Kings Bread Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Kings Bread marijuana strain is a Sativa leaning hybrid that delivers a gentle cerebral and physical body stone that will have users soothed, happy, and calm while going about their day’s chores. Its genetic lineage is still shrouded in mystery but we are certain that this comes from a Jamaican landrace strain, most probably crossed with a ruderalis to make it an autoflowering variety. With a THC content that levels off at 21%, this weed is an effective medicinal strain that can provide treatment to those suffering from mood and physical conditions. What adds to its bag appeal is the refreshing lemony flavor of this weed that blends with earthy goodness!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Kings Bread Autoflower Strain

Kings Bread cannabis strain effects start with a smooth body humming that will hit users like waves in the ocean. A warm sensation will wrap the user’s body in a soothing relaxation from head to toe. Almost simultaneous to this effect is a head rush that will start to clear the mind and help the user focus on very minute detail. Then a sense of euphoria will start to fill the users and they instantly feel uplifted as a genuine feeling of elation washes all over them. All negativity is blocked from their minds as their body settles to a calming high. Muscles and joints will start to loosen but will not overpower the users to the point of being immobile. This weed is best taken in the afternoon and best used to unwind and from the hassles of the daily grind!

The aroma from the buds of Kings Bread has a very refreshing scent of Lemons and Mint with hints of cheese that adds that twist to the fragrance. It gets even more interesting as the buds are lit. Once the smoke touches the palate, a pungent cheese flavor greets the mouth with a strong earthy flavor. Citrus flavors are also noticeable in their taste. As the smoke is exhaled, a faint hint of minty flavor remains in the taste buds as an aftertaste. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Kings Bread Autoflower Strain?

Kings Bread ganja is often used as a soothing and calming relaxant that is great in treating mood and physical disorders. The euphoric and mood uplifting nature of this strain is best used to treat depression and anxieties as it can block out all the negative thoughts that continue to lurk inside the user’s mind and hamper their ability to function and be productive. They are instead given a positive mental attitude wherein they project an aura of confidence and positivity. Its relaxing and uplifting qualities are also perfect stress-busters as it calms the mind and body and uplifts their soul to relieve them of the tensions and stress that may have built up.

With its THC at 21%, this weed’s psychoactive physical properties unlock its anti-inflammatory and analgesic characteristics to help medical cannabis patients suffering from fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, migraines, and other acute and chronic pains. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kings Bread Autoflower Strain

Consuming any cannabis strain in moderation will always be a wise choice especially for the uninitiated as they may cause anxiety attacks and paranoia if the effects of the weed are too much to handle by the user. So it is best to take a few tokes first and let the mind and body get used to their effects before taking on some more.

Common adverse effects such as cottonmouth and dry eyes are effects that are caused by being slightly dehydrated. Cottonmouth can be lessened by drinking hydrating fluids during and after the smoke to help alleviate further dehydration. As for drying of the eyes, apply moisturizing eye drops before the actual toke to moisturize the eyes before they start to dry up.

How to Grow Kings Bread Autoflower Strain

Growing Kings Beard autoflower strains are considered moderate in difficulty to grow just for the reason that they prefer a hot, equatorial climate just like the weather in Jamaica. So if your outdoor growing conditions do not meet these specs, then it is wiser to grow them indoors with some High HID wattage bulbs. But it is also important to keep the ventilation working at all times to maintain temperature levels and avoid leaf burn from the HID lamps. They will be ready for harvest in 9 to 10 weeks and expect a yield of 14 ounces of great-tasting Kings Beard weed!


Kings Bread Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (60% Sativa 40% Indica )
Genetics Parents: Jamaican Sativa x Unknown strain
Flowering Period: 9 – 10 weeks
Climate: Hot, Equatorial, Humid
Yield: 14 ounces
Flavors: Lemon, Mint, Cheese, Citrus
THC Level: 21%
CBD Level:  low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October to November
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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