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When it comes to cannabis concentrates, you will typically encounter the term CO2. It pertains to the non-flammable solvent that is used in extracting the desired cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds from marijuana. The process of CO2 extraction may involve the use of supercritical and subcritical fluids that differ in temperature and pressure. Keep reading to learn more and discover how to make CO2 oil. 

CO2 Oil – What Is It?

The CO2 oil, also known as CO2 cannabis oil or CO2 hash oil, is the generic name used when talking about cannabis concentrates crafted by using CO2 that acts as the solvent. Under the CO2 oil umbrella, there are many different kinds of marijuana concentrates. 

However, if the process of making these products involves the use of CO2, where it serves as the solvent, the finished product will still be considered and named CO2 oil. It also involves CO2 hemp extraction in which hemp plants are used to create CBD oil and other concentrates coming from hemp. 

Moreover, CO2 oil is considered a “clean product” made through the supercritical extraction technique. It is also used in producing vaping fluids and considered the best ingredient to use due to its amazing capability to maintain good amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

The supercritical extraction technique is much better and more effective than the traditional extraction method wherein petroleum products like butane are used. Hence, the finished product is 100% free from any substances that can be extremely harmful to the human body. 

CO2 oil is used not just within the marijuana industry because it has been found useful as well in making food flavorings, tea, coffee, tobacco, fragrance, and beer. CO2 oil is also beneficial in the alternative energy industry.

Anyone who wants to use CO2 oil in making extracts on his own can also do it by using dry ice. You can put the finely ground marijuana in the food-grade bucket and wrapped it with dry ice. You should shake the bucket carefully to ensure that dry ice will touch the entire plant material. 

Also, you can put the mesh filter on top of the opening and collect the filtered kief on a neat surface and store it for future use. With a set of small to big mesh filters, you can achieve different grades for kief hash. 

CO2 Oil and Its Use

CO2 concentrates are often used through vaporization. CO2 cannabis oil, CO2 hash oil, and other concentrates are typically consumed by using a vape pen with a cartridge. Some other concentrates, such as the CO2 wax and other types of CO2 THC extracts, are usually used by dabbing. 

In consuming CO2 dabs, a user needs to heat the dab nail and wait until it is warm enough to properly vaporize the CO2 concentrate. When the nail is already warm according to the preferred temperature, he can start with a tiny “dab” of the concentrate applied to the nail where it will quickly vaporize. Then, the user will inhale the produced vapor by using a water pipe. 

The Advantages of Using CO2

The carbon dioxide in the normal atmospheric pressure and temperature rests in the gaseous state. The CO2 should be ice-covered and compressed in the fluid form until it reached the supercritical phase. Under the managed circumstances, the supercritical CO2 could be used in dissolving substances in removable “fractions”.

CO2 is used in botanical extractions for many reasons:

  • It’s a naturally occurring chemical in cannabis. It is present anywhere, and even the human body can produce it. 
  • Of all non-polar solvents, the safest is CO2. The FDA labeled and recognized CO2 as safe and ideal to use in industrial extractions that make it a less provocative solvent than the petroleum-based hydrocarbons like propane and butane. 
  • Those conditions where the CO2 can shift from the liquid state to the supercritical state may take place without causing the temperatures to exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It only means there’s a reduced risk of sacrificing the volatile organic compounds that exist in marijuana. 
  • Likewise, CO2 is unique, considering its solubility has been subjected to changes with the pressure that allows fractioning to take place in various kinds of biomolecules present in marijuana strains. CO2 extraction could be used in pulling different cannabinoids from plant materials. These include CBD, THC, THCV, CBG, and terpenes. 

How to Make CO2 Oil

In making CO2 oil, the concentrate manufacturers will manipulate the pressure and temperature to encourage the CO2 to become liquid. They soak the marijuana plant material in the liquid that will remove all the terpenes and cannabinoids present in it. 

When the process gets done, the plant material will be taken out of the solution. Then, the concentrate manufacturers will manipulate the temperature and pressure for the second time, switching the CO2 back to its gaseous state. If the gas has evaporated, it will leave behind the concentrated substance that consists of almost all terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Making Shatter with CO2

Shatter is a specific kind of marijuana concentrate. Its name obviously came from its brittle and slim glass-like formation. It is known as shatter because compared to other concentrates with a sticky texture, it is brittle and dry that it can easily snap and smash. 

Shatter could be crafted by using various CO2 extraction techniques. Like other CO2 concentrates, you have to soak the plant material in the liquified CO2 to collect the terpenes and cannabinoids available. 

After removing the soaked plant material and the CO2 evaporated, the outstanding substance will be the concentrated type of terpenes and cannabinoids. In converting it to shatter, you need to put the substance in the vacuum oven. It will spread over the non-sticky surface where it will cool down until it becomes a hard piece of shatter

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Explained

The supercritical CO2 extraction is the process by which the CO2 gas has been compressed further than the critical point. Hence, it turns into a supercritical liquid. This liquid will then be applied to marijuana plant material that strips away the available terpenes and cannabinoids. Then, the whole solution will be returned to pressure and temperature in which the CO2 goes back to its gaseous state and evaporates. It leaves behind the extracted chemicals from the marijuana plant matter. 

The supercritical CO2 extraction has been so popular for being effective in creating high-quality products mainly because the CO2 gas reaches its supercritical stage at the temperature and pressure that do not harm the terpenes and cannabinoids to be harvested. 


Learning how to make CO2 oil is so easy and very interesting. It is one of the hottest topics discussed in the cannabis world today. With the given steps above, why not try it now and see for yourself?!

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