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How to Make Cannabis Oil: 7 Easy Steps

Do you want to learn the steps of making cannabis oil? Well, you are not alone. Making cannabis oil is an impressive way of making an extremely healing, robust, and flexible cannabis product. It can be ready to consume in topical salves, edible recipes, or enjoy directly on its own.

Everyone must learn to maximize the incredible properties of cannabis without necessarily smoking it. Thus, you must learn how to make cannabis oil. Its characteristics may differ depending on the kind of cannabis used – either CBD or THC dominant. But either way, making cannabis oil is great.

Smoking cannabis isn’t the only means to enjoy the benefits of weeds. With cannabis oil, cannabinoids can be extracted from cannabis. The extracted oil is the fresh material that makes it feasible to make a large array of cannabis products. 

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a vigorous substance that is consumed in different ways. It can be rubbed topically, inhaled, or eaten. For many who are familiar, it is the groundwork to numerous delicious edible cannabis recipes. Its THC content offers a pleasurable psychedelic impact when consumed. Thus, it can make a perfect foundation for the chocolate brownies!

Moreover, cannabis oil is a useful medicine featuring large quantities of hearty cannabinoids. THC and CBD are the two cannabinoids possessing the most powerful medicinal worth.  Both compounds are available in cannabis oil.

The oil can be utilized to cure an entire multitude of physical and psychological illnesses, including muscle pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, glaucoma, inflammation, arthritis, and headache. It even has the properties to fight against cancer. 

Researches are implying that cannabinoids can prevent the growth of the tumor by interrupting the structuring of new blood vessels which the tumors require to cultivate. Cannabinoids tend to combat the cancerous cells as it keeps the healthy cells unharmed.

Cannabis oil is usually consumed raw and unrefined as a high absorption method to capture the cannabinoids and nutrients of cannabis plants. It also exhibits valuable minerals, vitamins, terpenes, omega fatty acids, flavonoids, and more. Nevertheless, the precise chemical composition of every cannabis oil can differ to the plant, the method of extraction applied, and any further filtration or processing is done after extraction.

Steps on How to Make Cannabis Oil

Before you begin, you should first identify the kind of cannabis that you will use. You can get a strain that is rich in THC, rich in CBD, or one that is balanced. If you aim to make an oil that does not make any kind of psychedelic impact, then you should get CBD-rich cannabis. However, if you want to experience the entire traits of cannabis, along with the psychedelic effects, then you should use THC-rich strain.

Also, you must select the best venue to make your cannabis oil. You should secure a place that is properly ventilated and has an open area with enough windows and an electric or gas stove.

Step 1 – Gather the Ingredients 

You will use 1 ounce of medical cannabis and 1 gallon of highly-rectified alcohol. Make sure to only utilize alcohol that is designed for human usage. Rubbing alcohol should never be a consideration.

Step 2 – Prepare the Required Tools

For the tools, you should prepare 1 ceramic mixing bowl or medium glass, a wooden-type spoon, a piece of filtering equipment like a muslin bag, coffee filter or cheesecloth coupled with a mesh filter, a silicon spatula, a container to collect the liquid, a plastic syringe, glass jars, and a double boiler.

During the different steps of your preparation, you will have to put on safety glasses, a respiratory mask, oven mitts, and non-latex gloves.

Step 3 – Derive the Cannabinoids from Your Cannabis

Drench the buds of your cannabis in the alcohol by putting them in the ceramic mixing bowl and drenching it with pure alcohol. Mix and mash the combination with the spoon for around 3 minutes. Filter the mixture, allowing the green cannabis imbued alcohol drain into the other container by tangling the solid grind in the filter.

Step 4 – Strain for the Second Time

Return the squeezed contents of the filter into the first container, drench in new alcohol and blend and crush for around 3 minutes. Then filter the fresh mixture and place the leftover green fluid to the green fluid from the original filter.

Step 5 – Use the Double Boiler to Boil Off the Alcohol in the Green Liquid

Load the double boiler with water until it is the bottom half, and drain the green liquid in the upper part. Place the double boiler into the stove and allow the water into the lower part to boil. After noticing the water to boil, it will start to sear the green liquid. The moment you see the green liquid to be bubbling, the alcohol shall begin to disperse. 

Allow the contents to lose all the bubbles at a heat set at low, seldom shaving the bottom and sides of the upper part with the spatula. Once the liquid stops exhibiting bubbles and turn a deep, dark green syrup, the entire alcohol has dispersed, and the cannabis oil has been successfully formulated! Take out the upper part of the double boiler and let the oil to temper.

Step 6 – Load the Syringes or Glass Jars with Cannabis Oil

Bring the cannabis oil to the plastic syringe by dragging on the plunger. Move the oil collected in the syringe into a disinfected glass jar with a sealed lid.

Step 7 – Keep it in a Cool and Dark Place

Store the oil in a sealed glass jar and keep it somewhere cool and dark, like the cabinet. The oil will get solid when exposed to cool temperatures. Thus, slowly heat the oil to return it into liquid form before application. 

Why Make Your Cannabis Oil?

As mentioned, cannabis oil is the base ingredient for extremely-healing topical lotions, salves, and ointments. THC and CBD both possess a superior anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. Researches have also illustrated that cannabinoids can lessen acne, thin the wrinkles and lines, alleviate irritation and redness, and neutralize unrefined skin oils.

Moreover, formulating cannabis oil is an effective way to make a medicated edible type of cannabis. Nevertheless, it is very hard to identify the precise potency of cannabis oil or edibles. Considering this, it is recommended to use it with carefulness in small dosages in the beginning. Cannabis oil can be taken through its own, or be integrated with other cannabis recipes in edible forms.

How Cannabis Oil Works?

Cannabis oil is proven effective in acquiring a high dosage of health-stimulating cannabinoids since the purifying process gets rid of the entire plant material and keeps only the pure oil. It contains a high level of THC and CBD; hence it is feasible to ingest higher dosages of active cannabinoids rather than smoking medical cannabis.

It is recommended to get an excellent quality strain of medical cannabis to create a cannabis oil. If you own a cannabis card, you can simply request the assistance of your local dispensary to provide you the best strain that can make a pleasant and pure oil. You may also consider growing your cannabis at the comfort of your home and use it for your cannabis oil.

It is ideal to utilize an organic strain, or else the undesirable pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are employed in the process of cultivation will result in oil in reduced levels. The purer kind of strain you secure, the better.

Safety Precautions

Before you begin using cannabis oil, whether you intend to use it daily or occasionally, you have to conduct several tests to experience how strong it is. It is suggested to try out first with two drops and wait for several hours to check if it creates a very hard or soft effect. If you think that it is very potent, you may blend in ¼ of regular oil and mix it well. You may repeat this step as much as necessary.

When consuming the oil, you should be very attentive and careful. You have to label each bottle cautiously – if someone unintentionally puts it on a salad, they might not have a pleasant trip. You should also have to exercise extreme alertness when it comes to children roaming around your house. 

If not properly labeled and kept somewhere the children have access to, you may be put into a bad position. Always keep the cannabis oil far from the children, properly labeled, and ensure that you know its whereabouts.


The steps involved in how to make cannabis oil are truly easy, and it only consumes a little of your time, along with a little patience. Now that you know the easy steps of making cannabis oil, your cooking potentials are now made boundless. 

After learning the promising benefits of the oil, you know that every second spent in formulating it is worthy. It is an amazing and great medicinal addition to any of your baked goods and favorite recipes.

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