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10 Low THC Strains of Cannabis

Things can get worse sometimes among first-timers upon using marijuana. This is also due to the bad experience it brings. For one, you might feel overly paranoid and end up thinking that cannabis is not your thing. Low THC strains are the best answer to completely avoid this experience. Avoid looking for high-THC strains or high CBD strains in this case.

10 Low THC strains 


This is indeed a relaxing and flavourful strain. This comes from the lineage of Shark Shock and Royal Medic. This strain gets closer to CBD with 1:1 as its THC ratio. This comes in at exactly the nine-percent level of THC. This is somehow a heavy and Indica-dominant strain with the essence and taste. This just will set you straight. 

Grow this outdoors and realize just how beautiful this can be coming October. When it comes to a time that the indoor garden is ready for harvest, you will reap off about 450 to 500 grams for every square meter.  

Its taste is skunky and sweet with a citrus hint. Plus, this brings about a euphoric and uplifting high. It won’t affect much of your active life. Look to add Euphoria to your garden. Make this as indeed your perfect choice.

Fast Eddy

This is among the popular CBD strains bred from Juanita la Lagrimosa, Cheese, and ruderalis. This is indeed fast, as its name implied. This comes with a flowering time of about 6 to 7 weeks. Its harvesting time can come after a week. This strain is dominant with lower THC but higher CBD content. 

While it is on its flowering period, it comes with a heavy and citrusy aroma. It is surprisingly a strain highlighted by its heavy Cheese genetic disposition. It is easier when managed in the garden. It doesn’t also grow out uncontrollably. Expect only impressive and pretty yields that come in at around four-hundred fifty grams. This is true to considering 450-grams for every square meter indoors. This is also clear-minded, emphasizing the body. But with its high CBD level, it just makes a perfect strain giving relief in every day.

Painkiller XL

This is indeed an all-around strain to use when you have pain. This is heavily-yielder cannabis strain. This can readily pop in the late month of September. This also produces small, sweet, and high CBD buds. One more thing, this is great even for those looking for medicinal relief. This is likable for its effects without leaving you overwhelmed. 

This is a strain that is perfect for newbies, veterans, and people looking for relief. This produces heavy results that come at around 550-grams for every square meter. This comes with genetics having one legendary CBD strain, called as the Juanita la Lagrimosa. This delivers as it counts.

Solomatic CBD

This is a stable seed that can produce CBD following the 2o+% range. This one has no such thing as THC. This is grown indoors to be harvested in seven to eight weeks, beginning germination. This brings about 425 to 475 grams for every square meter yield. This comes in with a silky smooth smoke and a clean and soft aroma. This also introduces a sweet lemon taste accentuated by hints of pine and ginger. Once you vape it, it will make you feel like inhaling fresh air. It is also barely detectable in the dibbles. This is a perfect choice, especially if you’re a non-smoker having medical needs.

Cannatonic as the Low THC Strains

This is a hybrid strain that can bring about happy and short highs. This works effectively for those having low cannabis tolerance. This is also welcoming for newcomers to the drug. This is even great when used to treat anxiety, migraines, and stress symptoms.


This is known for not having much THC levels. This can produce dreamy highs while leaving you very creative and cerebral. If you have a lower tolerance for cannabis or you are a newbie, consume this one very slowly.


This hybrid is dominant in Sativa, thereby producing relaxing effects. These effects can affect your body and mind in equal parts. This is also effectively known as a supplement to other activities. This can also narrow your focus and help you to become more efficient. 

White Widow

This hybrid strain is a cross between South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace. This has blessed a Dutch coffee shop menu beginning its founding in 1990. Its name originates from being white crystals. This comes in with a citrus smell and a peppery scent. Plus, it is accompanied by its lemony aftertaste. Its genetics paved the way to more legendary strains like Blue Widow, White Russian, and White Rhino. This has a similar mid-range of 13.5% levels.

Charlotte’s Web

This is among the famous of all low THC strains of cannabis. This may be high in CBD but is also low in THC strains. This is one of the best and highly-recognized marijuana strains. This is prominent in fighting for the legalization of marijuana. This strain is dominant in the Indica-type. This has its sixty-percent content of Indica.

This is just so fairly recognized for its low THC content. This is low that other phenotypes are legalized and are for sale across the country. For those who will consume it, they can do it so in CBD oil. This is a lot better than smoking the plant. This is amazingly popular for being medical marijuana for pediatric patients.


This cannabis strain is a sixty-percent Indica that makes it a dominant hybrid. This also comes from crossing Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. This is less in THC content level and 22-percent in the CBD content level.

This will provide you such a mellow high. This is not recognized to bring body or cerebral high. But, this is popular with medical marijuana patients who suffer from pain. Once you have such a high experience, you will experience a buss behind your eyes. This is also before your body feels free and relaxed. This is even more famous for those who use it in the daytime. This will make you feel more energized and more motivated.


If you are a novice user or an intermediate user, you can buy marijuana seeds that are low THC strains. These are just so ordinarily perfect for beginners like you. Until the time you can handle a moderate level of psychoactive effects, you can then try on low THC strains of cannabis. Still, use the low THC strains of cannabis with caution!

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