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How to Smoke Weed

Learning how to smoke weed is very interesting yet confusing for every novice. Don’t fret. There are many ways to smoke weed, and knowing which method best suits you is more important. 

Medical or Recreational Marijuana – What to Smoke

Before heading to different methods to smoke marijuana, you have to determine first which kind suits your taste and needs. Should you use medical marijuana or the other type?

Well, the answer will depend on you. What do you want to experience? If you want to stay up and alive throughout the day, then a sativa strain will be right for you. However, if you are a medical marijuana patient and are seeking better alternative treatment for anxiety or insomnia, then go for an indica strain instead. 

A sativa strain induces a stimulating cerebral buzz while an indica offers a sedating body high. Whatever you choose, always pay more attention to the strain’s classification or dominating side. Is it sativa or indica? Make this a big part of your decision to achieve a worthwhile smoking experience. 

How to Smoke Weed?

One can smoke weed in many ways. All these smoking methods depend on the user’s preferences, his environment, and the situation. They are designed to give you a satisfying experience, regardless of your option. 

1. Using a Joint

Smoking weed by using a joint is the most typical method. Rolling a joint is popular as it comes with multiple benefits. It is not also an expensive method as it requires only the bud and rolling papers. You may also use a grinder, but it is not a necessity in most cases. 

The rolling papers are cheap and widely available. Get yours in the nearest convenience store. These papers are often made with the wood pulps, but some varieties made especially for stoners are available. Examples are the hemp-based papers, longer-sized papers, and packages that include a joint roller and extra papers for your convenience.

2. Using a Blunt

It might be less common, but a blunt seem similar to a joint. It is the emptied-out cigarette wrapper filled with cannabis flowers and repacked. In using a blunt, you will just need a blunt wrap or tobacco leaves and the flower. You can also use a grinder, but then again, that is optional. 

Cigarettes are available in almost all convenient stores, so it is easy to make a blunt. Using a blunt to smoke weed offers a very enjoyable experience, though it means you’re also consuming the lingering traces of tobacco inside the cigarette wrap. 

3. Using a Pipe

Many novice cannabis smokers opt for this method because it’s the easiest and most straightforward choice. A pipe is small and compact, so it’s hassle-free to use. Classified as a handheld device, a pipe is commonly used to consume cannabis flowers. 

It does not require water or power. The fun begins by breaking apart the flower, filling the bowl, and lighting up the flower. A pipe is suitable for travelers and those who want to stay discreet while smoking cannabis. This method is practical and extremely reliable. 

4. Using a Bong

Using a bong when smoking cannabis is another typically used method. A bong is a filtration device that consists of a chamber that you need to fill with some water and a downstem that holds the bowl where you put the weed and connects the device’s water chamber. 

A bong is good to use for soothing the heat and starkness of the smoke when you inhale it. The water inside the chamber will help to filter out the particles and separate them from the vapor. Before you begin, make sure the water inside the chamber is higher than the downstem’s open tip to ensure proper filtering of the smoke.

The smoke will go through the device before you inhale it. The longer the pipe is, the cooler the vapor becomes. A bong is available in different sizes and shapes, so choose what best suits you. The options include a glass bong that allows you to add ice to the chamber to cool down the vapor and the so-called gravity bong. 

How to Inhale Cannabis Smoke Properly?

Regardless of the smoking method that you choose, inhaling the smoke will be the last thing to do. If you haven’t smoked cigarettes in the past, then you may end up holding the vapor inside your mouth and expel it like what many do with cigarettes. You will get high enough if you don’t inhale the smoke. Otherwise, you won’t ever experience anything after consuming all the buds. In smoking weed, you have to inhale and bring in the vapor deeply into your lungs to experience and enjoy the maximum effect.

What do you need to do? Well, begin with a slow and deep breath. By doing this, you will feel the vapor is going to your lungs. If you do not feel anything deep within your lungs, it might be because you’re not breathing as deeply as you can. Breathing in cannabis smoke does not mean you inhale only the smoke. Instead, the fresh air blends with the smoke, and both go to your body as you deeply inhale. 

Do not attempt to swallow the smoke. Inhale it. Swallowing the smoke can irritate your tummy and cause an upset stomach and even vomiting. It can trigger smoke burps, too. It can be annoying if you’re in a public place and emit a cloud of weed smoke after burping. 

How to Minimize and Prevent Coughing While Smoking Weed?

If it’s your first time to smoke weed, then it’s more likely you’re going to cough. Don’t be embarrassed because it’s a normal part of the learning process. The same thing happens when learning to smoke cigarettes. Here are some tips that can help you minimize coughing while smoking weed:

  • Begin with small hits.
  • Use a device that features water filtration to cool the smoke so that it won’t burn your throat. 
  • Stop smoking once you start coughing or feel pain in your throat.


So, you have it! Learning how to smoke weed is going to be a fun experience for every novice. Just make sure you choose the smoking method you’re comfortable with to make the most of the experience. Also, don’t forget to take it slowly, and your first try will be a success. 

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