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How to Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver

You might be wondering how to make feminized seeds with colloidal silver. There have been experienced growers who challenge themselves and make feminized seeds on their own. One can do it in many ways. One of which is by using the famous colloidal silver. It’s one of the most famous techniques to use in feminizing cannabis seeds. 

To ensure successful seed feminization, cannabis growers often choose to buy commercial feminized seeds that are widely available today in the online and local dispensaries and seed banks. However, trying to feminize seeds on your own is a worthwhile experience. 

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, many growers settle for the so-called feminized seeds. While regular seeds are widely available, a lot of people, especially the novices, choose the feminized ones simply because they want buds, not seeds. That’s true because only the female cannabis plants produce buds, and the male ones generate pollen that is used to fertilize the females to generate seeds that will eventually grow into new strains of cannabis. 

Why Use Colloidal Silver?

You can use aspirin or do any other seed feminization techniques, but experts mostly recommend the use of colloidal silver. If you do your homework and gather more information about this technique, you will find out that using colloidal silver is the most effective, most cost-effective, and safest method to get feminized seeds. 

How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

Colloidal silver is easy to do. Here’s how this technique works. First, you have to use formulated colloidal silver and 20 ppm or higher as the foliar spray. Use the solution to drench the target part of the cannabis plant for 10 to 18 consecutive days. The solution’s silver ion content will prevent the production of ethylene, a substance the plant needs in producing female flowers. 

This will force the female plants to develop the reproductive organ of males – pollen sacs. As the female plants do not have male chromosomes, they instead produce female pollen. Hence, when the process of pollination occurs, those plants will eventually produce no males but purely feminized cannabis seeds. Of course, those seeds will grow and will thrive in the future as female plants. As you can see, colloidal silver works like magic. 

How to Make Feminized Seeds with Colloidal Silver: When to Use One

You can’t use colloidal silver anytime you want. Instead, you need to know the perfect timing to use this technique on your cannabis plants. The most suitable time for using colloidal silver to produce feminized cannabis seeds will be at least 1 to 2 days before the plants enter the flowering stage. In this stage, you change the light and dark cycle to 12/12 from 18/6. 

When the time comes, immediately sprinkle colloidal silver on the developing parts of your plants. You should do it every day until the pollen sacs start to develop. Expect it to happen in the next 10 to 18 days. 

By the time you see the developing pollen sacs on those plants treated with colloidal silver, please isolate them from other female plants that are also on the flowering phase. You don’t want these plants to pollinate other females on their own, so start putting them in another grow room to prevent unintentional pollination. 

If possible, make sure the room where you will be keeping those female plants with developing male pollen sacs is not well ventilated to reduce the flow of air. As you know, the pollens may go with the air, trying to reach those plants that they can pollinate. The pollen sacs will continuously develop in the next 2 to 3 weeks before they can finally release the pollen. The time frame may vary from plant to plant. 

When the pollens exist, carefully tap the pollen sacs on a mirror or anything with a smooth surface to collect their content with ease. Once ready, you can start using the collected pollen to force pollination to your female plants. If not, you can keep them for a while in a clean container and store it inside the refrigerator to keep it fresh and good to use. This time, you get female pollen that you can use anytime to pollinate and gain new cannabis seeds that will bear the genetics and qualities you like. 

The next thing would be to pollinate the female flowering plants. Every cannabis grower uses a particular method for pollination. Thus, feel free to use any method that you like.

Aside from being a good oligodynamic biocide, colloidal silver is also full of exciting benefits for your cannabis plants, such as sterilization and feminization. With the help of the science and the different elements present in nature, colloidal silver could be used in maximizing yields and sustain the sustainability of the plants across the flowers’ whole life cycle 

Useful Tips to Consider in Creating New Feminized Seeds

Here are some tips that you can use to ensure your success in creating feminized seeds:

  • Always choose healthy and good-looking female cannabis plants for the process. This increases your chances of getting premium feminized cannabis seeds with great genetics. Feel free to choose the strains that bear those traits and qualities you want to see in your future cannabis seeds. 
  • Be sure you segregate and separate the plants when the sacs begin to form and move to a different room that sits apart from where the flowering plants grow. 
  • Be ready and take important steps. Get the female plant that looks healthy and is flowering well. Separate it from the rest of the flowering plants and start applying the feminized pollen made by using colloidal silver. Take a few pollens by using a Q-tip and tap it gently on the flowers to induce pollination. Expect the treated flowering plant to develop and generate feminized cannabis seeds in 3 to 6 weeks. 


Learning how to make feminized seeds with colloidal silver is going to be one of the most enjoyable things you must experience in cultivating cannabis. Hopefully, you succeed in trying to use this method. Just follow carefully the steps and tips given above.

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