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How to Trim Cannabis for Maximum Yield

The legalization of cannabis in several states and countries is allowing cannabis consumers to have access to this amazing weed both for recreational and medical consumption. Cannabis concentrates are also everywhere especially to places where cannabis is legalized. 

Cannabis consumers are not just into consuming cannabis product but many have also tried their green thumb on cannabis growing. Growing cannabis seems to be easy but there are many ways to increase your production like trimming your cannabis for higher production. Knowing how to trim cannabis plant can lead you to a better and higher yield. 

Yes, growing cannabis can be simple yet it can be tricky especially if you want to achieve a much higher and best quality yield. Why do you need to trim your cannabis plant? Read on this article as we go ahead and discuss how to trim cannabis for maximum yield.

Why Is There a Need to Trim Your Cannabis Plant?

This is the first question that you would ask to think that you could just let your cannabis plant grow without doing the trimming since it is very versatile anyway. Why the need to trim? Here are important reasons why you need to trim your cannabis plant. 

  • THC concentration or potency – the sugar that leaves with your buds have a low THC concentration. 
  • Appearance – trimming your plants will get rid of unwanted branches or leave that makes it look messier. The physical appearance of your weed is important as an eye-catcher weed will bring about a notion of a healthy plant as they will look appealing to the eyes.
  • Harshness – Trimming off extra leaves will get rid of the harshness of the weed because smoking marijuana can leave harshness on the throat. 
  • Concentrated nutrients – trimming your plant will allow it to concentrate the nutrients to the main stem thus producing a much higher yield.

Many cannabis growers would trim their plants because they want the plant to have much of the needed nutrients that it can have. Cutting unnecessary leaves or buds will allow your plant to process the food and concentrate it on the main branch and buds.

How to Trim Cannabis for Maximum Yield?

If you need to trim your cannabis plant you will need to have the following items:

  • Pruning shears (Big)
  • Disposable rubber gloves 
  • Trays of cooking sheets

Here are the simple steps on how to trim your cannabis plant:

  1. Set up the area where you will trim your plant. This is very basic. Before you start trimming make sure that you have a great area where you can work on and trim your cannabis plant. The place should be able to accommodate your plants comfortably. Trimming can take quite some time so make sure that you are also comfortable. It is best to dedicate your time and do not rush trimming. You can have a large clean table or a wooden or non carpeted floor that can be great for a working area.
  2. Make sure to wash your hand before working. Use rubber gloves. Latex gloves are often preferred by cannabis cultivators. It is important to wear gloves because the resin will stick on the glove as you go ahead and do the trimming. It will much easier to get rid of the resins after the trimming process.
  3. Use the pruning scissors or the tough scissors in cutting off the branches. Cut one branch at a time and also take your time. Do not be in a hurry. It is advisable to trim your plant completely or it is best not to stop. If you need to leave your plant and stop the trimming for any reason, just make sure to go back to it after a day or two. Make sure to cut the branches to a comfortable working size.
  4. Try to remove large fan leaves using your fingers. These are leaves that can be pulled easily. You can separate the pile and then throw them after your work is done.
  5. You can start trimming the sugar leaf. These are the small leaves that stick out on the cannabis buds. These “sugar leaves” do not need to be removed but they just have to be trimmed. If you happen to see that your sugar leaves are covered with trichomes, you just can leave them and do not need any trimming. Use your trays to segregated the trimmed products. For example, the sugar leaves go to the tray allotted to it. This will help you organize your trimming process and makes cleaning easier. 
  6. Remember that the trimming process takes time, so you have to allow an allotted time for the activity. The uninterrupted process is so much better so that you can concentrate on what you are doing. If your trimmed buds are already dried place them in a jar to preserve them. 
  7. After the trimming process, you can dispose of your plant. You may cut it into pieces and double bag the plant material. Keep it secured and be discreet in throwing your plant material as someone might go through it to the trash.

Wet Trim or Dry Trim?

In wet trim, all leaves are removed before the buds are dried while on the dry trim, little trimming is done before the buds are dried and fan leaves are not even removed before drying.


You may be into cannabis growing and is so far getting good quality yield but keep in mind that you can do more. By knowing advanced techniques like how to trim cannabis plants will be very helpful as you go about growing cannabis. Knowing how to trim cannabis will allow you to explore more about your plant for better yield. Though you have to invest your time in this endeavor, it’s okay. There’s no doubt that this will reward you with a better harvest and maximum yield. Knowing what to do and doing more is the key to a rewarding cannabis growing experience.

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