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Is Dabbing Bad For You?

This article will help you have the knowledge and answer the question if dabbing is bad for you.

The cannabis concentrates have been in question and have come up in tons of research over the years that have passed, this is because it is a growing industry and has become famous to cannabis enthusiasts.

Due to the legality of weed, many products have been produced, and one of these is cannabis concentrates that started as a niche and now a sensation in the legal market. Many analysts have supported that this industry will surpass the traditional cannabis market.

The Difference Between Cannabis Concentrates

Due to the popularity of dabbing using cannabis concentrates, the media has clouded the industry by focusing on the dangers it possesses rather than the actual practice itself. Some other media outlets even coined dabbing as “the crack of weed” or “the crack of marijuana”, A ton of articles has been issued that were against dabbing without even answering the questions that need to be answered: Is dabbing bad for you? Is dabbing safe?

Is Dabbing Bad for You or Is It Safe

The term “dabbing” has been associated with the practice of melting cannabis concentrates using a heat source and smoking or inhaling the vapor right away. To answer the question when it comes to safety, we have divided five misconceptions about dabbing cannabis concentrates and addressing them accordingly.

To start, the first misconception is the most disappointing amongst all, this gives a lot of confusion between the distinction between the dangers of amateur or unprofessional extraction between and the danger of the extracts.

 Marijuana extracts that are meticulously produced with a small number of hydrocarbons such as butane or even propane always require strict safety measures such as a closed-loop system. The manufacturing or creation or concentration illegally without any regulations to follow are the ones that produce dangerous products. The final products that were produced using open extraction methods such as open blasting can cause dangerous health risks and lethal results.

How is Dabbing Conducted?

Due to the recent events and facts that amateurs have conducted which caused the explosion, self-inflicted serious injuries, and death. The mainstream media has struck a huge blow to the whole cannabis community and culture by headlining these events. To discredit all of these, professionally manufactured concentrates are not explosive nor may cause lethality such as death.

The second point in dabbing misconceptions is that it has been stained by allegedly the usage of dangerous tools such as blowtorches. There are a lot of tools that can be used to heat a dab such as e-nails that already eliminate that use of blowtorches.

The third dabbing and cannabis concentrate misconceptions are the idea that cannabis concentrates are all fruits of the same tree. IT IS NOT!

Not all concentrates are the same, cannabis concentrates have a variety of substances that contain cannabis compounds that are only mechanically split apart with the use of certain methods such as kief and rosin these methods are used to extract or to strip biomolecules and essential oils from the subject, in this case, cannabis.

The fourth misconception that is encompassing the safety of taking or inhaling vapor from the dabs or cannabis concentrates. The safety regarding the usage of concentrates has been heavily questioned and debated for a very long time. Although the answers are already obvious, the newcomers to this endeavor are still being skeptical due to the stereotyping that the mainstream media has done.

To address this misconception that dabbing is harmful to the lungs, a few points have to be indicated first. All cannabis concentrates contain THC, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These aforementioned compounds have been proven by studies that they do not have any negative impact on the brain and lungs of adult enthusiasts.

Is Dabbing Advisable to Older Weed Enthusiasts?

To add to the four components mentioned above, wide varieties of concentrates consist of a very low level or low concentration of residual hydrocarbons (this will highly depend on the method of extraction that will be used). Based on the statements released by the states of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, tested concentrates which resulted in low residual hydrocarbon levels are declared for consumption and can be used by the public.

Also, other states allow the selling of cannabis used for recreation but the products should be analyzed before being released and sold by a legal vendor. All concentrates that contain contaminants are rejected to be sold. As long as the product that you purchase for dabbing is inspected and confirmed clean, then it is considered safe.

The final misconception is geared towards cannabis concentrates in a statement that they are significantly stronger and more potent than the cannabis flower itself. This is 100% true. This can be understated with the guidelines that inexperience dabbers should only have a lower dosage before trying out the product for the first time. The best analogy for this is if you are a first-time drinker, start with a beer before trying out whiskey.


To sum up, there are side effects in dabbing but there are also side effects when drinking alcohol. The side effects of the two mentioned in the statement above are similar to the effects brought about by consuming a huge amount of sugar- these include dullness, nausea or dizziness, and paranoia.

There are too many misconceptions regarding cannabis, cannabis concentrates as well as the cannabis community itself most of which from the people that do not have prior knowledge in the cannabis subject. If the people will be educated with the proper usage and the potential health benefits that it provides, surely that cloud that blurs the eyes of many people will be blown away.

People and especially the mainstream media must clarify and also state facts behind the safety of dabbing and focus on the issues underlying the illegal activities that are being done by people who want to take advantage of the people who do not know the subject.

To finalize, is dabbing bad for you?

It is not, as long as you find the correct channel where you can purchase legally approved and tested materials that you can use for recreation and medicinal purposes.

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