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How to Make Rosin

For those looking for a more potent cannabis experience, rosin is the best way to go. Rosin is fast becoming the crowd favorite among many experienced cannabis users both in the recreational and medical fields. With its consistency and potency, rosin is rich in flavor and cannabinoid content. It offers a lot of versatility with the way it is being consumed. While it is a very convenient way to enjoy cannabis, learning how to make rosin is a different experience.

There are a lot of ways in making rosin but only a few have fully mastered the art of making this mixture to a point where it is safe and beneficial. Making rosin can be done within your house together with the tools that can be found in your cupboard. However, learning how to make rosin takes a lot of effort and experience thus it is one of the most satisfying cannabis creations to make.

What is Rosin?

If you are not yet familiar with rosin, rosin is a concentrated form of cannabis that is exposed to heat and pressure. It is safe to consume since it does not have any form of harmful chemicals or solvent. Rosin is a golden sticky substance that is made after cannabis has undergone an extraction process. The best thing about rosin is that it is very easy to make and you can produce it at the comfort of your own home. You can make rosin even with a hair straightener and with the right equipment even develop your type of rosin that you can sell.

Benefits of Using Rosin

Rosin is a very affordable way to enjoy cannabis in its purest form. It is quite potent and one would only need a few amounts to fully experience what it feels like to get high from weed. However, apart from its effects, there are a lot of benefits to using rosin.

One of the main benefits of using rosin is that it is in its purest form therefore it is safe to consume. There are no residual solvents that may bring harm to the user. Unlike other concentrates, rosin is reduced to a point where only the compounds needed for getting high are the ones that are retained. The extraction process is very meticulous and that it gives the user the best quality cannabinoid content.

When it comes to cannabinoid content, rosin offers high potency as well. It is indicated that rosin is made up of around 50 to 70 percent THC while others can have at least around 30%. This makes rosin more potent than most cannabis strains that you smoke. They are also very rich in terpene and offer all the desired effects you need in cannabis without having to endure the smoke. It is a more practical approach to consuming and enjoying marijuana most safely and cleanly possible. It also takes less time to feel the effects of rosin since it is in its concentrated form and is loaded with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Producing rosin is also a lot easier and safer than most other concentrate. Some concentrates use chemicals and volatile substances such as very flammable butane. This can mean that accidents can happen and you might even end up getting burned while producing these extracts. People with no knowledge in handling butane will have higher thus it is best to go for the easier and more convenient route in making rosin.

Speaking of making your rosin, you can do this is a cost-effective way through the use of heat and pressure. The process of making rosin is very simple and you only need a few pieces of equipment. You can easily create your rosin any time of the day and develop a high-quality product after you have perfected the process. This also makes rosin very versatile as you can add it to edibles and make shatter or wax. You can vape or dab using rosin. All of these can be done with rosin.

How To Make Rosin

Now that you know all the good news that rosin brings, it is time for you to know how to make rosin discreetly inside your own home. You will need to gather the following items first so you can easily make your rosin: hair straightener, cannabis, parchment paper, gloves, press bags, and wax collecting tools.

Gather your cannabis and ground them up into fine chunks. Next, put them into your parchment paper and fold them so it covers up ground cannabis. Turn your hair straightener on to its lowest temperature. It is best if you have one that lets you know the temperature. Make sure that it does not go over 220F. Put on your safety gloves and place the ground cannabis that is wrapped in parchment paper into the hair straightener. Press down firmly and wait until you hear a sizzle. Check the envelope from time to time and see if it has a sticky substance forming inside. If it has formed such substance, take out your parchment paper and scrape the sticky substance out and put it in a collecting vial.

You can continue to press using the weed inside the parchment paper or you can add more ground cannabis so you can produce more rosin. It only takes about 20 seconds or so for you to create your rosin and is very cheap to make.


Rosin can be placed on top of your usual buds to make them even more potent to use. They also provide a very strong texture and flavor thus enhancing your overall experience with weed. What you need to do is to store your rosin in a container and place it in a cool dry place. Rosin should only be stored in 3 days up to a week if it is placed in a suitable environment or an air-tight container. Using rosin beyond its shelf life will only decrease its potency.

If you want to find more ways to enjoy weed apart from smoking the buds, learning how to make rosin is another efficient and cost-effective way to experience marijuana.

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