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How to Store Cannabis Seeds Safely

Would you like to grow marijuana the best way possible? If yes, you need to begin with great seeds. Once you have found the right strain, how do you store cannabis seeds safely? The good thing is that it is never that difficult. You only need to keep them cold in a dry and dark place. Nevertheless, there are several things you must consider in mind in preserving the precious seeds.

Understanding First the Importance of Cannabis Seeds

When planning to grow marijuana for profit or fun, you must know the best way of storing the seeds. Just remember that the seeds relate much to the quality of the plants. Once they are not stored properly, they won’t germinate. But when you store them immediately, they can just go indefinitely. 

Other growers also liked it keeping seeds for years. However, it is normal to leave several seeds in storage for just less than a year. This is also if there will be limits around how to grow it one at a time. Never allow the extra seeds to go to waste. Learn how to store cannabis seeds safely.

Using the Right Container for Storage

When you store cannabis seeds safely, you will need to use a container. Never just settle with a random container. It should be made up of a single form of material. Avoid a container that mixes different material types. This also includes a plastic container with a glass container and plastic cover and also a metal lid. A container is made from more than just a single material reacting to changes and temperature differently. This will then create a room for conditions now reaching the stored cannabis seeds. As the temperature rises, the glass jar metal lid will also expand at a different rate. This will thereby permit moisture from entering the container. 

The use of plastic containers is as suggested clearly for long term storage. This is true when storing marijuana seeds. However, that is never a good idea as well. This is because plastic comes with small or microscopic pores. These can allow the air to infiltrate the container. And these will only bring damage to your seeds. Let the seeds last. But, do not store them inside a plastic container. In fact, the glass will always seem a better solution. 

Labeling the Containers

It may be that you will be storing more than a single cannabis seed strain. Now even if you will only store a single seed variety, you still need to label the container. If you store them for years, you may then forget the specific strain. You will also forget that they are exactly marijuana seeds.

Keeping the Light Out

This method is just so very simple. The germination requires light. When you don’t like the seeds from sprouting, keeping the light out is then essential. This is when the immediate answer to storing cannabis safely is keeping the environment light-free.

Better yet, make use of an opaque type of container. If it is not opaque, place the seeds in an opaque glass. This can include a black plastic wrap. Place it inside the glass jar. Remember as well, that plastic is not for long-term use. If you purchase it during the end growing season to prepare for the next, it will just then be fine. 

Also, place the cannabis seeds inside the fridge that won’t be opened much. Or, if you want, place them in another dark location. 

Keeping the Temperature Just Constant

When you want to store cannabis seeds safely, just keep the temperature constant.  Keep them at exactly forty-degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t like them freezing. A lot of people will keep their seeds inside the freezer or fridge. Keep the temperature just constant. The cannabis seeds will deteriorate once when the temperature fluctuates. 

Keeping the Moisture Out

Germination demands moisture in this sense. You will need to keep the seeds dry. It will also depend on the moisture level of the marijuana seeds. They could rot or germinate while stored.

Get the best results possible. Keep the moisture levels between five-percent and nine-percent. Do this by using a sealed and airtight container. Add up something in helping absorb the moisture. This can include uncooked rice or a silica packet.

Make use of food-grade material as one effective method. This material will sit in the store next to the seeds. Use some barriers in this case, like cotton wool. This will be positioned between the marijuana seeds and the moisture-absorbing pack. This will also leave the cannabis seeds undisturbed. This is also while the moisture issues are resolved.

Keeping the Storage Place Clean to Store Cannabis Seeds Safely

Keep the storage place clean and be extra careful at it. Or else, the pests might destroy the cannabis seeds. This is also as they get into the storage container and the contents. 

With a clean environment, other contaminants like microbes are kept away. They won’t compromise the cannabis seeds quality. Later on, you will plant them. Of course, you don’t like it consuming cannabis from the contaminated seeds.

Nature seeds are known to last after the occurrence of the germination environment. For as long as you follow the tips mentioned, you will avoid the environment from ever occurring. You will also store cannabis seeds safely in this case.

Storing it Perfectly

There’s no need to store the cannabis seeds perfectly. You are not required to be strict. But if you will be keeping the seeds for years, you need to continue planning. Follow the needed precautions. You will then be delighted by the things you do.

It’s also up to you to store the cannabis seeds inside the fridge. This will best extend the lifespan when done properly. But, be sure that you will not freeze the seeds. Also, keep the cannabis seeds in an envelope or paper bag. Do not store them in an airtight container or plastic bag. 


With the right way followed on how to store cannabis seeds safely, they might remain viable for five to ten years. If your cannabis seeds are available already but are not yet to be planted, follow the complete guide as mentioned. Keep the seeds in the right container and the right room temperature. And, you’ll be amazed more of it as an expert cannabis seeds grower!

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