to the overall experience. This touch of CBD can enhance the strain’s therapeutic benefits. This strain offers a delightful blend of effects catering to recreational and potentially therapeutic needs. Its rarity and unique genetic lineage make it a sought-after addition to any cannabis collection, promising a memorable and refreshing experience.

How to Grow Lemon Garlic Strain

If you’re eager to cultivate a strain bursting with flavor and aroma, Lemon Garlic Strain should be on your list. Not only does it delight the senses, but it’s also a relatively forgiving strain for beginners. The Lemon Garlic Strain thrives in various climates, making it adaptable to temperate, continental, sunny, and Mediterranean conditions. This strain can flourish in various environments, whether you’re cultivating indoors or outdoors.

Patience is key when growing this strain. Its flowering period typically spans 8 to 10 weeks, with harvest time falling in October. But trust us, the wait is worth it. For indoor growers, Lemon Garlic offers a respectable yield of around 450g/m². Outdoors, it truly shines, potentially rewarding you with up to a whopping 900g per plant.

This strain is not modest in its size. It typically stands between 5 and 8 feet tall indoors but can grow to over 8 feet outside. Ensure you have ample vertical space because you may expect it to grow tall. Regular pruning, trimming, and topping are recommended to keep this tall beauty in check. This helps maintain an even canopy and ensures that light reaches all parts of the plant for optimal growth.

The Lemon Garlic Strain is surprisingly easy to grow, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Its adaptability to various climates, forgiving nature, and potential for high yields make it a fantastic starting point for those new to cultivation. With its adaptability, impressive yields, and forgiving growth tendencies, it’s a strain that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also offers a rewarding experience for growers of all levels.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Lemon Garlic Strain

Lemon Garlic strain is a remarkable cannabis variety that tantalizes the senses with its rich terpene profile, delightful flavors, and distinctive appearance. This strain’s terpene blend includes Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene, and Humulene, which not only contribute to its aroma but also play a role in its potential effects.

When you take a whiff of the Lemon Garlic Strain, you’re greeted with a symphony of scents, including citrus, pineapple, lemon, earthy undertones, hints of diesel, and a touch of honey. It’s a sensory journey that’s both refreshing and complex, making it a favorite among those who appreciate a diverse flavor palette.

Its lime green buds are densely packed, often taking on a popcorn-shaped formation. Bright orange hairs weave through the buds, providing a striking contrast against the green backdrop. But what truly elevates its visual appeal is the thick layer of crystal trichomes that glisten like morning dew, promising a potent and flavorful experience. From the moment you catch its citrusy aroma to the sight of its vibrant buds, it’s a cannabis variety that’s as visually captivating as it is deliciously aromatic.


2 reviews for Lemon Garlic Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jamie Kerr

    Jamie Kerr

    The growing journey was so amazing. Remarkable plant. Whatever you supply in this plant like nutrients, It shows good result. And I am happy to share to everyone, that this one is a lot of fun to do. Easy to handle. And the effects was so relaxing. Calming and just like a happy pill to me. Thanks a lot!

  2. Avatar for Chloe


    I highly recommend this online store for all your marijuana seed needs. Fast shipping, great selection, and top-notch quality

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