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How to tell if your Cannabis Seeds are Healthy
The success of your marijuana growing depends on the kind of marijuana seeds and the growing technique that you are using. Growing weed is not that hard. There is a reason for it to be called as weed because it can naturally grow into a good plant only if you have a fresh and healthy seed and you are giving it enough soil, light, fertilizer, and a lot more.
On the other hand, it would be very important that you know how to tell if your Cannabis Seeds are healthy, will germinate and will provide you with good plant that will produce high quality harvest in the future.
Fresh and Healthy Seeds
Fresh marijuana seeds have a waxy glimmer and hard intact shell. Its color ranges from buff through dark brown and they might also come from light grey to almost black. Weed seeds have black or brown spots or lines on a lighter field.
Bad Seeds
Green or whitish marijuana seeds are immature and might not germinate. Some may germinate but won’t result into a healthy plant. Shiny, very brown or black seeds sometimes mean that the contents are fermented and the embryo is messed up. Fermented weed seeds crush easily even with finger pressure. They are hollow or dusty inside.
If you get your seeds from a friend or if you buy from your local connection, it is recommended that you check them for quality first. However, if you buy from us you don’t have to worry about getting any bad seed because our professional staff will check them manually before sending them to you. All the marijuana seeds that we have for sale here in our website are checked for quality before shipping to make sure that you will receive fresh and healthy seeds only which are ready for germination and will grow into healthy and productive marijuana plants.
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