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Marijuana for Tooth Pain: Is it Effective?

Science has proved that cannabis ingredients such as CBD and THC contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and bone-stimulating qualities that are beneficial for many serious health problems. Tooth and gum ailments are also in the list since marijuana for tooth pain can treat the symptoms of common diseases such as toothaches.

While there is still research into the usage of cannabis products in dentistry, and also CBD benefits have not been thoroughly studied. The results stated by patients are volatile. Some experienced effective pain alleviation from tooth problems with CBD, while others did not.

But it is interestingly accepted that CBD can treat the symptoms of numerous chronic problems and that the CBD sedative properties alone (or with THC combination) is also effective against severe conditions like common tooth problems. Cannabis products can treat the symptoms of abscesses, periodontitis, toothache, and other dental issues, like post-surgery traumas. In many states, unique topical treatments with marijuana are readily available. Thus, in this article, we’re going to discuss the potential of marijuana for tooth pain.

Why Do We Suffer From A Toothache?

Most of us get toothaches because of an infection. The internal teeth part contains blood vessels and nerves that make us feel the cold, touch, heat, and pain. This internal part is called dentine, and like any other parts of the human body, it hurts when it’s infected.

The bright, gummy film residue on the teeth from the food you chow, especially by sugar and starch, starts a bacteria pool that scatters to both the evident and hidden parts of the teeth. Improper or irregular brushing of the teeth helps the pool grow. Next, cavities form and thrive deeper into the tooth, inducing an infection, a toothache, and ultimately tooth damage. Before that, if mouth germs and bacteria and their acidic environment can reach the dentine, the infections can penetrate the blood, causing swelling, a strain on the nerves, and, therefore, pain. 

The periodontal disease and its depressing abscesses are another primary reason for suffering from toothache. This is because it induces the gum and bones where the teeth are implanted, which results in blank space between the teeth that become rooted eventually. Rotated, overlapping, and crooked teeth also cause pain, stress, poor diet, and even hormonal changes.

Whatever the reason for the pain, it is essential to regularly visit a dental expert if you have severe or lasting toothache problems. Professional check-ups and dental cleaning every six months are always best as a prevention method for any dental ailments.

How Marijuana For Tooth Pain Works?

We understand that a combination of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic components is crucial in killing toothache. A potent anti-inflammatory effect is more suitable than the usual analgesic action. There are numerous topicals and prescription pills out in the market, but how about a natural treatment? Some of the terpenes and cannabinoids in the marijuana plant show these ingredients.

The human body produces inflammation for substantial reasons, usually fighting microbial or viral aggression or worse trauma. Some cannabinoid receptors reduce the immune reaction when affected by CBD and, therefore, lessening the inflammation. The submandibular glands of the body also contain cannabinoid receptors. This is where a topical germ-free, antibacterial, and painkiller CBD effect might be potent and useful. Several studies discovered that CBD is famous for being both wholesome and antibacterial, which helps maintain microorganisms from pooling in the mouth.

Studies also show that CBD is beneficial in reducing bone resorption in periodontal ailment. In this instance, the use of the active ingredient should go deeper into the gum. Therefore, it only represents a pledge of tomorrow’s cannabinoid-based medicine against many tooth problems.

The examination of periodontitis in rats proves the CBD effects on affected dental bones. The experts at the University of Uberaba in Brazil at their Laboratory of Molecular Biology experimented with the CBD action in a trial model of infected periodontitis. The assessment of alveolar bone reduction showed that CBD treated subjects showed a reduced alveolar bone reduction and the smaller manifestation of the standard biochemical swelling messengers. 

How To Use Marijuana For Tooth Pain

Supposing CBD oral intake is widely considered safe, using CBD to the infected gums and tooth is also a safe, reliable, and effective treatment method when remedying toothache. 

There are numerous types of CBD derivatives that efficiently work in reducing toothaches and lessening the gum swelling. Oils, oral sprays, and tinctures are perfect on the infected area and using your finger to scatter the mixture on the tooth and gums cautiously. You can also take a CBD capsule or cannabidiol pill, and use powder on the infected tooth area. A tea bag with potent CBD dried buds also works. 

When there are after surgery treatments needed, a CBD soaked in oil pads inserted in the blanks space after the tooth extractions are effective as painkillers. This is also applicable when sensitive gums are in pain and need to recuperate after the routine teeth cleaning done by a dental expert. Besides its analgesic effects, marijuana for tooth pain keeps the mouth germ-free and bacteria-free. 

It is highly advised not to touch the infected or swelling area of the mouth. CBD capsules, edibles and oils are applied as regular painkillers, but also be careful that these remedies do not deliver fast action or alleviation like the last ones. Marijuana-infused toothpaste is entering the CBD market, and you can make your CBD-rich formulation by adding a dab of your favorite CBD oil to your regular toothpaste. You can make your DIY toothpaste with items such as baking soda, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and, most importantly, CBD oil. Apart from temporary pain relief, including CBD to your everyday oral hygiene can help fight off the germs and bacteria that are constantly destroying your teeth.

Does CBD Make You Feel “High?”

Numerous new patients are hesitant to take marijuana for tooth pain as they worry about injury. But only a few ingredients of marijuana produced this feeling, and CBD is not included. It may put you in a sleepy or calm state. However, it does not contain psychedelic reactin.

Which CBD Derivatives Reduce Toothaches?

The following are marijuana for tooth pain products can successfully relieve toothache pain and gum swelling:

Tinctures and Oils

Marijuana for tooth pain treatment usually comes in the form of tinctures and oils effective at alleviating tooth pain if appropriately applied. They contain CBD dissolve in alcohol or oil and frequently have spray nozzles or droppers. Spray or drop the mixture into the infected tooth area and use your finger to rub into the tooth and close by gums.

Tea and Capsules

Since tea and capsules are taken, they often don’t provide immediate relief like the tinctures and oils, and infused toothpaste. However, if your tooth is hypersensitive to touch, perhaps taking a capsule or putting CBD oil to your tea helps. The CBD will ultimately spread to your mouth and alleviate your dental problems.

Infused Toothpaste

The CBD toothpaste is not your regular toothpaste available in the local supermarket, though you can DIY treatment. Just add a dab of CBD oil to your baking soda or favorite toothpaste. Brush it into the infected part delicately.

Pro Tip

If you are unfamiliar with which treatment method is useful for you, it is a mass that you talk to your dentist or CBD doctor.

Undesirable Effects

Cannabinoids reduce the saliva amounts that your mouth produces. A dry mouth is not only offensive, but it is also an excellent biochemical habitat for bacteria pooling and, hence, teeth and gum diseases. Smoking, along with coffee, alcohol, and tea, can dehydrate your mouth and trigger the tartar buildup on your teeth. By drinking plenty of water, chewing gum, using mouthwash, and most importantly, brushing your teeth and always flossing correctly are the fundamental steps to stimulate your saliva production and prevent the cottonmouth effect. With an active and excellent oral health routine, the drying or cottonmouth effect of marijuana and other compounds is not a problem. 

Consult With Your Dentist

The potential of marijuana for tooth pain needs to be studied more extensively before dentists start adopting it. As per science, you could safely apply CBD to reduce toothaches. However, this should be performed after talking with your dentist, specifically if you are already taking prescribed painkillers. Even if you are lucky in treating your dental problems with CBD at home, keep in mind that only a dentist can resolve those tooth and gum issues.

In future years, we are hoping to witness great results from a study conducted on marijuana-infused dental fillings, which could be the solution to decrease pain and recuperation period after the filling procedure. We are also waiting for the excellent results of research on the advantages of CBD toothpaste over a regular toothpaste.


Taking marijuana for tooth pain like CBD oils, tinctures, and edibles might be an efficient strategy to support your oral health. Don’t forget to brush, floss, and rinse every day, and ensure to schedule your routine teeth clean-up and dental examination.

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