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how to grow a weed plant in my room

If you already grew an interest in cultivating weed or you just want to know how to grow weed in your room, then this guideline will help you to make that interest a reality. If this is your first time, then take this into the heart because you’ll never go wrong with these simple steps. Read on to answer your question on how to grow weed plants in my room!

Just follow the simple steps stated below for you to successfully and cost-effectively grow your strain.

How to Grow Weed Plant in My Room: Step by Step Guide

Step # 1: Selecting a Proper Growing Space

The key into a successful build is selected the most convenient space that you can work on, a space that will not be disturbed by foot traffic all over your room or home and also private to prevent nosy neighbors as well as your overly curious friend. 

Space doesn’t necessarily mean that it will occupy a whole room, it can be a spare closet space, an old cabinet, or even your childhood treehouse. Think of a space that you practically cost nothing for you to operate.

Rule of thumb: The smaller your build generally means the lesser the cost of will incur, so the size must fit your allotted budget. If you are a first-timer in this endeavor, start small for you to lose little if you fail.

Step # 2: Proper Selection of Lighting

The proper level and quality of heat and lighting must not be taken lightly, this may make or break your final output. Excessive light means a lot of heat that may dehydrate or burn the leaves of the plant. This will also determine the yield of your plants.

Here is a list of lighting setups that you may use in your indoor growing area.

HID Lighting Setup

High-Intensity Discharge or HID in short is the most commonly used for small setups or indoor growing. This setup cost more than the traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, however, it can produce more lighting with the same electricity consumption. However, it is not as efficient as LED setups.

Fluorescent Light Setup

This setup is one of the most popular due to a wide variety of high output bulbs. The main reason for its popularity is because they are cheaper to build and already come in a package or combo. They also do not need a cooling system as it does not produce a lot of heat compared to HID lighting builds. The setback for this setup is not producing as much light for the power it consumes compared to HIDs.

LED Grow Lights

LED or light-emitting diodes is a fast-growing industry that a lot of weed growers are using. These lightings are cost-effective if you are looking for a long term saving in utility bills, however, the main problem with these lighting is that they are super expensive that can be as 10 times higher than the setups mentioned above. The benefits that will eventually get is their longer life span and adequate light production with lesser heat. The majority of the users of these setups produce more yield and higher quality.

Step # 3: Proper Supply of Air

For any plant or cannabis in particular to grow and thrive, ample amounts of air and carbon dioxide are needed to aid the processes of photosynthesis. Thus, consistent airflow in the growing area must be ensured. This can be achieved by placing an exhaust fan on top of your canopy or plant cover, and an intake vent must be also placed at the bottom part of the setup. The exhaust fan expels the heat and old air while the intake valve at the bottom lets fresh cool air inside.

Step # 4: Monitoring the Temperature and Climate Control

The moment you have established your lighting and ventilation or also known as your climate control setup, you have to automate the whole thing for you to do other stuff and minimize the monitoring of your grow area. 

There are advanced monitoring and control units already available in the market, however, they cost a fortune. But luckily, all you need is an easy to use and very simple 24-hour timer for the lighting system and a basic thermostat switch that you can adjust for the fans.

Step #  5: Choosing the Best Grow Medium for Your Plant

Growing your plant inside your room or home gives you the total liberty of the materials that you will be using, particularly the soil setup or the soilless setup.

Soil Medium

This is a very good starting point for newbies, they can utilize pre-fertilized soil or AKA super-soil that can cultivate the cannabis plant from vegetation up to harvest without adding any nutrient only if used correctly and properly. This can be easily made by combining worm skin or casting, and bat feces along with other fertilizing components, just let it sit for a couple of weeks. Or you can just purchase super soil in your local garden supply shops.

Soilless or AKA Hydroponics Setup

Indoor peeps like yourself can opt to use the soilless setup. Hydroponic media allows the direct cultivation of the plant by letting the concentrated solution of nutrients to be absorbed by the roots of the plant which is a process called osmosis.

This method is a fast way for the plant to take as many nutrients as possible to have bigger yields and faster growth rates for the plant. However, a great deal of monitoring is needed as the plant also reacts faster if it is underfed or overfed.

Step #  6: Proper Selection or Containers

There are a lot of inexpensive or even cost freeways where you can practically place your plants. This includes the usage of disposable plastics bags, cloth bags, and others. However, others use and spend more on smart pots, these pots are engineered to increase airflow up to the plant’s roots. While others just use five-gallon buckets to grow their plants.

The key is providing proper drainage for the container, weed plants are very sensitive when it comes to water content, the water in the soil must not be clogged, otherwise, the plant will surely die. Make sure to drill holes at the bottom of containers and set up drain pans to avoid a mess.

Step # 7: Providing the Correct Amount of Nutrients for the Cannabis Plant

If you want to ensure that you are producing high-quality yields, the cannabis plant must be nourished more, far more than ordinary crops and plants.

Step # 8: Water Supply

This is probably one of the most important factors that you should monitor well. Never overwater your cannabis plant because it will start the chaos for your plant health. It allows root disease for the plant if over watered.

The frequency of watering the plant solely depends on the size of the plant and also the temperature of the growing area. A good indication is waiting for the leaves to lower or droop down before watering the plant.


These are the things that you should and must take into consideration if you want to know how to grow a weed plant in your room or inside your home. Always remember to enjoy every phase and learn as much as possible. If this is your first time, always remember to not overspend on stuff that you do not need. And most of all be happy with the results and the yield!

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