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How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Planning on how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully isn’t rocket science. It requires an expert opinion to let your seeds fully grow and mature. Growing marijuana seeds might be simple, but it requires a little bit of knowledge when it comes to having a successful harvest. The first part will always be the hardest part but remember that experience is the best teacher. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it.

Germinating marijuana seeds successfully requires attention to detail, time, and, most of all, tender loving care. If you want to have a successful harvest, then you must follow some of the basics we’ve listed below on how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully. Remember that when you acquire a bountiful harvest combined with high-quality buds, it can all be attributed to how much hard work you put into.

What is Germination, Precisely?

Before we dive ourselves directly on how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully, it is important to know what germination is, to have a better understanding of the process. To start, before you get to sow your plants, they first become these seeds. These seeds are meant to be dispersed by animals, wind, and other environmental factors. If these seeds are lucky enough where they are placed in an environment that triggers germination, then it will be highly successful that these seeds have successful sprouting.

More so, these environmental factors often include temperature, moisture, and how deep the seeds are buried onto the soil. Of course, these environmental factors can be simulated by growers in their own setting to have a greater chance of germination.

When a seed is subjected to these environmental settings, the water exposure to the seeds ultimately catalyzes enzymatic processes that will eventually initiate growth. Beneficial bacteria within the soil also encourage the seeds to germinate at a faster pace whereas compared to just planting them directly onto the soil.

Seeds Capability is Vital

So, if germination can occur in the environment successfully, it must be simple when these seeds are planted indoors, right? Absolutely! – but these are only successful as long as you recreate the ideal condition for which these seeds are going to live. However, in some cases, if a marijuana seed isn’t viable, then it won’t germinate. That’s why before attempting to germinate seeds, it is important to conduct several tests and surveys whether these seeds are viable or not so you don’t waste your time hoping these seeds will eventually germinate. With healthy and viable marijuana
seeds at your disposal, it should eventually sprout within a matter of 1 to 2 days.

Steps on How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds Successfully

Step 1: Choosing Your Seeds

The first step will always be choosing the right seeds for you. Seeds are always sold from seed dispensaries. A good marijuana strain is a detrimental part of having successful germination. If you are new to the hobby, then it is highly recommended that you start first with an Indica dominant strain.

Indica strains are short and stocky and have great resistance in them. Plus, Indica dominant plants are known to have quick flowering time compared to Sativa dominant ones.

Sativa dominant plants are quite stretchy and love the weather outside. So, most likely, if you are planning to germinate your first seeds, it wouldn’t be as many as you want. Keeping a few seeds at your disposal will give you a better monitoring chance, and giving them equal opportunity.

Step 2: Sprouting the Seeds

The next part is to sprout them. Some people prefer sowing them directly onto the medium, as it is quite an easy and basic thing to do. However, most people choose the moist paper towel method as they can witness if the seeds will ever sprout rather than relying on your instincts whether they’ll sprout directly on the soil.

Experts prefer that the seeds be planted right directly onto the medium; it minimizes the stress given to the plant during the transplanting process. Planting the seeds directly onto the soil secures the young plant firmly until its ready for harvest.

There are two ways to sprout seeds; the first one is planting them directly onto the soil; the other one is the moist paper towel method.

In doing the Moist paper towel method, place your marijuana seeds between two moistened paper towels. After that, cover it up with a paper plate and wait for about a few days. Within a few days, you’ll get to witness some of your marijuana seeds sprouting and taproots uprooting.

Now, get your tweezer and slowly transport them to your desired medium and water it shortly. Avoid letting your paper towel getting dried. The paper towels need to be moistened every 6 hours or check it every now and then. During the entire process, it is important to check the dampness of the towel regularly to have a successful sprouting rate.

The other type of method is planting it directly onto the soil medium. In doing so, poke a hole that is roughly around half-inch deep, make sure that you moistened the soil up. Once done, place your seed inside the hole and cover it with the soil. Tap it until the seed is secured onto the ground.

The important thing about planting it directly onto the soil is to not plant way too deep, and always keep the soil plenty of moisture and warm to have a higher success rate in germinating the seed. The next part should be the seedling, where the seeds sprout already and form many leaves in the process.

Step 3: Caring for the Seedlings

Within a few days after the seeds were planted, you should see by now some green shoots emerging from the soil. When green shoots finally erupt on top of the medium, keep them lighted as fast as possible to have a higher success rate. Take note that this will be the option if you have planted the seeds in an indoor environment. For a greater growth rate, we highly advise a Metal halide lighting, or a fluorescent or LED light is more than sufficient. These types of light don’t induce too much heat and risk bleaching the leaves.

No matter which type of light you choose, the important part is not letting your light get too close or too far, the nearer your light is, the leaves will be bleached. When your lights are too high, your plant may be looking stretchy and lanky. Learning how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully also means that you should take good care of everything from here on out. Light
exposure should be around 16 to 18 hours.

The other part is the temperature and humidity. You never want to let your seedlings get dry. Keep them moist at all times, but not too wet. The air inside your grow space should not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity should be around 60 percent to offer your seedling with some good environment to grow. And that’s about it!


Learning these methods on how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully is the key principle used to having a beautiful harvest in the long run. Always remember that when planting cannabis seeds, they require all the attention they could get from you. Never hesitate to invest in good products that can help you have a higher chance of having successful germination.

Lastly, taking care of cannabis during this early stage is only the start, remember that there are problems and hurdles along the way, be sure to be always prepared when that time comes. Besides, this is only the beginning; you aren’t in the middle part nor the last part. Patience is the key!

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