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Is Dabbing Bad For You?

Rumors are going around that synthetic weed is legal and the fact that it will only imitate the effects that real weed provides. When the dangers and the people who use it began to jump off the roof (which cause health risks and death) it became an issue and a concern. This endeavor not only has a higher health risk, but it also reached a point that it has already become a legal debate. And for those who were seeking an extreme thrill, this compound became a staple that pushed them to addiction.

In this article, we will be talking about how to make synthetic weed. But before we even go any further, let us talk about an overview of it. 

Synthetic Cannabis: What is it?

Synthetic cannabis is nowhere near legal THC like Marinol. Let’s get that fact straight that this is entirely different from legal synthetic. Synthetic cannabis is also called synthetic cannabinoids, SC, and synncanns hides its presence under the widely known likes of K2, spice and a ridiculously sought after “Not for Human Consumption ”. 

To maintain their legality, these are masked with shuffled ingredients. These products are also unnoticeably displayed and sold in smoke stores, gas stations and it is also offered on the internet which also gave rise to a large variety to choose from.

This so-called synthetic cannabinoid is not a by-product of a legit cannabis plant, but the chemical composition and molecular binding have the same effect on the receptors that real cannabis targets. The main psychoactive compound called THC in herbal or real cannabis attaches itself to the receptors called CB1 which is located in the brain, this receptor produces the euphoric high, the synthetic cannabinoids also attaches itself to these receptors but with a much higher level of effectivity.

Since this is chemically created and formulated as well as not coming from any natural source, this has a higher level of potency which can reach up to 2 to 100 times more! This potency is already dangerous to the body as it already has a severe side effect of vomiting, chest pains, higher heart rates, blackouts, headaches, severe kidney damage, irritability, high blood pressure, psychosis, and a list of other potential health risks. With the listed side effects, would you still take it? I hope not.

Severe withdrawal symptoms were also identified which makes it hard for addicts to veer away from it.

An organic chemistry professor at Clemson University named John William Huffman which also graduated in Harvard University began to study and synthesize cannabinoids way back mid- 1980s for medical and research purposes that was intended to understand the mechanism of cannabinoids which was funded by NIDA or also known as National Institute of Drug Abuse. But when his work was published, a new strain was developed in a German lab in 2008. This was called “Spice”, which also reached the noses of the experimental users of weed back then.

As the chemical or synthetic cannabinoid was easy to formulate and has a short formulation time. This did not take time to be manufactured by illegal drug producers which made a lot of money in their pockets.

How to Make Synthetic Weed

These synthetic cannabinoids are majority manufactured and shipped from China onto the hands of local manufacturers who conduct the blending process by using alcohol or acetone. This process is called reverse extraction; the molecules of the synthetic cannabinoids are broken down and dissolved, then it is being sprayed or soaked to the plantlike material to make it look like weed.

In this process, there is a large margin of error that can cause catastrophe to the unlucky buyer of a broken batch. When a batch is poorly combined and unevenly sprayed to the host, it will result in a chemical hotspot or also called a dangerous potent area. If a concentrated area is consumed by the user, it will bring significant catastrophic side effects, much more extreme than the side effects listed above.

You can think of so many production errors that occur during the manufacturing of these synthetic cannabinoids particularly in the domain of inexperienced and careless producers. Are these cannabinoids effective and reliable? Are they truly potent? Have they undergone the rigorous process of testing?

The DEA is currently chasing down the giants when it comes to the production of these drugs. However, the small-time manufacturers are still operational and they can still sell their products under the name of an established brand. However, these products did not even follow the proper system of regulation and production. No one even knows how the product is made, what ingredients were used, and what effect it can provide to the user.

These unclear questions that are still unanswered are the aspects that contribute to a huge number of deaths caused by this synthetic cannabis. With these effects and results, why do people still cling to it?

The answer is simple. See the list below to find out.

  • Weed/Cannabis/Marijuana is considered illegal in their state
  • No traces of synthetic cannabinoids in urine drug test analysis 

People must know that the so-called advantages of these illegal compounds must not be short-sighted as they are a lot of health risks and may even cause death. These products are still alive because of the prohibitions of cannabis.


So the initial question that you had in mind was how to make synthetic weed. But the real question that should be asked is, should you try to make it?

Maybe you are having second thoughts in making these types of compounds in the comfort of your homes, but this article is not about persuading you not to do so. But this is just an eye-opener on what the effects can be if you choose to open pandora’s box. Please bear in mind that there are repercussions to the creation of these compounds.

Please also take note that these synthetic compounds cannot be a DIY type of thing, you must have prior knowledge to properly synthesize and combine chemicals that will make the result successful. A great deal of research must be done and a series of tests must be conducted, or else you can be the next person that will cause more dangers to the public.

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