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How to Roll a Joint Like a Pro

Rolling a joint is similar to a joint; it is essentially like smoking marijuana cigarettes. However, compared to joints, the joint is more like wrapped with a tobacco leaf paper rather than a certain rolling paper. Learn how to roll a joint by continue reading below.

What Is a Joint

In the cannabis community, using joints or blunts is quite dividing. Other smokers tend to used joints to smoke their weeds while other cannabis smokers are turned off by its pungent smells and tastes like the tobacco wrap itself. 

The joint is a combination of joint and cigar, which is filled by cannabis rather than the tobacco. The roll they used for wrapping is usually reconstructed and made from processed tobacco leaves. 

Knowing how to roll an ideal joint needs to take practice, even at first you don’t get it perfectly, don’t get tired on keep trying. This article provides many unique qualities of smoking in a joint, which include burning rate, effects, smell, and even its taste.

How to Roll a Joint

Things Needed for Rolling Joint

In order to roll and smoke a joint like a pro, you must first need some key components. 

  • Your preferred cannabis strain
  • Grinder
  • Rolling tray
  • Rolling papers

Rolling papers is one of the most important components of smoking a joint. Since using a tobacco, leaf wrap is what makes the joint, choosing the ideal tobacco wrap is an important part to roll joints. Other joint experts stay with their certain brand of tobacco wrapper as it where they experience a comfortable feeling with it.

There are two different methods to obtain tobacco paper that needed for joints. The first one is by purchasing pre-rolled cigarettes. Emptying the contents of such cigarettes then reconstruct the tobacco wrapping paper by filling it with weed. The second method of wrapping the joint is the tobacco leaf paper that came from a not pre-rolled cigarette. 

How to Roll a Joint Step-by-Step Guide

First Step

Before you begin rolling your first joint, you will need to complete the little preparation first. It means that you need to grind your weed first for an easier roll later. Once that you break down and clean out the wrapping paper, you can easily move into rolling the ground weeds. The ideal method to grind your weed evenly is by using a grinder. 

This equipment provides the most evenly grind weed that makes smoother smoke after. However, if you do not have an available grinder in your home, you can also break apart the weeds using your fingers. 

Carefully picked them apart into small pieces with the similar or not the same size. You need to be careful doing this to minimize the damage to the cannabinoid that rich in trichomes.

Second Step

An avid fan of joint smoking tends to use their wrap of choice to roll their joints. Learning how to roll a joint is a fun way to enjoy your favorite herb. If you are a beginner in rolling joints, try different brands to see if you can feel comfortable. 

You can also try using the flavored wrap to add flavor to your joints. Just enjoy figuring out which wrap works best for you. Feel free to try different brands then switch them up depending on how you feel with that moment of smoking.

Third Step

The most certain method to break down the rolling wrap is by using a razor blade and carefully split up the cigarette in a long way direction up to the middle. You may also use your hands for breaking down the cigarettes, just avoid tearing all the wrapper as it easily cracked if you quickly do the procedure. After finally opened up the cigarettes, just empty out the tobacco inside it and simply discarded it.

Fourth Step

Slightly moist some part of the wrapper to make your tobacco leaf more flexible and secure to work with. You can simply use your saliva or water to moisten the paper. Other users just lick up the joint wrapping paper, while the other used some small brush dip with water. 

Whatever procedure you do, keep in mind that avoid soaking the whole paper. As it can possibly disintegrate one, you soak up the whole paper. Moisten some part, and not all of it for your joint easier to hold.

Fifth Step

Hold the wrapping paper using your one hand, then place your index finger and thumb in the procedure that you construct a U-shaped paper. Your other hand will now grab an at least pinch of ground weed, placing it inside the tobacco wrap. 

Carefully form theirs evenly up to the whole length of tobacco wrap. Avoid overfilling it as it you need to close the paper after. Once you fill the paper with weed form a cylinder similar to a formation of cigarette.

Sixth Step

Roll up the joint using both your hands. Gently roll the wrapping paper back and forth. The aim of doing this procedure is to tamp down and evenly spread out the weeds. This method sill started to shape your joint in a cylinder form up to thickness. 

Once you formed the right shape, bring the other side of the wrap-up and the weed. Tuck up the underneath or the opposite side of the wrapping paper. The wrapped will now fully encase all the weeds.

Seventh Step

Hold the end part of the wrap, which is the top of the other part. Use your tongue to dampen the paper. Lick the inside part of the paper until it makes it slightly moist. Press it down on the top to the other edge of the wrapping paper. 

The moisture must need enough to stick the tobacco paper, then seal the joint carefully. Make sure that you just sealed them enough up to the whole length.

Eighth and Last Step

Using a lighter, carefully run the flame down with the seam. It can help the tobacco dries up and lock up the seam into the right place, which will make the joint do not easily fall apart once you smoke it. You will now light up your joint on the end part where you can pull the smoke. Enjoy smoking your joint.


Rolling joints one of the social methods to enjoy every little bit of the weed. By learning how to roll a joint like a pro, the taste of your favorite herb offers is completely amazing. The slower it burn means it can be shared with others or simply reused it yourselves. No weed will be left with a right rolling joint used.

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