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How to Make a Spliff

A spliff lets you enjoy the highs of cannabis and the warm and calming appeal of tobacco. It’s the ultimate smoke for people who enjoy cigarettes and smoking good weed. But a spliff is hard to find in most cannabis shops locally and online. This is why users learn how to make a spliff and enjoy it. Here are some DIY steps to help you make your spliff at home. 

Why Learn How to Make a Spliff?

A spliff isn’t available in most local and online dispensaries and thus, it’s best to make your own. When you know how to make your supply, you can use just about any kind of tobacco and any strain of weed. You’re no longer limited to the kind you get from a supplier. 

A spliff is more economical than joints because this burns longer and therefore, you’ll save money in the long run. And if you’re a smoker and you’re just starting with weed, a spliff helps you transition from pure tobacco to a hybrid and pure weed. 

With a spliff, you can disguise the smell of smoked weed; the smell would be more of a tobacco smell rather than the skunky smell of marijuana. You won’t have to look for a tucked-away area to smoke too since you won’t smell like weed and thus, no one would suspect you’re toking away. 

And finally, a spliff with a crutch or homemade filter will help you avoid smoking burning paper. Just add weed in the middle of the spliff and fold it. The moment you stop tasting weed, just toss the end of the spliff and you’re done. 

Steps on How to Make a Spliff

Making a spliff is the same as making joints. The only difference is you’ll be adding tobacco in the mix. And before anything else, make sure to have everything in this list handy:

  • Dried weed 
  • Hand grinder
  • A pack of quality cigarettes
  • An index card
  • Sharp razor blade
  • Rolling tray
  • Lighter


1. Prepare Dried Weed

Select the strain and the cigarette brand you wish to use as well. You may want to grind your weed before you add this to tobacco. Use a standard handheld grinder to get the best well-ground flavor that’s also evident when you’re smoking weed with tobacco. If you don’t have a grinder, use a sharp pair of scissors. This is efficient but nothing works better than a grinder. Set the ground weed aside.

2. Cannibalize a Stick of Cigarette or Tobacco

Use a sharp blade, cut a cigarette or tobacco vertically from one end to another. Make a clean, sharp cut so you can still use the tobacco paper. Remove the tobacco inside and set these aside as well. 

3. Lay the Paper Down

If you wish to use the tobacco paper then you may do so as long as it has retained its good shape and is not wet. If you want to use a new, clean rolling paper then you may do so. Lay the paper down in a flat, clean, and dry surface or use a rolling tray to keep the paper safe as you load it up. 

4. Make Your Crutch

The crutch is the filter at the end of a spliff which is similar to a cigarette filter. Many users prefer to use a crutch because it makes the spliff tight and will prevent burning your lips when you take a whiff. 

A crutch can be made of any kind of stiff paper but we recommend using a piece of an index card. Fold this in an accordion-shape fold and place it at one end of the spliff. There are many ways to construct a simple filter: you can roll the crutch, make a star shape, or just crumple the piece of index paper. Whatever technique you use, don’t fold the crutch too tightly because it would be hard to smoke your spliff. If you want, you may use the filter inside a cigarette.

5. Roll the spliff 

Make the spliff by laying the tobacco first and then sprinkling weed. Take note that you have full control here as you can make 50 percent weed and 50 percent tobacco or use more weed than tobacco.

The way to lay the tobacco and weed inside the paper is up to you. You can simply mix the two like a salad or place each side by side and roll the spliff letting the weed and tobacco naturally mix. As you regularly make a spliff, you’ll develop your technique of making one. 

The main problem that most spliff makers are that the previously slim tobacco or cigar is now a fat spliff. How to trim this fat joint? You can reduce the amount of material inside and instead of one fat stick, make two or three slim ones. You just need to use some rolling paper to make more sticks. Don’t place too much material or compress the tobacco and weed together as it would be difficult to smoke your spliff.

6. Tuck or Fold the End of the Spliff

The crutch or filter keeps the material from falling out in one end but on the other end (the lighted end) of the spliff should be folded or tucked. You can also twist the paper like a joint or just let it be as long as the material does not fall off the other end.

7. Keep Your Spliffs in a Safe and Dry Container

If you’re not smoking them yet, keep your spliffs dry and safe. A low humidity are is best to keep your stash safe and mold-free. But we recommend making only a few sticks, just enough for the day or two because a freshly-made spliff is always better. Now that you know how to make a spliff, you can make your stash whenever, wherever. And aside from making spliffs by hand, you can also use a joint roller, a device that can help you roll joints, spliffs, and cigarettes fast.

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