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How to Make Hash

Hash is a sort of cannabis extricate that is out by isolating the trichomes within your favored cannabis plant. The trichomes are those little particles that looked like crystals all over the place of your cannabis, particularly you can found it in its flowers. These particles have the most elevated concentration of the different types of cannabinoids in your plants. For example, the THC and CBD, together with the terpenes of it, can be found on this part.

Knowing how to make hash would be a great deal to add on your list of things that you can make of. The general process or idea of making has is through the separation of trichomes away from the stems, leaves, and buds. Hash is an incredibly concentrated type of cannabis.

The Courses of Action on How to Make Hash

The word “hash” originates from “hashish,” which is an Arabic word giving the meaning of “grass.” The Indians have a wide knowledge and long association length of time on how to make and use a hash. Indeed, their way is just scouring on it in both bare hands, which this part will be tackled more below.

Hash comes in a variety of colors. There’s this thing that whenever the hash garners a more good quality, then the resulting color would be golden brown, however when the quality is poor, then the resulting color would be slightly green because of the way that it contains higher plant matter.

These days most cannabis concentrates vary in the form of oils that are out from solvents. Others may utilize the ways to create rosin extracts or still settle on the traditional ways of making hash. Whenever the isolated trichomes fully turn now into a fine powder, then this is named as “kief” that is sometimes the primary way to do the various steps on making hash. 


  • This is apparently the least difficult approach to make hash and does not require you any equipment needed. It is additionally one of the most customary strategies on making hash on some certain regions in Nepal, Pakistan, and India. 
  • Be that as it may, this is a tedious procedure as it produces more of small yields. If you wanted to do this way, set your day and yourself to work harder than any of your days.

Materials Needed:

  • Non-dried buds of your cannabis; you must not utilize trimmings of your dried cannabis (2 to 3 weeks from being full-grown cannabis – fresh cannabis flower). 
  • Your extremely clean hands

The Procedures:

  • Before you’re going to start making hash, you must make sure that your hand is clean and your nails are not long enough. If you want the most natural outcomes, use some non-scented and non-residual hand soaps as the soap to clean your hands. 
  • Take now the cannabis buds and place them on your hands. Make certain that you are expelling any forms of leaves and stems away from it.
  • Between your two palms, place the cannabis buds on this part and delicately start rolling it in a round motion. Try to be smooth and light by avoiding applying an excess of pressure to abstain from defiling your hash with the various plant particles. 
  • A black resin shaping within your hands can be seen as of this process, and this is now your hash or mostly known as “charas” or “finger hash.” Put this in a clean place and press it well that your ball or block of the hash will be achieved.

In spite of the fact that the way toward making charas is easy, it is very well messy and time-consuming. Be that as it may, it creates intensifying or strong cannabis and is amusing to try at any rate. 

Charas is generally smoked in a clay pipe named “chillum.” Moreover, you can put some slight or ample strands to a dab rig, spliffs, joints, vape, bowl, or bong. 

Dry Sift

  • Dry Sift is most likely one of the multiple ways in making hash and, at the same time, not hard to perform. It only requires you the basic requirements of your capabilities, and perhaps you need to add some essential things in order to create your own top-notch hash. 
  • This strategy utilizes friction when it comes to the separation of the trichomes from the plant material. When these trichomes are separated, the structure will be dusty content that is widely known as the kief. This would then be able to be squeezed into balls or squares to deliver a type of hash that is out of pure content.

Materials Needed:

  • Cured and dried cannabis trim (bud)
  • Various types of micron screens
  • Disposable gloves
  • Scraper (Plastic card or unused ID or credit card)

The Procedures:

  • To begin with, you need to arrange the micron screens. The set of various types of micron screens contains 4 to 6 screens beginning with the tally of at any rate 200 and going right down to 60. Stack the screen in an ascending manner as to where the most minimal micron check would be on the last part and the highest on top.
  • Use now the disposable gloves to abstain your hands from getting sticky. The best move would be breaking the large buds into a smaller one, as this will help you to use it easily.
  • Rub the dried cannabis trim or buds too and fro over the screen for a couple of minutes. Do not significantly put on too much weight or just do it smoothly, and your movement must be consistent as well. You need to make friction to make sure that the trichomes will break off without pushing the plant material over the face of the screen.  
  • After some time of doing the procedure, you must then haul up the top screen from the stack. A layer of kief will be discovered on the screen below on it, and you can use this for smoking now. However, if you want to savor more the pure and natural product, then do the step of separating it more.
  • Now, you need to use a scraper or a plastic card. Gently scrape it back and forth while utilizing the second screen for a couple of minutes.
  • You can then use this kief right now, but if you want more of the pure content, then you need to continue doing the process. Your last phase should be the bottom screen to make sure you are going to have the best pure kief or hash.
  • Use your scraper again to transfer the kief on to clean glass containers. It’s your choice if you want to put the kiefs in one jar or separate them according to your will. 
  • You can utilize the dry sift for its worth by sprinkling unto the bong, vape, joint, or the bow. Then again, you can create the kief cautiously to the baking parchment then proceed by applying heat. Straighteners will be the perfect material for this part! By this part, it will press the dry to sift into any shape of hash, which then easier to deal with than the pure powder.

Bubble Hash

  • Bubble Hash is also called as the “Ice Hash” or “Water Hash.” This process is quite similar to the dry sift method. The idea of using friction to isolate the trichomes away from its plant materials out from using dry screens, yet this bubble hash utilizes packs that are loaded with ice and water. 

Materials Needed:

  • Dried of Fresh Cannabis Trim or Bud
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Gallon buckets (2×5)
  • Bubble Bags (various types of a micron)
  • Mixing equipment
  • Scraper (plastic card or old credit card or ID)

The Procedures:

  • Utilizing fresh or dried plant material in making bubble hash is feasible. If you are in the case of utilizing new or fresh buds, carefully put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes as you need to make the trichomes progressively brittle.
  • In the bucket, put the micron packs on it. With regards to the procedure in using the dry sift method, you need the pack or filter that has the most reduced micron count on the base, while the highest micron count should be on top. You then need to fold the top part of the bags, as this will help in securing them.
  • Pack the bag that you utilized with plant materials and ice. It’s better if you use more ice or the amount of ice being used is high enough.
  • Next, pour an adequate amount of water to cover the ice and plant material.
  • Mix it vigorously by utilizing the mixing tool you have prepared. In spite of the fact that this is very work concentrated, you may use some hand blender or any household drill that would mix it well.  
  • For about 10 to 15 minutes of subsequently stirring on it, pick up and squeeze the top bag to expel the fluid. Let it sit for some time and then put it aside to your second container or bucker.
  • At the point when you pick up the rest of the packs, you will discover lots of trichomes gathered around the base of the bucket. Scrape this by using your plastic card and put them back on the next screen you are going to use. 
  • Go over the process. If you are not satisfied enough with it as the longer the process, it will boost the yield of your hash.
  • Once done, you can scrape now the bubble hash and put it on a clean glass container to store. You can shape it like a ball or some square hash.

Utilizing a Mechanical Drum

  • The most expert technique in making hash is by utilizing a mechanical drum. This mechanical drum takes a shot at an indistinguishable standard from the dry sifting strategy, yet the whole process is not by human work but by some machine. 
  • This drum will automatically turn that causes the trichomes to separate naturally from its plant material. Consequently, this drum can be labeled as a major silkscreen that will do the best job at separating trichomes.
  • Buying some mechanical drum may be costly, or its price is around 400+ dollars or 350 euro. If you want to save yourself from doing the job, then you need to invest in this material.

Materials Needed:

  • Frozen cannabis trim
  • Mechanical (Pollinator) Drum

The Procedures:

  • You just need to place the frozen cannabis trimmings inside the mechanical (pollinator) drum. Hit the power button “on,” then let the drum turn over and over until it will result in a kief.

Utilizing the mechanical drum to make hash requires the last step, which is turning the kief into a hash as only the result of ways by the mechanical drum is only a kief.

  • The first alternative way of turning kief into a hash is by depending on the natural force. You need to load the kief within the kief press, and then let it wait for seven days being pressed on it.
  • In the event that you don’t own a hash press, you can proceed with the technique of wrapping an ample amount of kief in a baking paper then press it with your hand or fingers.
  • The second alternative way of turning kief into a hash is by combining heat and force. This procedure is somewhat longer to do, and this needs you to follow some steps below.
    • In clean and dry cellophane, put the kief on it and wrap it tightly or firmly.
    • The cellophane you’ve used to wrap the kief must then be wrapped in a wet newspaper. For about 10 minutes with a temperature of 160 degrees Celcius, place it an oven (must be preheated).
    • Remove the bundle from the oven and put it on a surface that can contain the heat. Using a rolling pin, roll it evenly and softly. 
    • Get some warm water, and we the whole part of the bundle, and then let it sit back for about 10 minutes in the oven. This process can be done over and over if you want to have a high-quality hash.
    • When you’re done warming and squeezing your hash, and then put it now in your refrigerator overnight to settle and cool it. When the next day comes, you can now enjoy your hash. 


Knowing how to make hash and doing the process is an awesome technique if your goal is protecting the resins of your cannabis after it has been reaped. Regardless of wherever you are, the procedures on it are doable and will suit anyone. You can either resort to the old strategies or go with the modernized one. 

The natural components of cannabis can be savor naturally on the hash, so that’s why this type of cannabis still gives you the best potency it has from the first place. Hash is another way of preserving the necessary contents of your preferred cannabis. 

As you can see, there are various ways of turning your simple cannabis into hash. You can do the hand rolling, dry sifting, transforming it into a bubble hash, or just rely on some mechanical tools, which are the mechanical drum. However, there is only one general idea of this process, and this is by satisfying yourself on the ways that you don’t want to spoil your cannabis because you love it so much.

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