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Low Stress Training on Your Cannabis: Complete Tutorial

Are you interested in growing cannabis? How can you make many sites of buds? Well, you can simply apply the low stress training on your cannabis. 

Through this method, many site’s buds will be created. Aside from that, there will be more cannabis yields, and you will not have to change your plants’ environment. In this article, you will be able to know what low stress training is and how you can do the low stress training your plants. 

What is Low Stress Training?

Low Stress Training or also known as LST, is a process of tying the stems and bending them for you to make a different shape of your cannabis plant. By this method, you can cultivate cannabis plants with different shapes and sizes. Apart from creating many buds, it will expose the whole buds to the lighting instead of exposing just the main bud, which is on the top. Therefore, those cannabis plants that are trained will make bigger and more buds compared to those plants that are not trained. 

How to do Low Stress Training: Steps and Tools

In doing the LST method, you need to prepare the important tools needed for the process and steps. Make sure to familiarize the tools for this method. You should also know the steps on how to do it. Here are the tools you need to prepare and the process you must follow. 

Tools You Need

Prepare the tools you need in the process. Here are the tools and materials that you should prepare to make the method successfully. 

  • Ties – Choose the ones that can be used for twisting the plants. 
  • Wires that are soft ties – This is only optional. You can use this for growing plants that are large. 
  • Scissors – Make sure the scissors are sharp. 

You can use other tools such as strings or other wires that you are comfortable using with as long as it must be helpful in the process of training, especially the low stress training. 

Steps for LST

Make sure to follow the steps needed. Here are the steps for the training: 

Step 1: Topping

The first thing you need to do is the topping method. You need to cut the stem of the marijuana plant so it will branch out and will allow growth from the lower part. By this method, your plants will grow wider and with lots of bushes. You can do the topping method if your plants will grow from four-six nodes. You should not top your plants so early because your plants might get stunted, and it might take longer to recover. Hence, you should wait for your plants to grow six nodes so that the procedure will be smooth.

When you make the topping, there should be an old part of the stem over the area that was topped. Be mindful of you not to ruin the tip of your plant. If you have already done that, grow your cannabis in a natural way and wait until there are more nodes that are new.

Step 2: Bending and Tying Stems

You should begin LST when your plants are still young. By this, all of the stems’ distance will be similar to your lighting. You can bend the tallest stem in a group to make the level of it similar to others. After that, you can use ties to keep the stem in its place. It is possible for you to bend the cannabis in a place you want even if you did not top your plants.

There is a good strategy for bending and tying your plants. You can make a shape that looks like a star from the top part of the plant. If you forgot to top your plants, you could bend the main part of the stem. Young plants can be bent easily compared to the old ones. In bending, you should bend your cannabis plants, smoothly and carefully. Aside from that, you need to put strong attachments to your plants, but make sure to be gentle in doing it. 

Step 3: Flowering stage

You can continue the LST method in the flowering stage until you achieve the shapes and sizes you like. The flowering stage is ready when your marijuana plant will become a horizontal shape, and your plant will reach half of the plant’s size you like. 

The flowering stages will double the size of your plants, and it is called flowering stretch. It is important that you control your plant’s growth. In the flowering stage of your plants, you should keep on monitoring your plants and apply the LST method for the 1stweeks.

For the final growth, you must prevent from touching your buds as much as possible. If you have made the process, you will only need to wait for the improvement as the buds will become fat. You can use the LST method when it is needed. 

If you’ve done the LST method properly during the flowering stage or vegetative phase, expect your plants to produce colas. 


Every cannabis grower wants the best for their plants. There is proper training for your plants. The purpose of it is to create bigger and more buds. Aside from that, you can bend your plants to the places you want them to be bent.

If you have properly followed the process of the low stress training method, you will surely get the benefits out of it. Make sure you know the methods and steps of doing it. It is also important that you know what to prepare, and you should be well prepared. 

There will be not so easy step in doing this process, but all you need to do is to be patient and determined to do all the processes properly, and it would be better to do the low stress training on your cannabis gently. 

Hence, by following the proper steps and by preparing the needed materials, you will successfully train your cannabis. 

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